Medieval Fantasy, Magic based on a language, usual races (maybe more)

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  1. I am new and didn't find a roleplay-thread which fitted for my interests, and I may just be interested in worldbuilding, so I decided to give it a shot.

    That means if anyone is interested.

    These are the very rough pillars that I have at this point:

    • There are four major races until now, maybe more in the future.
      • Humans Nobody knows these, right? Good leaders and strong will, can learn well. If the gods allow it, an elf may accept a human into their ranks.
      • Dwarves Small but very strong human-like people, they live in the mountains and in villages near mountains. Their culture learned them excellent craftmansship with some of the best materials there are. A stubborn dwarf is a good dwarf, and he may look small but pack a punch like no human can. Usually they cannot channel magic very well.
      • Elves are an ancient race, they love peace and the nature, also speak in the language of the gods which has been passed onto them. They share this gift with other races, as the gods wanted it so, and the elves agreed. Stories exist, where there have been assassination attempts on the priests who were to transmit the ancient language. Some hate them for their immortality, with which they can achieve things no other can achieve. However, they take a long time, especially when getting older, as no one can bear unlimited knowledge. It is common knowledge that many elves have books written about their own life, so they can remember better.
      • Orcs are the strongest of all races, and sometimes twice as tall as humans. By constant battle between their tribes they increase their strength, making them the most feared warriors of this world. But it is known that the common orc is not very intelligent and many prefer an axe over magic words. Some say that orcs are incredibly fast learners and are mostly inflicted by their often times short memory. Those who remember are most fearsome creatures that even the ancient elves fear.
    • Everyone can learn the language with which the gods have created this world
      • Elves speak it by nature, but the language only wears magic with the magic word.
      • When magic is casted, it drains magic energy from the caster or unprotected lifeforms. This can result in sudden unconsciousness or death, if the spell was to much to handle.
      • While channeling magic one uses the most necessary words incoherently. Casting in sentences is most rare and costs the most energy, but allows for the most precise spells. Most often used by archmages.
      • How much energy a spell costs is dependent on the words. There are many ways to create a sword, simply creating matter from energy is the hardest way and bending iron into the form of a sword is the easiest way.
      • In order to create or recreate something, one has to know how it is formed. One cannot form a sword if he does not know how it looks, and one cannot heal bones and wounds if he doesn't know how it should be.
    I don't want to go any further into detail here, this seems like much anyways... for an interest check. If more information is required, please ask.
    Things like politics, jobs et cetera will be added if interest in this basic concept is existent.
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  2. I always like magic systems based on language. It's usually a really cool concept an has a lot of potential.
  3. looks fun.
  4. I'm interested to see where this goes... I'll keep an eye On this one ;)
  5. I would very much like to join as a dwarf.
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  6. I don't know if the thread died or if this is still going on.. but if you're still around, I'm interested. :)
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