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  1. I'd love to join a medieval fantasy roleplay... but not Dungeons and Dragons. D&D might work well enough as a tabletop game but for a play-by-post game it seems a bit too rules-heavy to me. But I do still like game mechanics, dice rolls, attributes, that sort of thing. Just... not quite as restrictive.

    I'd prefer something with 2+ paragraphs per posts, with a posting rate of around 1 post per day, ideally. Maybe a couple posts per day or a post every couple days, but once per day is pretty perfect.

    As far as the style of plot... I'm currently craving some sort of dungeon-delving, ruin-exploring, monster-slaying, quest-completing band of adventurers turned friends sort of thing. I'd love a combat style like Shadows of Mordor, with heavy, impactful combat mixed with a flowing choreography of battle, if that makes sense. As opposed to the clunky I hit you, you hit me, rinse and repeat formula of say... D&D.

    Anywho, not even sure if something like this is out there but if anyone does have something, please let me know!
  2. Hi, this is Tai.

    I believe that the Clymer Campaign would be more than happy to invite you to a roleplay, link is below. The roleplay includes what you are looking for and more, although some content is not waht you are looking for that is for other players and are not necessarily imposed on you.

    -We have combat
    -A character sheet
    -A healthy environment
    -Lots of lore content
    -Based on a book I wrote with 102 chapters, "Kui's Pocket DImensio."
    -Very versatile, you could be an armored night or you could be a pirate with a matchlock rifle. An odd technology exists throughout the world that can be accessed however needs to be justified.
    -I am experienced with hosting a roleplay . . . in general.

    -I believe that with restriction, challenge and fun can be made for the players to enjoy. Restrictions do exist for this current campaign, you might not get to create that bad ass character that kills everybody. However not everybody is happy with some restrictions. The roleplay would not be focused on combat though, it would be focused more on the social and problem soolving part of the roleplay.
    -Can become violent and may contain content that might disturb some people.
    -The GM (Me) is new to forum RP's! I have come across the problem that perhaps I am a bit more strange than others on this forum and I am currently working to incorporate my style of roleplay into the Iwaku community.
    -You might die! (Your character haha)
    -The event would be daily with a constant changing environment! I am beginning to understand that is not quite compatible with Iwaku, I will research more after this post though!

    Any other questions I would be more than happy to oblige a response, I look forward to hopefully seeing you!
  3. Not sure if this is quite what you were going for, but I do have a fantasy RP that's still in the interest check stage. There aren't really stats in a DnD sort of sense, but there are a whole bunch of attributes and classifications to choose from. Feel free to give it a look if you think you might like it!
  4. Based on everything that you've outlined in your post, I think an excellent RPG for you would be my RPG, the Kingdom of Evertrue. It's open-world style so you can basically do whatever you want, it's fantasy, and the active members are amazing. We're constantly growing and seeking out new members to join us, so you're welcome to join any time. Invite your friends if you want, or just join in with what the rest of us are doing over there - it's an amazing place.
  5. I have a group roleplay called Wuinderre-Expanse that is about your characters undergoing experiments in an underground laboratory (during a great war) and being put into a cryo-sleep for several years. Once emerged the scientist will explain that the characters are now "Divine" like beings. Being they will never die. The goal for these experiments is for the characters to enter a rip in the fabric of the dimensions that leads to a new world for the ruined earth humans to inhabit. There are many perks to my role-play such as classes, Knowledge & Ability Trees, A Leveling System, World building, and so much more! If you want more information or to sign up a character you can go to the link above! Thank you!~
  6. Hi @Insomnant, I have this unique albeit small Dark Fantasy RP that focuses on Dante's Inferno and other works of Old English and early centuries literature. It's set in Dante's Inferno, eons after Satan's ephemeral defeat. It's small, because it'll only star five players, including myself, and there are already four slots taken. If you're a fan of old literature and epic poetry, Dante's Legacy is the RP for you. :)
  7. Oh geez, gosh dangit I only just now got an Alert that someone had posted on this thread. Holy cow, I'm sorry everyone else! Darnit Iwaku! D:

    Though... that does make me feel a bit better, I was just running under the assumption that no one was inviting me, ahah...

    Thanks for the invites from everyone so far! I'll take a look, at those who are still open anywho.
  8. I've got 1 slot left before it starts, and after that, 4 slots before sign ups close completely! :D @Insomnant
  9. Yup, thanks! Your idea is very interesting, but not what I'm looking for.

    Out of all the posts, @PrincessLala95 has the closest to what I was looking for... but there's a lot that's already happened in that RP and... I am not sure about trying to get into it after 68 pages of OOC and 51 pages of IC posts!
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  10. Ahhh too bad. Well, welcome I Iwaku then! :D
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