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Accepting New Characters
Yes! This is a one-on-one, but I'm happy to start more than one, so don't get discouraged if someone beat you here! You can post on here or PM me and we'll brainstorm and get something started.

Mature, eventually. This will be slash, and I suppose eventually there should be smut (I don't require it, per se, but I do prefer it XD) but it definitely wouldn't be immediate. We'll start at, say, PG-13.

Serious/dramatic, but perhaps with hints of comedy

Basic Plot
It's very open-ended right now, since I want the plot to be developed mutually so that we can both have our ideas heard. Essentially I'm looking for a medieval/fantasy roleplay.

There will be two kingdoms at the forefront of this roleplay; my character is a prince from one of the kingdoms, and yours is a member (I'd prefer prince, but we can negotiate) of the other kingdom. Every kingdom in this world of ours has a different "theme" (for lack of a better word) - perhaps mine is made up of witches and warlocks, and yours is made up of shapeshifters, or one is made up of fire manipulators, and one is made up of fairies, you get the idea. (If you've ever heard of Heroes of Might and Magic, I suppose it's similar to that, the idea being that every kingdom has its own "style.")

I like for there to be a lot of side characters in my roleplay - so not only are we playing the princes, but occasionally we'll also hear from the kings and queens, friends, family, etc., the idea being that it's not just our characters interacting, but we're really creating an entire world for them.

In terms of the actual plot: Perhaps there is a war going on between our kingdoms and our characters meet on the battlefield and we take it from there. Conversely, perhaps there is an arranged marriage, or a festival or ball of some kind where our characters meet. Again, it's very open-ended, so let me know what you're interested in and we'll make something truly epic!
You have peaked my interest with your idea~ I don't mind some Prince on Prince action but all I have to say is that I'm not great with dominating male roles so other than that I am totally game~
Well then it'll be a learning experience for you :) I don't mind helping you out if you're new to playing males as main characters; and I think you'll find that it's really not all that difficult once you get into it XD

So if you're down, we can do a bit of brainstorming and then start something!
Awesome! I've played a male once or twice but none of the RP's have lasted long enough for it to work out XD Anyway what did you have in mind? I was reading you ideas and the Princex Prince sounded interesting to me.
PrincexPrince it is! Glad you agree XD Hmm, well we could go in a number of different directions with it. In the past I've had them be princes in two kingdoms that are at war with one another, and they find each other on the battlefield somehow, perhaps not knowing that they are both princes, and we sort of take it from there. That's always worked pretty well, but I'm more than happy to try something a little different. Maybe a huge inter-kingdom festival is being thrown, which brings one of our characters to the other character's kingdom, and they meet that way. Lots of options! Let me know what sounds good to you, or if you have your own ideas~
Well I was thinking that there me a war but not between the kingdoms. Instead the kingdoms have to make an alliance so that they aren't destroyed and they meet at a meeting where they discuss what actions are to be taken and such~
So just to clarify, you mean there's a war going on, and our characters are on the same side of the war? If that's what you mean, that sounds mighty interesting! The royal families could get together and discuss strategies, and that's where our characters would meet (I just wrote that entire sentence without realizing you'd already suggested that, bahahahaha)
XD yeah on the same side~ Then things could get steamy in a tent on the field~ >83
-blinks- I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship. (Speaking of which, let's talk limits XD)

So what were you thinking in terms of what type of kingdom you want to have? I want this whole thing to have a touch of fantasy to it, but obviously you don't need to do anything extravagant if you don't want to - heck, yours can be the kingdom that's just normal humans if you really want XD Myself, I think I'm going to have mages, like all of them can cast spells, although maybe each one has a different type of spell that they specialize in (fire spells, water spells, etc.) Or maybe we'll be the faeries, so my character can have pretty wings XD What are you thinking? You can take whatever you want and I'll have what's leftover ;)
*giggles to herself* That's what most people say to me >8] (But yes limits would be a good thing to talk about.)


*pants a bit before clearing her throat and putting on a straight face*

Sorry~ I haven't had a chance to play an elf yet and I've been dieing to find a reason to be one. On top of that most male elves look pretty feminine so I figured that would be appropriate for the uke of the relationship~
Okay, let's talk limits then. Umm.. I don't really have any. HOWBOUTCHU? :D

Oooh, elves, that's way cool! Great idea! In that case, I'll go with my gut and make my character a warlock, so we kind of have the light and dark thing going on.

