Medieval Fantasy Rp with lots of magic and dice rolling

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  1. So, I've had the itch to play a certain character I've made recently. This little lady here:
    Visica the Changeling Cleric
    Since I made this character for Pathfinder, the rp is going to require a lot of dice rolling, mostly just rolling d20's. Now, I have really no restrictions on what character you can make but please just no sons/daughters of a god or anything like that. I know not everyone knows about Pathfinder so if I say something you don't understand I'll gladly link you to a page about it.
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  2. Hi =)

    I have never done dice rolling role plays nor do I know anything about Pathfinder, but I would love to try it out if you don't mind working with a newbie.

    I learn fast if that helps =p
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  3. Nooooooooo only 1?!??!?
  4. Sure ^^ I'm not the best teacher but if you're willing then I'm willing too. Would you like to pm me so we can discuss some stuff?
  5. Sure! Sending PM right now =p
  6. I'll definitely say I'm a bit (...okay, a lot) late on the draw here, but if you're still looking for people, I'd like to sign up.

    Though I will say only d20 RP experience is from Exalted and a homebrew by a friend, which I pretty sure is a bit different from Pathfinder, so I may need a 101 course.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.