Medieval Pokemon RP... with a twist!

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I'm planning on starting a Pokemon RP. But before you say "oh no, not another one of those!", I have an idea that differs from other Pokemon RP. This RP will take place in a medieval setting composed of one landmass and two nations that are about to break out into war. Not only that, but I plan to insert one of the things I started to RP when I was very young. For now, I will call them Shifters, or people that can shift into Pokemon. These Shifters will be hunted by mankind for sport; they can be turned into slaves or simply killed.

    The plot is very loose, leaving a lot of wiggle room for the players' ideas. The plot is that both kingdoms break out into war. That's about it. There will not be any group of "good guys" or "bad guys"; humans can betray their kind and join the Shifters, and vice versa. A knight can betray their kingdom and commit espionage on their own country. It is your choice.

    Oh, and did I mention that legends and shinies will be allowed in moderation?

    Who's interested? :D

    I do love the idea but when it comes to group rps I usually wait to see who else joins. In such an open setting I want to like and trust the others' judgements.

    But yeah, LOVE the idea! Will definitely keep an eye on this thread.

    How many people are you thinking of?
  3. I was interested until the "Shifters, or people that can shift into Pokemon"

    A medieval pokemon roleplay is awesome and all but people shapeshifting into pokemon or into anything in general just doesn't appeal to me especially when they're portrayed in a negative light for no reason other than "their shapeshifters they aren't hooman hurr duur".
  4. Sarre, that's great! I'm looking for around six or seven people to join so it can be active.

    And too bad Foxhound. And by the way, the Shifters aren't hated just because they can transform. They're feared. How would you feel if you know that someone can transform into a rampaging Charizard on a whim? That's why they're hunted.
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  5. Le me interested
  6. *_* Oh my gosh, this sounds so interesting! Count me in! c:
  7. That sounds cool to me :) Id love to join, how do i join in?
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