Medical help.

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That One Wendu

Original poster
I wanna be able to talk or get advice about something that's been bothering me about my body. I would go to the doctor but I can't afford that, especially if it's something big. And I wanna talk it out.

What do. :C
First, if it is something big you need to see a doctor. There's no getting around that. Second have you googled for information. There is at least one person I know that saved her life by googling her symptoms and forcing her parents to take her to the ER.
*Raises her hand!* THAT PERSON WAS ME! :D (And if it wasn't me, that also happened to me. >>)

Serious stuff = see a doctor, regardless of affordability. They have payment plans.

If it's a plastic surgery issue or something purely cosmetic (needed or not), you should prolly visit a site that talks about that sort of stuff. D: They'd be able to give real experience-based advice.
Have you considered a walk-in clinic, at least? I went to one once for a sinus infection I had and they gave me time to pay off the visit, as well as the medication. Do some research, though. I'm sure you could at least answer some questions about what's going on, or find a clinic that can assist you.
Definitely go with the walk-in clinic route. I'm not sure how the system down there works, but if you feel like it's something important then you should absolutely get checked out by a doctor.

Out of curiousity, how much does it cost to go see a doctor down in the States?
it costs ALOT. and its ridiculous. because insurance plans cost $$$ and the ones that are cheap cover NOTHING,,

and then there are parents who will freak if you ask to go to the doctor, so its possible that might be why oneechan doesn't want to. :(

~did you try asking oniichan? he might be able to help.
&i always use webmd first if im feeling sick or i see something weird.
generally my parents are super weird about going to the doctor, WHAT HAPPENED WHY? WHERE? Oh? That's nothing. Just Eat Blah and Don't do BLAH.
and you totally know they're just bluffing because they don't a trip to the doctor and insurance hassles and what not.

so yeah, its complicated...

hope you're okay D;
What Sakura said, the prices are high without or in many cases with insurance. Walk-in clinics are going to be your best bet.
I have a cousine who's a doctor, a cousin who's dentist and my best friend is a vet, so maybe you can tell me and I'll ask around?
either that or yahoo answers...
if you're shy about it, asking around the web can be pretty anonimous.