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  1. This plot does come from Game of Thrones and I really want to try an RP based off it.

    Plot: The crown prince wins a tournament and is given a crown of roses to give to whom he considers the most beautiful woman in the world. The prince, however, gives the crown to the most unexpecting person, the youngest son of a noble house. Soon after, the prince kidnaps the son and takes him away...

    Character Profile: Linet Erye (open)

    Name: Linet Erye
    Age: 18
    Status: Little Lord of House of Erye
    Height: 5'6
    Some Bio: The youngest out of five sons, he was often teased for his girlish appearance by his family, but he is like any man. He can hold a sword as well as a bow.

    Some things I want for the RP

    -No scat or grossness
    -Some BDSM is expected, but NOT gory violence
    -Mpreg is expected for LATER in the rp
    -No one-liners please (they kill RPs)
    -Have decent grammar, please
    -I am looking a SEME/TOP but I'll double!
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  2. Still looking
  3. still looking
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  6. Never tried a yaoi roleplay. But willing to give this a try.
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