Just something to consider though: real relationships don't usually have seme/uke roles (like, one of the two being really dominant, and the other being completely submissive), so I try to shy away from those in my roleplays, since they seem a bit unrealistic. I think both of our characters, ideally, would be assertive and at least soooomewhat masculine. As I say in real life, if I wanted to be with someone feminine, I'd just be straight XDDD But that's just my thought.

So, where do you think we should kick off this shindig? At the start of the war, when the two kingdoms ban together? Or perhaps one of the kingdoms has been at war for a while, and is seeking an audience with the other to join their cause? Perhaps your kingdom is involved in a war with some other kingdom, and things are looking grim so they're seeking assistance from the mages? What do you think?
I don't have many limits other than serious amounts of blood, blood belongs on the battle field, not in the bedroom! >.<

Also I get what you are saying, I'm going to try and play my character somewhat masculine, I just can't picture a super uke in this setting at all. Honestly super ukes are just girls without boobs in my opinion so don't worry, my character won't be girly in the mind sense, just in the physical one XD

As for a starting place, I think It would be nice for the elves to be going to the warlocks for help, that way we could have a party in the beginning to celebrate the treaty or some crap like that.
Baha yeah, I'll leave the S&M to Rihanna, thanks XD But yeah that's awesome, we're gonna get along juuust fine.

That all sounds really good to me. We can start with a messenger coming to my kingdom requesting an audience, then we can do the audience and maybe during that the princes kinda notice each other, then once my kingdom agrees to help yours, they'll throw this gigantic celebration (my queen character always has a flair for extravagance) and our characters can interact more directly during that. How does that sound??

Also, since this is a one-on-one, should we do character bios, and if so where do we put them?? haha
Sounds perfect! As for character bios we could make an OOC for the RP in the Roleplay Signups section. Or if it makes it easier on you we can trade Bios over PMs, that way we only have to worry about making an IC,
Hmm I think maybe we should make an OOC for it, that way we can also use it to plot and brainstorm and keep track of everything. I don't mind making it :)

Now I just have to think of a title - titles always take me a while because I've challenged myself to make every roleplay be titled with a Gaga lyric that fits the topic, so for instance a vampire roleplay would be called "show me your teeth." I wonder if she has a song about war? XD I'll work on it and have my character bio posted tomorrow!
Sounds awesome! I'll put mine up once you are done and such. As for the title, I could help you find something. I can look up the lady gaga songs and see what might work.
Hmm, after going through pretty much all of her songs, these are the ideas I've come up with. Unfortunately none of them are GREAT, but I guess Gaga doesn't write about war, magic, or anything else relating to our roleplay too often XD

I'm a soldier to my own emptiness (from Marry the Night)
A king with no crown (from Judas)
I will fight for how I love you (from Americano)
When I'm on a mission, I rebuke my condition (From scheiße)

Anything look good to you. I guess we don't HAVE to use a Gaga lyrics, since that was really something I did on one particular site, which I don't go on anymore XD
I'm gonna have to say the the lyrics from Judas are gonna be the closest that we can get with using lady gaga. However if you are will to stray from you goal of Lady gaga titled RP's then I do have a few of my own in mind.

- A Tale Of Two Princes
- A Treaty To Remember
- Love On The Battle Field

Anyway it is up to you what you choose but do let me know if you like any of them!
Ooh, I like all of those! Let's ditch the Gaga lyrics (said the person who insisted XD), because I don't think any of them are going to work so well.

Hmm, I was thinking maybe we could title it "The ____ Treaty" or "The ____ Accords," with the blank being the name of one of our kingdoms (or wherever the treaty is signed, I suppose). The idea being that the treaty catalyzes the action of the story, so it's kinda important haha. Sooo, any ideas for what you want to call your kingdom?? haha
Hmm Alright, that sounds like a good idea, I haven't thought of a name really but I guess is I was going to name it something it would have to do with forests and stuff...Hmm

*thinks for a moment*

How about Elmensam? It sounds magical right? ^.^