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  1. There's a kingdom, yadda yadda, beloved king. The king's senior advisor--a wizard and necromancer, although the king remains unaware of the latter--instills a sickness in the king that eventually kills him. The king's son, a man in his early-to-mid twenties, becomes king, with the advisor counting on his idea that the young man will remain naive and impressionable. However, the son simply follows in his father's footsteps. As a result, the advisor uses necromancy to...'revive', in need of a better word, the father (the king), placing him in power once more, but under the advisor's control. The advisor has the son--the true king--and his sister--whom I'd love to take as one of my characters--put into the dungeon so that they don't interfere. Eventually, a rebel group breaks the true king and the sister out of the castle, taking them to the rebel stronghold to plan their next steps. Thoughts?
  2. Would you be playing the prince as well?
  3. Hey there!

    We'd have to talk about characters. The way I see it, those we need are:

    The prince (the True King)
    The Princess
    Maybe an advisor of the prince's, who could be female
    Rebel Leader
    Evil necromancer dude
    Maybe some other villain the protagonists encounter more often. A general--or something--sent out by the necromancer. Or something.
    Random other people.

    Usually, I take the prince, the princess, and the necromancer. But I don't have to =).
  4. Well if you take them then I suppose i'll have the rebel leader, adviser and the other villain. just a thought, what if the advisor and rebel leader were one in the same?
  5. There might be a way to make that work! Maybe the advisor left while the palace was under siege, and started garnering support for the rebellion? Just brainstorming =).
  6. Well we could see how it pans out XD I figure it'd be a good way to know what's going on in the castle too, because she'd know the ins and outs, and if need be could disguise herself as a servant or something XD
  7. Maybe! That seems risky to me, but maybe they think it's worth it! Any ideas for title? And then I'll start the board.
  8. Risky makes it fun XD plot twists all the way XD hmmm R.I.P. Royalty. In. Pieces. XD
  9. Let's have this discussion in character =D. Should I start it here, or in the mature section?
  10. Might as well start the thread *shrugs* if you start posting her people will get confused
  11. No, I'm saying should I do it in the mature section, or just the one on one section?
  12. Just one on one should be fine XD
  13. I'll get it started =).