Medieval animal companion type roleplay.

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  1. Bit of an interest check in a concept SilverLinedLullaby and I have been toying around with for a bit.

    Basically, created characters would have an animal of some kind (pet like, nothing too intense like a tiger) that when prompted by their owner can turn into some kind of weapon. It'd be based in a medieval-type stetting with a bit of fantasy mixed in.

    The exact limits of a character are sort of TBD at the moment, so feel free to ask any questions about that.

    The plot is in it's pretty early stages, but we're thinking the main antagonist's goal is going to be something along the lines of wanting to catch them all take the animals for himself. Power hungry type nonsense.

    tl;dr soul eater but with animals and less school.

    Any interest ? Help with plotting would be appreciated too :)
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  2. Will the animals be intelligent and can talk or are they just regular animals that somehow can be used as weapons?
  3. They can't exactly communicate, but it's more like a gut feeling of knowing how the other feels. As for why they can turn into weapons, we were thinking a divine gift of sorts.
  4. Ah, gotcha. The premise itself seems interesting, I'll have to wait and see how this pans out.
  5. Thank you for the interest! I'm looking forward to seeing you when we get the ship up and running.
  6. No prob!
  7. I am very interested in this story! I have a bit of nostalgia from Soul Eater.
  8. Very, VERY interested in this idea!
  9. Thank you for the support! i'm eager to see how our story will unfold.
  10. That's GREAT! I hope to see you when we get this train rolling!
  11. Wow.
    Just, wow.
    Extremely interested in this, and will totally join this.
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