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  1. Dragon Age. . . The Elder Scrolls. . . The Hyborian Age. . .
    What happens when all these three worlds, and more, collide? You are about to find out!

    Sanctuary (Diablo)
    Middle Earth
    Toril (The Forgotten Realms)
    . . . and the world of the Hyborian Era are all the same. As it turns out, Corypheus'es disruption of the Fade has opened portals leading to all these worlds. Corypheus is gone now, but he has permanently torn apart the Fade enough to open realms into, through, and out of Oblivion, reaching into the world of Mundus.

    The Istari, five wizards, have reformed. Radagast, Gandalf the White, the missing wizards and the new Wizard in place of Saruman have taken head of the Great Council of Istari. . . for the past six hundred years, new magicians and wizards have been learning from the ancient Istari, and the Elves have began to return to Middle Earth, with a new generation of the Elves.

    King Aragorn reigned as a wise and noble King for one hundred years before passing into the new world, but the plan for a new Age of Man was unable to be fully established. Man did indeed become the greatest race in Middle Earth, but things merely became much better than before. The new Era of nothing but the people of Men and perhaps the Hobbits of the Shire living in the land did not come to pass. Eru anticipated Oblivion and the Fade merging together.

    Wars between good and evil have spilled into every dimension. Sauron himself has became the new Lich King, and through the magics of Sargeras, he has reformed his great and powerful Ring, into something even greater and fiercer than ever. Alliances are gathering. Councils of darkness are whispering in royal halls. Good must rise and banish the evil, or all is lost.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.