Medieval Fantasy (Lords of Aerethia)

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  1. Lords of Aerethia
    Aerethia (Aeretiya both names can be used equally) a lush continent roughly the size of Europe and enclosed by oceans from three sides. North of it lies the harshly cold Snowlands which are as large as Africa.

    In times long past a single race, the Aeternus, ruled Aerethia and it's world Aethia with might and magic. But over 10000 years ago a magical experiment went wrong and most of the world of Aethia was ravaged by magic and most of the population of the world died or went crazy. Only Aerethia, protected by the most powerful magical shield, survived intact but cut off, by large magical vortexes which appeared on the edge of the magical shield which protected Aerethia from the harmful effect off the event.

    Now over 10,000 years from this event the dawn of the Aerethian Middle Ages has passed. It is the sixty sixth year of the rule of the Sarasian King Billin the Third. Now we shall live the time when might, magic and religion ruled Aerethia.

    Map of Aerethia. 66th year of rule of Billin III Sarasian.

    As the name suggests the story will focus on the lords and aristocrats of the central part of the Aerethian feudal period.

    The calendar - at this time there was no unified calendar in Aerethia. Every Kingdom used their own but the ones most commonly used were those based on the rule of the current Sarasian King, the current Arandorain King and the length of the existence of the Canis Empire.
    As such this is the year of the start of the RP's timeline.
    66th year of the rule of Sarasian King Billin III.
    22nd year of the rule of Arandorian King Velestal.
    Canis Imperial Year 182.

    The Races (open)
    Humans, major race
    Your ordinary humans. Unlike other races humans posses a variety of cultures and languages.

    They both had monarchies (Kingdoms, Duchies and Principalities) and plutocracies as the main forms of rule.

    A human lord and Paladin in full battle gear during a siege. Those horse-mounted iron-clad aristocrats were the elite forces of any human monarchy.

    Merchants like this one were a important part of Aerethia's economy in the Middle Ages. In the eastern part of the continent, far from other human countries and shielded by mountains they created two large countries. To defend themselves they would often employ mercenaries, not rarely made out of fourth or fifth sons of the lords they faced.

    Felinae, major race

    Felinae are humanoids which greatly resemble cats and are around 5 feet 2 inch tall. They are covered in dense fur, have cat ears, eyes and a tail. Their affinity for magic is smaller then those of the humans. They usually prefer agility over strength. Most Felinae live on the Catis Peninsul in south Aerethia. Humans and Felinae can interbreed, giving a half-Felinae which retain their cat ears, eyes and a tail as well as some of the agility of the Felinae but have almost the same affinity for magic as humans; those are commonly called Nekos. Nekos can breed with humans, Felinae and other Nekos.

    Free spirited and not tied to any specific ruler the Felinae relied on Councils of Elders to lead their communities.

    A Felinae swordmaster. After their famed archers and bowman the Felinae swordmasters and swordmaidens were the second most feared enemy on the battlefield. Fast and deadly with a sword, usually also proficient in the use of smaller bows and one of the rare Felinae warriors which usually knew how to ride horses they earned their name in history mostly during sieges of human fortifications.

    Canis, major race

    Canis are muscular dog-like humanoids which like aggression and warfare, their height varies greatly but most are around 5 feet 5 inch tall. Although their ears and tail have shortened greatly they still retain a dog-like nose and short fur. Canis are extremely loyal to their nation. Most Canis utilize strength in combat. Of the species which can use magic Canis have the smallest affinity for it. The largest part of Canis population lives in western Aerethia. The interbreed ability with humans is proven and a half-Canis will have have Canis ears and a tail as well as a much larger affinity for magic then the ordinary Canis; given the rarity of such cases and their sterility there is no common name for half-Canis.

    Their only organized state was the Canis Empire an absolute monarchy which at this time occupied the central part of west Aerethia.

    A Canis Imperial Guard in a ceremonial outfit. Those elite forces were deployed when there was no choice but to hold the enemy or face total annihilation of the Canis Empire. Strong and well trained they were usually made out of hand-picked 20 years veterans with no trace of any disloyalty to the Canis Imperator. The loyalty check they had to pass trough was so rigorous due to one more thing - they were the personal guard of the Imperator as well as the police of the Imperial City of Sarta.

    Aeternus (Ancients), minor race

    Ancients are humanoids which resemble humans a great deal. The main difference is the height since the average Ancient is 7 feet tall and their inhuman hair and eye coloration which ranges from light yellow to dark violet, as well as their pale skin. Most Ancients have weaker bodies then humans, but all are born as mages. Humans and Ancients can interbreed and the result is a human with a weak body but which usually is a strong mage.

    They had not states at this era of Aerethian history trough a few families were lords under human monarchs.

    An Aeternus female using magic. The natural talent for magic that the Aeternus had resulted in many of them serving as court magicians for Kings and even becoming lords for their services as those.

    Lowers, minor race

    Lowers is actually the term for a group of sentient species which are not intelligent enough to develop a civilization of their own but can fit in some roles of the Aerethian civilization since they posses some intelligence. Lowers are split by the magical element which dominates their habitat.

    As mentioned above Lowers never had a civilization not to speak about an actual country.

    An amphibian Lower. Common near most water bodies.

    A forest reptilian Lower. This particular species lives in the deep forests and is extremely territorial, especially males during mating season and females when they have children, attacking anything that enter their territory.

    A fish-like Lower. Most of those are considered delicacies or good fishing omens.

    An avian Lower. Many of those were big enough to be ridden but the advent of guns removed them from military use.

    A desert insect Lower. Here being used by a nomad from the Great Desert as transport. Good for small groups of travelers but their cargo capacity is limited. Also they will never leave the desert making them only good from going between the oasis inside of the desert.

    A plant Lower. Trough not rare this slow creature is so good at hiding on the tree it decides to live on that finding one is really hard.

    A humanoid Lower Shaman. Shamans are the usual leaders of Lowers which form tribes. Many of them know some human language and work together with humans if there is a human settlement in the vicinity of their tribe.

    Religion (open)
    The are many religions in Medieval Aerethia but four stood at the top during this time.

    The human world was split between the followers of Aersa Luna (Teachings of Moon) and the Lumar Kávar (Church of Light). While the first was an ancient polytheistic religion spread trough most of Aerethia the second was a new monotheistic and racially intolerant arrival, founded in Senor and accepted by Sarasian King Billin III., it quickly rose to be a influential force in the Sarasian Kingdom and Duchy/Dukedom of Senor.

    In the Felinae world at this time a combination of traditional beliefs and Aersa Luna is present.

    As for the Canis. Well they base their religion around the Warrior God Sar which fought all the other gods and striped them of all power and then took the best mortal warrioress, made her a god and took her as wife. By their teachings from here came the Canis Imperial Dynasty and as that the Imperator is a living deity which is destined to rule the world. This is called Agra Canis (Fate/Faith of Canis) and is one of the main drivers fro their desire to spread and conquer the whole Aerethia.

    Magic (open)
    In Aerethia any mage can learn any type of magic but he will be more effective at using magic of his own element or related to his magic, while the element opposing his or those related to the opposing element will be much weaker. The quality of a mage depends on how much stress does using magic put on one's body, powerful mages might move mountains with some sweating while a bad one might be exhausted just from moving a big boulder.

    I think that this is enough for now. Hope that you will like it! Posts like "Count me in!" are welcomed. So are questions, comments and suggestion for improving this interest check (and thous the future RP).

    Oh and some of you might want to check out my general Aerethia Interest Check.
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