Medieval Fantasy or Harvest Moon? More plots inside!

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  1. Hello!
    • I'm specifically looking for one-on-ones.
    • Grammar and flow, writing style, syntax, and dedication to the story is a MUST. If you do not have any of those things, please stop reading and click out of this tab now.
    • Be active--one reply every three days, at least.
    • Smut is not necessary, but romance is.
    Plot #1 - Harvest Moon
    I've been craving one of these roleplays for awhile. This would obviously have a light-hearted and easygoing theme to it, with a little bit of drama and tons of romance. Character A just moved to a small farming village where he/she meets Character B. The roles, genders, races of our characters are up for debate. I'm open for anything!

    Plot #2 - Girl in the Fireplace
    Someone brought this idea up to be a while back, but they never replied. So here I am. This story would be based on the Doctor Who episode of the same title, but this would not be a Doctor Who roleplay. only something similar. A time traveler keeps poking back into the world of Madame Pompadour from her childhood and beyond, and the two grow very close until he gets stuck in her time period. However, staying with her means ripping a hole in time.

    Plot #3 - Survival Horror
    Based on Capcom's Haunting Ground. A girl is drawn to a castle of unknown size, occupation and origin, and she searches for the place after dreaming constantly of her connection to it. Homunculi, ghosts, beasts and monsters lurk within, hunting her for the precious artifact infused inside her. And once she enters the Castle Demento, she can never leave. VERY DARK CONTENT. MATURE ROLEPLAY.

    Plot #4 - Musketeers
    I've really been craving something of this nature, but with a Disney twist. A young, single queen is left in charge of a kingdom in peril by some outlying force, maybe a threat of a political marriage with a not-so-generous country, and she hires three (or one, your choice) knights to infiltrate the enemy and find out their intentions. Romance and drama ensue.

    Plot #5 - Christian and a Muslim
    In an overly-Christian society, a small Muslim family tries to make peaceful ends meet. However, the Muslimah daughter of a devout Islamic man meets a wealthy Christian boy, and a forbidden love begins to develop. Please be tolerant of difference in religion and be respectful to the topic at hand.

    Historical time periods I've been craving:

    • Revolutionary France
    • Colonial Era***
    • Versailles court
    • Renaissance Italy
    • Ancient Greece*
    Game of Thrones pairings I've been craving:
    • Sansa/Robb***
    • Robb/Margaery***
    • Robb/Myrcella**
    • Robb/Shireen**
    • Bran/Shireen
    • Sansa/Sandor**
    • Jon/OC
    • Sansa/OC
    • Sansa/Willas***
    • Sansa/Jaime*
    • Sansa/Tyrion***
    Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful day.
  2. Hello there!
    I would be interested in trying something with your Survival Horror idea, though I played the game only very briefly. Would it be alright to have it so it only borrow from the game's plot and form our own out of it?
  3. Of course, that was the original idea! Feel free to PM me about it. :)
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