Medieval-Future Roleplay ((Shinku & TheWhoniverse))

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  2. ((We Can Start Here @Shinku . Did you want me to start?))
  3. I really don't know how to start. Can you do that for me? xD Sorry...
  4. ((Sure))

    Carter ran down the street, into an alleyway, her clothes torn and blood stained
  5. Haruto was wandering through the streets of the small town of Sylvania. He was walking through a narrowed road, his hands on his pockets. He was wearing some medieval poor clothes and was eating some source of candy. It was evening, so the sun was kinda hot at this tome of the day. "Damn days like these..." he whispered, wiping some sweat from his forehead as he was about to pass by an alley.
  6. Carter noticed Haruto and grabbed his arm, pulling him into the alley. "H-Help me!.."
  7. Haruto widen his eyes and yelped with surprised as he suddenly got dragged inside the alley. He quickly looked at the person who did such a thing and realized it was just a girl. He noticed her clothes were al torn and tainted with blood. He knew he will earn nothing good if he get involved in whatever she was. "Get off me, you creep!" He pulled off her arm from her and back away from the girl, frowning.
  8. "P-Please! T-They'll hurt me.." She shivered in fear. Running footsteps could be heard.
  9. Haruto heard the footsteps and thought about it. "Damn it... THis shit isn't my damn buisness..." he thought and looked at her for a while. Then, he grabbed her right hand and ran deeper into the alley. "Just follow me!"
  10. She ran after
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    After a bit, they exited the alley and end up at the other side of the street where the girl was running from. Haruto sighed a bit and let her go. "Alright, you will be alright here", he said as he slowly turned around to look at her. He didn't wanted to be deeply involved with her, so it was better if he left now. "Well, see you later maybe". He turned around and began to walk away.
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    Carter watched as he walked away, standing there. She heard people shouting so she quietly followed him
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