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  1. Hello and welcome!

    So I've started watching this wonderful D&D webshow/stream called Critical Role, and it's really gotten me in the mood for more fantasy oriented roleplays! I do prefer them to be set in a more medieval time period, hence the title.

    Before we start things off, I'll give you a little introduction. Feel free to call me Shade, or Kay if you prefer something a little more normal. I'm in my early 20s, and I unfortunately don't have much of a life. (Yet. I swear I'll get back to college one of these days.)

    • Be patient with me! I can go from posting once/multiple times a day to a few times a week. Sometimes it's on a weekly basis if I'm having trouble writing due to mental and physical illnesses. I will try to let you know if it'll be a long wait, though!
    • Please have a decent grasp on how to write. I can deal with intermediate and up, but I would like seeing more people using correct grammar and spelling (at least in the roleplay). We all make mistakes, though, so I won't jump down anyone's throat for little errors. I do prefer adept level, however.
    • I would prefer it if you could give me at least 2 paragraphs. I can go from that to 8 or so depending on how inspired I am. I do prefer quality over quantity, however, and I usually try matching what I get.
    • Don't mind playing a male or doubling. I usually prefer the FEMALE role, but don't mind doubling as a male.
    • I prefer roleplaying over PM, so please be alright with that.
    • Tell me your favorite color in your PM so I know you read my rules! (As much as I hate to add this in, people seem to not read them.)
    • Please be 18+ if you want any romance in this! I kinda feel funny writing that kind of thing with younger people. I guess I'd prefer it if you were over 18 anyway, just 'cause mature themes will probably pop up here and there.

    Key: Any pairings I'm craving will have one of these * next to it, and the role I'd like to play will be in parentheses.


    • (Princess) x Invading King/Prince*
    • Rebel x (Princess)
    • Dragon (shapeshifter) x Dragon Slayer*
    • Demon Warrior x (Cleric)
    • Knight Commander x (Disguised female knight)
    • Personal Plot* Based in the universe of a story I'm planning; will involve a war, racial, and religious tensions. I'll give more details in PM.
    • (Mage) x Hunter*
    • Low Fantasy/Non-Fantasy in a fictional world
    • Demon x (Witch)
    Plots and General Ideas:

    (Court Mage) x Prince:
    Grand Mages are a scarce commodity, and having one dedicated to serving the Royal Family helped their image greatly. However, the mage is prone to having her nose in a book or her head in her clouds when not working, and the middle son finds that almost endearing. After a brief stretch of not getting along well - mainly due to the prince's sense of humor and his habit of visiting her on a daily basis - the two go through something that helps them get along much better.

    (Elf) x Demon:
    The war between the two races has gone on for centuries and hasn't accomplished much. The struggle has always been over a power source - one that the elves use for enhancing their magic and the demons require to thrive. When an injured elf who is unable to return to her land is found by a demon who has grown weary of the war, he brings her back to his home in order to nurse her back to health. That noble action might just get them into a great deal of trouble.

    Medieval Fantasy:
    Once, the land of Emberlund had been ruled by a cruel woman, who was frequently referred to as the Demon Queen. After many years of failed rebellions, a pair of assassins finally succeeded in taking her down. Time passed, and there was an agreement for a Council of Kings to rule the land. The Council was a greatly needed change for Emberlund. The land began to prosper, and many forgot the hard time under the queen's rule. Unrest began brewing once more, caused by the razing of the countryside by a man and the shadowy creatures he seemed to command. He left some alive to inform the Council that the 'Demon Queen's Knight' would have his revenge. As with many evil beings, he was able to gather quite a following; enough to make him a threat. The Council began piecing together a team of skilled mercenaries in order to get in close and combat this man, hopefully ending the conflict for good.

    -Something epic quest related
    -Anything with magic and monsters
    -Anything with fantasy races
    -I'm honestly willing to consider most anything, so feel free to suggest!

    That's about everything for now! Shoot me a PM if you're interested!
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