Medieval Fantasy

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  1. I'm really craving a maturely themed liberteen 'balanced' plot. Unfortunately, I don't have the full plotline or a summary/idea of it. I only have small ideas here and there that can be placed into a main driving plot. For this, I'd prefer my partner to play the male lead and has no problem playing females as side characters. My partner needs to be patient.

    I am dually enrolled in college so I have more homework than god knows what to do with. Therefore, my posting isn't daily and fluctuates between one post a week, a few posts a week, and possibly slower than that. I will keep in touch through PMs. My most active, not promising, days will most likely be Saturday and/or Sunday. You can expect posts but don't bet a million dollars on it. Continuing on, while I would prefer someone advanced, the minimum will be adept.

    I will not roleplay with anyone on a lower posting expectation or writing skill than that. I want to see your most recent writing in a roleplay thread, I want to see your roleplay resume. No show equals no roleplay. Please be capable of handling sensitive topics such as violence, death, grit, and blood. Proper grammar and spelling is expected. Use punctuation correctly please! Italics for thoughts, quotation marks outside of the period, et cetera.

    For this, I have a character I really want to use. This is her biography. You see it? Her name, her dress, form of address, and mannerisms are and will be historically accurate. That being said, I ask the same of you. If you'd be so kind as to fill out something like I've done, I'd be very happy. Your main character will be the king and two important side characters will be a stable boy and knight. I will play the queen as an important side character, a mysterious man Diana knows, et cetera.

    The main focus will not be romance. Instead it will primarily be drama (i.e. court intrigue), action, and possibly a little bit of adventure and combat. Be ready for a serious world of medieval times. Don't count on roleplaying this if you're looking for something light-hearted and frivolous. The small ideas and/or things added to create drama is the stable boy has already or developed a crush on Diana, Diana becomes the king's mistress later on, and the knight isn't set in stone.

    I have... a medieval-esque fantasy world I want to be determined for the setting around our characters. I'm not sure how to come about this yet but we can discuss it within the private messaging system. Also, be capable of playing multiple characters and finishing off scenes smoothly. Be capable of handling the content contained and willing to take part in any of it. If you have any triggers from the ones I listed down for content ratings, this roleplay is not for you.

    Ouch... That's a huge block of text. Keep in mind that I will be doing a writing check as there are some writing styles I favor more than others. Lastly, detail peeps. Varied sentence structure is expected, sensory details are expected, interaction is expected, and help advance the plot forward by adding in your own plot twists, et cetera.

    Don't spoonfeed any of the characters I have. That is an absolute no! Down to my sex scene style, I'll have you know that while they are descriptive, they aren't overly explicit. Make it sensual, not dirty. I'm looking for someone who is dominant and willing to expand world lore (as an option), as well as be passive-aggressive in their playing style.

    Don't just sit back and watch the drama unfold. I hate it when people do that. Be willing to try different things such as certain fetishes or even nonconsensual. Manly action is my thing so make the king firm (no pun intended; I'm talking orally, not down there in his pants) and charming when turning ladies on! Other than that, welcome...
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