Medieval Fantasy Beauty and the Beast

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  1. This is in Libertine because it is a romance: this is PLOT OVER PORN!!! If you are here for smut, GO AWAY! This has a plot and a purpose. Sex has a purpose in this plot. It is a romance and we all know how that goes, but this is not 50 Shades of Smut. If you're a writer and enjoy reading something with substance, you can stay.

    I am looking for a one-on-one roleplay that is quality and exciting.

    That being said, that means I'm sort of holding auditions... I want this story to be well-written, riveting, exciting, and pulling at my heart strings. I want to be connected to your character and you to mine. When I read this I want to get just as into the words and story as I do when I read books. Therefore, if I don't think your writing is quite up to my speed, I reserve the right to gently reject you. If I don't feel the character you're presenting, I reserve the right to reject you.

    I'm not looking for Shakespeare here: I don't always write ten page posts, sometimes it is only a few paragraphs. I am, however, looking for someone who can convey an idea and make a character believable. I want someone who can make me see the room through their writing, and someone who can make me weep for their characters pain, because I feel it so intensely. Are you that person?

    Now that I've scared off some people and perhaps intrigued a few, read on to look at the plot. This is first accepted first served! Once I find someone to fill the role, that rp is closed. I don't do the same roleplay twice.

    Beauty and the Beast
    It's cliched, I know. But it's my favorite story, so suck it up!

    Content: It's a kissing story, language: explicit, bucket of tears, sexual themes, pre-made characters, 18+

    Setting: A medieval, fantastical world. Made-up countries and continents, new languages, cultures, etc. It's a free world for us to spin and create. There is lots of room to expand and grow. The characters are situated in a small country with varying landscapes: there is a capitol and king, and the different districts of the Kingdom are governed by 7 different Lords. Each district has slightly different culture, perhaps religion, etc.

    Plot: Arranged marriage. Emotional drama. The slightly more interesting romance novel sitting on my mother's bookshelf. Your character is arranged to marry mine: it is a political union. This story will have drama, romance, and politics. If you don't like politics then this isn't for you. Political scheming is the shit. Game of Thrones, anyone? Yes. My character, Lord Anasurimbor, arranges with your characters father to have a healthy political marriage. Your character presumably has a good dowry and wants to marry into a better known family; or perhaps the disctrict your character comes from has fallen on hard times and the union could benefit your characters father. Lord Anasurimbor wasn't picky about his wife: he looked for a young woman of an appropriate age, sent off the letters, and bam. He's not actually looking for love or someone pretty. He just needs to be married. Your character's feelings on the matter are whatever you want! All that has to happen is she knows she's being married to the reclusive, presumed hideous Lord Anasurimbor.

    My character: I'll be playing the 'beast.' His name is Lord Vadanrik Anasurimbor. He's the last of a prestigious family in the kingdom, and a Lord of one of the 7 districts. The land and city he presides over is successful and prosperous. However, he's nearing thirty and is still unmarried, and like any dutiful lord, knows he must marry and have children to continue the Anasurimbor line. There's a problem with this though: he was caught in a fire when he was sixteen and suffered severe burns. As a result he's become a very reclusive lord, declines all invitations to social events, has a limited staff, and is only ever seen wearing a mask. He is quiet and reserved. Therefore very few people in court (including your character) know anything about him. He is 'mysterious' or laughing stock, depending.

    If you're all 'eww he's ugly,' know that I don't do ugly. There's inner beauty, he's got sex hair, bedroom eyes, and his voice is liquid sex. Just sayin.

    Now. Private message me if interested. Let me know:
    1. What character you plan for that sort of plot (DO NOT GIVE ME A BIO! I want to learn about your character through reading about them in the story!)

    2. Additional ideas/comments/questions you have about the story

    I will stalk you and find some examples of your reading to figure out if you're a good fit. I'm looking forward to this (the writing part, not rejecting)!
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