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Hello all!

Right now I'm craving something rather specific, as you can see. I have a plot in mind. Before I get to that, let me lay out a few things about me and what I want in this role play.

- My responses range anywhere between 2-10 meaty paragraphs. Usually, they tend to be 2-5, unless something exciting is happening or a situation merits extensive description. I expect the same from you. Honestly, I don't want a novel in every post, especially if our characters are engaged in a relatively simple conversation and nothing terribly worth describing is happening. I tend to get bored when things are dragged out that way. On the other hand, if I'm pumping out well-thought-out and creative responses (as I always try to do) and you're giving me something hasty with little substance, that's a turn-off. Also, naturally, grammar and spelling are highly important, but I won't yell at you or rudely point out every mistake.
- One of the most important parts of a role play to me is character development and interaction. I require that your character be interesting and multi-faceted, with strengths as well as weaknesses. I also ~love~ interesting/witty character interactions that challenge me and make me laugh.
- Adventure + romance. Those are going to be huge in this role play. You'll find out more about this in my plot information. What I'd really love is a romance that develops (somewhat) slowly and unexpectedly, contrary to our characters' initial desires or intentions. And lots of adventure.
- I have the plot idea and several ideas to keep it going, but I'll need your help to really make it interesting and special. I can't carry the RP by myself. But please, be mindful of what you add to the pot. Unless we've discussed it first, just please don't do something that doesn't make sense/messes up what we've got going.
- If our characters decide to have sex, fine. But I greatly prefer to fade to black. c:
- This role play will be male x female. My first preference is to play the male, BUT if you'd really like to play the male, I'd be happy to play the female. Don't let that chase you off!

If you have any other questions about me, please feel free to ask!

So here's the plot. Woohoo!

There are some details to work out, but here's the basic outline. The setting is a prominent kingdom in medieval times. We begin with an attack to the kingdom that leads to the castle being overtaken. The heir to the throne, the princess, is taken away by a knight/soldier/guard. He must escort her out of danger and transfer them to their nearest ally. Essentially, we're looking at an exciting, secretive quest as our adventure. I have lots of ideas for obstacles they could encounter, and a different scenarios we could decide between. For example:

- The ally kingdom is home to the princess's betrothed. That would make things awkward for our kiddos if they fall in love, eh?
- The ally kingdom actually betrays them, so they are forced to continue their journey to another kingdom.
- Perhaps, somewhere along the way, the knight/soldier/guard teaches the lady to fight (they'll have a lot of spare time together in this journey).Together they become a force to be reckoned with, and they start to fight back against their enemies - and maybe even muster up some other survivors and start a rebellion.

These are only a few ideas I have. We can use however many of those we like in any combination, and there's lots more we could do with it. I just adore medieval times, and I would love an adventure/romance along these lines. PM me or tag me in a comment if you're interested! c:
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