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  1. In the not to distant future people are working on medicine to make every one the same since they have developed special powers and its mandatory if you don't take it you get hunted by military. You and a band of your friends and strangers are the only one who have survived without it your base may be under ground but its still not to shabby a few computers . Try and make it out of the city alive or try to take over the city your choice.
    special power- (up to 2)
  2. name-Jake Kailin
    special power- able to catch self on fire and run threw it in that form (1) and strength
    looks- wears black pants and tank top showing a tattoo of Da kurlzz from Hollywood undead and black army issue boots with the words 'skull crusher' on them

    jake sat in the base waiting for the recon crew to bring back Resources and food he was starved he had gave his last rations to a new kid who hadn't eatin a 3 days he had no rations today was the 4th day he hadn't ate.
  3. Name: Lillian Rose, Special power: Can control shadows and can control electricity, Looks: has short black hair with a blue highlight on the right side. Has pale white skin from lack of sunlight. Wear a black tank tank top that says "HoNk :o)" in purple, and black shorts with grey polka dots. Has a tattoo of the Homestuck symbol on her right shoulder.

    Lillian dances with the children to keep them happy and she controls the shadows to make different animals on the walls. She sings fun nursery rhymes to them. A lot of people told her that she has a real talent with the children.
  4. jake a report comes in threw my headset saying the recon truck was stoped and destroyed no one was left from it " DMANIT " he shouted kicking a rock into driveway​
  5. The kids here the report and start to get scared, some even start to cry. "Come little children, I take thee away into a land of enchantment." She starts to sing Come Little Children to them and grabs the littlest girl's hand and starts to slow dance with her. When she's finished, she danced with each and everyone of them. They were all calmed and smiling.
  6. jake called down an extraction tem to get the bodies and whats left of the truck later that night with him leading it and he sighed and sat in loading bay looking at empty lots "what do I have to do to save them..."
  7. Lillian gets all the children home and walks home by herself. She usually has her brother with her but he never showed up today. He usually does and it worries her. What if it was her brother that died in the earlier report. It is completely possible he's dead.
  8. jake later that night during a a thunder and lighting storm with major rain we get there extract bodies and I see Lillian's brother I take him myself we get the truck back and get it back with no rations and over the pa name of famliys to report to bay to see there sons daughters husbands or wives befor they get put in coffins "now hear this recon truck alpha delta troops dead: haze, killian , Leroy , rose , and dalin. report to bay" jake was scared to see Lillian sad he was her ex he was still her friend thou
  9. Lillian stands there shocked already knowing what's going on. She runs there without hesitation.
  10. jake sees lilian and sighs stands up straight by her brothers body
  11. Lillian sees her brothers body and collapses to her knees. She starts to cry and shadows and electricity surround her.
  12. jake walks threw them not careing how much pain it brought him " sorry ..."
  13. "Your sorry?! You ignored and yelled at me after we broke up!" Lillian looked up and her eyes were pure black. The shadows were trying to take her body over.
  14. jake "cus you broke my heart...."
  15. "Mine did too! The next day you went off with the next girl and she almost had you in jail!! How did you think I feel?!" Her skin turns a dark grey Colorado. "Why do our ancestors punish us with the same fate?!"
  16. jake hugged her "shut up and enjoy it"
  17. Lillian turns back to normal and hugs him back. Her tears dried up and she smiles.
  18. jake lets go "I said I was sorry do you forgive me?"
  19. Lillian nods. "Yes. I do." She smile again but this time it was a smile of forgiveness.
  20. jake "thank you now im gonna die...." his ex who had got him thrown in jail as comeing he stood and had his hand on his 9 millimeter pistol