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  1. In the not to distant future people are working on medicine to make every one the same since they have developed special powers and its mandatory if you don't take it you get hunted by military. You and a band of your friends and strangers are the only one who have survived without it your base may be under ground but its still not to shabby a few computers .



    special power- (up to 2)

  2. name- Shade Blackblood

    age- 20

    special powers- can control blood and manipulate people threw that he also uses shadows for transport

    looks-Dark Black Hair Blue eyes and deep voice scar on his hand tattoo of 5 stars with 5 words within them 'Seek' 'Hide' 'Love' 'War' 'life'
    he is rare to speak but when he does he is quick to the point he is the rebels Leaders son he takes charge of the recon and scouting mission he treats everyone as an equal he does not dress like a high ranking member of the community he lives in a apartment and helps in any way he can

    Shade sat alone near the drive way for a recon and supply truck he was very anxious and ready to pass out food
  3. name- Zaki (nickname Tramp, Runt, Rat)

    age- 20

    special power- (up to 2) ability to manipulate the winds, which allows him to create tornadoes or sonic booms.

    looks- Zaki ia a young man who stands at 5 feet and 0 inches. He has dark blue hair (styled in an under cut with long bangs shaped as an M) with blonde tips. His left eye is black and the right is gold, he usual dresses in a black kimono.

    He closed himself off and hates speaking to others unless truely necessary, he does though work well in a team and will willingly sacrifice himself for others (that are his close friends). He lived on the streets until he found an abandoned bunker where he now dwells.

    Zaki walked up to Shade but kept at a safe distance incase of a battle breaking out. He noticed that he was looking ready to pass put food.
  4. name- Sora

    age- 17

    special power- (up to 2) Can morph herself to be any living thing shes ever come in contact with before.

    looks- download.jpg

    Sora sat perched on a nearby window ledge. She often took the form of bluebird when it came to traveling, because it was both fast and people were not suspicious of a bird flying around the city. Right now she was watching Zaki and Shade wait for the delivery truck so that they could pass out supplies. She flitted over to where they stood and passed in front of them while giving out a chirp to signal her arrival and then landed on a railing besides them. She wasn't quite yet ready to change back to her human form yet.
  5. Zaki nods to Sora a curt 'hello'. He crossed his arms and walked over to her "This is running slower than molasses in the winter time...." he mumbled to her.
  6. Sora nodded her head about as well as a Bluebird could and gave a shrill chirp in agreement. She felt her limbs fill with warmth, as they elongated and transformed into human extremities. It didn't take her long to make the transition from bird to human as she had done it plenty of times before. She now sat on the railing fully clothed with her legs swinging back in forth in sync with her whistling. She didn't know where her clothes went when she transformed but they were always there when she transformed back, she never really questioned it anymore. She looked at Zaki. "You can say that again, are you sure we got the right time?"
  7. "Positive, Shade told us three o clock...and here it it is going on six....Tsk. I hate shipments they never arrive on time." He spat. He looked down at his gauze covered hands pondering if he should train a little to strengthen his wind abilities.
  8. shade heard comms turn on with news on the truck he punched the bay open door and grabbed his rifle and waited two trucks came in a third coming, not ours, shade burst fired a couple rounds into the driver and watched the truck fly to the left and and off a ledge into a ravine he closed the door quickly and started getting supplies out after sounding a bell that echoed threw the little city
  9. Zaki watched as the foolish trucker fell to his demise rolling his eyes. As he walked to Shade to assist him.
  10. Sora Jogged up behind Zaki and shade. She briefly wondered when shooting people no longer made her flinch but then dropped the thought as she prepared to help move the supplies. She wondered if she would have to change again. It helped sometimes that she could change into certain animals if they had to carry heavy loads and make a fast get-a-way at the same time, her back would usually be sore afterwards but she had to pull her weight in this team and in the end it was worth it for everyone's survival. She looked at shade. "Should I change, we can pack what we can carry on my back?" A horse would be the best option in this situation. The alarms sounded in her ears and she had to somewhat shout to be heard.
  11. "no its light weight stuff the heavy loaders got....blown up or eviscerated as the men put it..." he kept passing out supplies
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