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  1. its a mid evil role play about the kingdom of rolplaya land that is trying to exploit an evil organization of assassins called death claw. View attachment 90198 View attachment 90189

    •no swearing
    •no inappropriate language or content
    •no bullies or bullying
    •no not having fun
    •you may only have two characters one that is good and one that is bad
    •only straight people alwed

    •the kings under cover agent
    •death claw leaderX
    •death claw right hand man
    •evil guard
    •leaders son
    •leaders daughter
    •evil butlerX
    •evil maidX
    •death claws under cover agent
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  2. Sure this is my first role play ever so it might not be good you can pick two characters from the list
  3. how do I create my CS? (character sheet)
    Weapon (optional):
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  5. Leaders Daughter and Maid please? Oh I can make a Character Sheet for you if you'd like!
  6. Yes I gave an example but you can add extra
  7. Wait is that the good maid or the bad maid
    Oh and put a slot for there magic abilities
  8. hey I'm new so I don't know how to make a CS. can you tell me please?
  9. I gave an example just go off of that..
  10. Character:Guard
    Look:black hair,gray eyes,tall
    Weapon: Battle Ax
    Magic abilities: Fire magic
    Bio:John was born in the village of Zuala and brought to train in the palace at the age of 12 there he developed both magic and combat skills and at the age of 20 he be came a guard.
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  11. I will also be the leader of the death claw association
  12. Character:death claw leader
    Name:lord Frederick
    Look:tall ,dark hair ,red eyes
    Weapon: Large sword
    Magic abilities: Dark magic
    Bio: Frederick is the kings brother but the dark magic twisted his mind turning him against the people of rolplaya land and forming the death claw association.
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  13. Okay just wondering cuz I need to clear up some thing. We get a good character and a bad character .
  14. All we need is more people
  15. I'll post forms in the morning but I have to go to bed GN everyone!
  16. Seems to have potential. May I be an evil maid? Also, do we need pictures?
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