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    Hello ladies! ^.^ Been wandering around for a few days and have yet to really stumble onto a role-play that for one, would allow me to play the type of character I want, and secondly actually has a female-female romance option to it (MxM seems really popular!).

    So, apologizes if this doesn't seem as fancy or organized as other interests checks - I don't do these too often. Anyways, my general interest check / partner search covers mostly two very important things;

    • Fantasy Adventure - but this is under general since I do want mature themes and romantic themes to interweave into the story. Maybe with a sort of ... 30 / 70 focus on romance/adult and plot respectfully. Now this adventure can really consist of anything, though there are some elements or types I'm not as into, such as angel / demon dynamics, but honestly I could likely be convinced of anything.

    • Romance - As stated above, but more importantly some of the details of it. I always play submissive women in relationships and expect to play one here as well. I also tend to have some particular tastes in the bedroom which I'm sure my girl will share with me. -_^

    So I have a couple plot ideas so you can help yourself to thinking of things that would sound fun and get a feel for the sort of character I'm imagining in my mind (likely to use the above portrait);

    x My character is a princess (either a bit rebellious to being shut in a council chamber or a runaway) and your character is some sort of warrior (maybe a mercenary or knight?), but it's soon discovered that my character has magic. Magic is mistrusted in the kingdom and depending on how things pan out, either she will be on the run from her own father or your character will have to help keep her talents hidden ... all the while, an evil force is growing.

    x A simple peasant girl is wandering on the outskirts of her village, wishing she could escape from the emotional neglect she's treated with. However when your character comes to the village and discovers that the peasant has an ancient magic that could potentially save the realms, will she insist she come along to save the land or try and convince her that it's the right thing to do?

    x A wandering merchant by trade, a friendly woman who sells magical trinkets, is happened upon by a warrior (or possibly a group of adventurers). They had just lost a significant battle against the evil tyrant that seeks to rule with an iron fist and suddenly realize that this woman who can use runic magic might be their key to victory.

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  2. I'd be interested in your first plot idea of princess and warrior type character for a fantasy adventure
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