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  1. Hello! My names Matt... how are you?

    I'm looking for (as the title says) a medieval fantasy. I'd love to play a futa aka dickgirl or hermaphrodite. I'll be playing a furry (it is fantasy after all.) The rps I take part in can sometimes have a lot of lewdness or fighting... all depends on what the RP calls for. I tend to like it 60/50... bet you think my math was wrong... NOPE! 110% baby XD anyway... I do like to talk about the rp and mull things over with my partner. Not to mention i do like my Rps to be long term so talking helps. :]

    I'm very active! I tend to be on all the time cuz lol smartphone. So I'm constantly checking unless I'm busy. I'd like this to be in private message. Last I'd like my partner to be able to give me at least a paragraph per post. No chat speak in the RP unless it's OOC please. I'd also like them to be active... at least one or more posts a day if possible. No one posts a week please. It kills my interest in the rp... sorry.

    I don't do scat or golden showers, hardcore bdsm (being tied down is fine but no stringing me up by the neck and whipping the hell out of me... kinda deal) it's very rare but I will do rape but once again it is VERY RARE.

    Um... I have a very rough plot at the moment so yeah... tell ya about it if you want to know!

    PM me! I'd love to hear your suggestions and everything :)
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  2. Still looking
  3. If your still looking I would love to do a thread with you.
  4. it would be in private message.... i hope that's okay...
  5. Still a lookin for more partners!
  6. *sigh* Still looking :/
  7. Hope fading! Lol
  8. I'm interested!
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Not open for further replies.