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  1. As the title says, I am looking for someone who is interested in doing a medieval fantasy roleplay in a world that I am currently in the process of building to fit a story I am working on. There are many arcs in it, and this is one of the main ones essential to the plot.

    The village of Noror had developed into a brilliant and vibrant location, and during the past hundred years it became one of the most prominent centers of trade in Halan, probably the closest the continent had to what one would call a city. But all that has fallen in one fell swoop. A great darkness, one thought to have been erased from existence over a thousand years ago, has returned to the world. In a series of lethal attacks, Noror was destroyed, and many other villages in Halan have suffered the same fate. Creatures of the dark are appearing at every turn, and many believe the one responsible for this chaos is the ancient demon, Zuborir.

    After the destruction of their home, the surviving refugees from Noror are now making their way through the mountains to the coast, hoping to find a ship that will take them across the see to Makkan, a far more advanced continent than their own, and one that could provide them with protection from the threat that haunts them. However, they have no warriors among them, as all of the able-bodied men stayed behind to defend the village. Now they are led by the former chieftain's daughter, numbering only twenty-two in total, all of them being women, children, and elderly.

    The road to the shore is wrought with danger, however, and they are captured by a tribe of goblins. But a group of outlawed exiles from Makkan comes to their aid. They are led by an arrogant, almost nonchalant swordsman, who has a past that has been kept secret from most of the world since his exile.

    I just want to clarify that this is an extremely detailed roleplay and I would prefer at least three paragraphs per response.
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  2. Sure thing!
  3. Cool! I will send you some more info in a PM tomorrow. For now I must get some sleep lol.
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