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  1. The main setting is in a hospital and the pairing is between a patient and nurse or doctor- whichever you want to play. I will be the patient and despite this being a vague layout, I'm sure a basic plotline can be created with help. My writing level is intermediate, so I expect you to be at least intermediate, as well. Proper grammar, capitalization, and spelling rules apply- please no asteriks or first person. Only use third person. Also, to spice things up a bit, I am always open for the idea of another patient within the hospital and/or patient's friend being part of a triangle with the doctor/nurse and the leading patient. It will be male x female, or if a love triangle, male x female x male. Thanks!
  2. This sounds incredibly fun! I'd love to do this plot idea with you, I'm sure we can put our heads together and come up with some ideas. I also agree a love triangle would be fun if anyone becomes interested. I can play the nurse/doctor or patient, I don't mind at all. I'm great at both the male and female gender but I can be a bit more romantic with the male gender. I'd excited for this and look forward to it if you'll have me!
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  3. Ah, I love you! Thank you so much for taking interest! You playing male is more preferred since I prefer to play the female. If this only comes down to us, you would be playing the nurse/doctor, but if another comes along, you have the choice of playing another patient, my patient's friend outside of the hospital, or the nurse/doctor. Again, thank you so much for partaking in this! I thought no one would ever find interest in something like this the way I do.
  4. Bah, no problem, friend! It makes it better that you're an insanely decent writer- we also share a lot of the same interests as far as role-playing goes; I read your resume and wanted to applaud you when I finished, haha! The sample was beautiful! I'm sure we have other things in common, too, though.

    I'm glad I found this, to be honest. I've been craving a lot of romance plays, so. I just saw it had no replies and I couldn't believe it- it's a great idea. Then again I was glad I was able to be a part of it. How long do you recommend we wait for another? I'm just really excited, you've no idea!
  5. Thanks for the kind comment about my roleplay sample! You have no idea how much I've been craving a romance roleplay for the past few days, even weeks on here. I'm actually not too sure- at least a week, perhaps? If none come around by Sunday, I can shoot you a message and we can start planning out a little, if not now.
  6. Mkay, sounds great! If you'd like to come up with a couple ideas now, I'm available! Also, you're welcome. :) I've been in a couple of romance plots but some of my partners are taking a week at a time to reply. I understand that, though, since some of them may have work or school to attend to. I just like a more active Rp so I'm always on the search, you know?
  7. I understand completely! We should probably start brainstorming now, but I have to go to bed (or should've been sleeping two hours ago, haha) because I have a truckload of college and high school classes/assignments waiting for me!
  8. We'll start tomorrow, then! Maybe someone will have commented to join us, by then.

    You get some sleep, long lost sister! Hm. I think I'll refer to you as that from now on, or, LLS. Hehe, goodnight and sweet dreams when you get there!
  9. Ah, no one's replied, haha... -u-
  10. No worries, we can wait longer if you'd like. Though my excitement hasn't died down any, thankfully! I'm ready to discuss when you are!
  11. I didn't mean to imply it in that way. I'm saying I want to go ahea and start discussing it now because no one has replied yet and I want to start it as soon as possible.
  12. Do you have a preference as to where you'd like to discuss it? I usually do it by private messaging.
  13. That'll be fine. Just shoot me a message and we'll start. I have a few ideas already.
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