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  1. Hi! First things first, my name is Sarah. I'm looking for someone who is interested in playing out through a medieval based role play. I don't care what the roles are, they could range anywhere from action-packed war to just a simple tavern role play, I'm just fascinated by the time period.

    Sexual or Non Sexual?: This is a common question I get asked before indulging into a role play. I honestly like playing out both, but I don't just base my stories around sex. When it is sexual, It is after we have been role playing for quite some time and our characters have gotten to know each other. With that being said, when I write out adult scenes with someone, nothing sets me on edge more like when they use un-proper terms such as "pussy" or "dick" You are role-playing adult content. Write like you're an adult, not like you're in 7th grade trying to get off.


    Length?: I expect the length to be at least 3 or 4 lines long. Though, I do understand when there is a dry patch in the story and you just cant think of anything, but if I'm still managing 2 lines and you can only make 5 words we have a problem.

    Posts in a Day?: I want several posts in a day! I myself am often busy on weekdays for the majority of the day because of schooling, but I can still fit in multiple posts in the evening. I'm looking for someone who is on almost as much as me and can keep up with that pace.

    Friendliness: Don't be too formal! I often like to joke around and get to know my partners through OOC. So, I'm not just looking for a new partner, I'm looking for a new friend!

    And that's about it! I prefer to keep my role plays through private message, because its easier to respond and be notified quicker. I'm also open to giving you my email or kik information if you want to be able to respond on your phone if you know you wont be able to make it online for a while. Thanks for reading, hope to hear from you soon!

  2. I'd be very much interested in doing something medieval based with you.
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  3. Great! Private message me and we can talk about it ?
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