Medieval Fantasy. I'm boring.

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  1. Secure in a tent deep within the trenches of the rebel campsite sat a seventeen year old girl, her moss colored eyes resolutely examining her reflection in the simple wooden mirror. Her dominant left hand repeatedly ran through her long curtain of dark red hair, smoothly piecing through the gentle curls reaching the halfway point of her back.

    Placing the mirror on her lap, the girl reclined on her makeshift bed, staring up at the ‘ceiling’ of the tent with a plastered frown as her thoughts returned to the trauma she had undergone over the course of these past few months. It seemed that Henry thought he understood her completely--when she was happy, or distressed, or angry--but Jaina had long been taught by her parents to keep those emotions hidden, and, whether Henry knew it or not, Jaina did that with him as well. How could she burden him with the silly ramblings and fears and worries of a child? She couldn’t. With everything going on, tacking something else on wouldn’t be fair.

    Generally Jaina’s mindset, the thoughts were rarely followed to fruition when it really mattered. Jaina acted unfazed by so many little things, and kept so much inside, that when she bursted, she bursted, and acted even more immaturely than she would have admitted she could. And now seemed like it would be one of those times. Allowing her hand to fall, the girl rose, smoothing the dirt streaked emerald green dress--she wished it hadn’t gotten so dirty--before beginning to pace slightly, a conflicted look on her face as she bit her lip before glancing at the exit from her tent. She wanted to exit and to find her brother and to be there with him as he spoke with his friend and advisor--the leader of those who had helped them both so much already. She should be there! But she knew how Henry about that, and how protective and off-put he would get with her if she even tried.

    Still…she wanted to go…

    Releasing the pressure on her lip, the girl nodded to herself, walking to the exit-way and deciding that she would stick her head out to see if any of her guards were around. If not, Jaina would continue as she wished. Breathing in deeply for a moment, she opened the cloth that served as a door, looking around in the green for any keeping an eye on her.

  2. 'My lord, you need to gather as many loyalists as you can. Our men barely survived the efforts to get you out in the first place.' Alexis told the prince, pushing back the lock of dark hair out of her eyes and tucking it under the grey-green hood of her cloak. Her bow was slung over her back beside the quiver of arrows. She was ready for the attack that could come at any time. 'You should send out as many men as you can to try and bring in some more support.' her storm blue eyes bore into the prince's own, meeting him with a level gaze that only his advisor would have the guts to give. She had helped rescue him and by god was she determined to make sure he stayed free.