INTEREST CHECK Med/Fant with a focus on politics, intrigue, & large scale conflicts?

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  1. I've had a bit of an idea floating around for a while, but I'm not sure how many people would be interested in something of this scale.​
    I'm figuring the focus will be on a country that has recently undergone revolution, and on the new claimants for the throne. I'm figuring there will be two contenders with fairly legitimate claims, then one or two others who are just trying to fill the power vacuum. The relationships between these characters, their supporters, and everyone else involved can be planned out before the RP begins, with every character having their own important slot to fill.​
    As for plot events, the main plot thread will reach its climax when the new monarch is determined. I'd love to have several other threads of different sorts, though.​

    What I really need are approximately three to six other people to do this with. What do I expect of you?
    -Doubling. I really think something of this scale will mean everyone must take two characters.
    -Drive. Power the plot, keep things moving, and don't let your posts stall the events.
    -Input. Even if you think your ideas are stupid, roll them out! Every little thought counts.
    -Activity. If you post five paragraphs once a week, that's not as much as two paragraphs four times a week, and it's much worse at plot progression. I don't expect a post a day, though that would be awesome.

    Anyone interested?
  2. I'd be up for it yeah. :3
  3. Awesome! :D Did you have any ideas you'd like to see incorporated?

    No, but seriously, I love politically-charged stories now. Like vying for more land/resources for a country that is dying, using a exhaustible resource that is necessary for life but instead using it to power weapons of war, economy.

    Oh, the possibilities. :3
  5. Awesome~ :D
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  6. I would be interested in a game like this, and might have more than a few ideas on how it could be implemented. Check your PMs.
  7. Cool more peeps~

    I'll also try and think up some bro things to add, and PM you later Sabine. :3
  8. Alrighty then, I'm going to toss out the idea I have so far out and see what people think. It's very rough and I'd love to add more to it, but I want it to be player-driven and not entirely scripted. ^^

    So, there's a kingdom named Lluvian. It's a prosperous and happy place, ruled by a wise king and a fair queen, who have two children: a teenaged princess and a toddling prince, who are both absolute darlings. Unfortunately, happy royal families don't make for good plot lines, so when a sudden plague strikes the country the royal couple perish, plunging the nation into chaos.
    Fortunately there's a solution! The famed and powerful leader of the Mages' Guild, Isolden, has offered to take the princess' hand and lead the country. He's famous, he's well-liked, and he's already taken the Guild from zeroes to heroes, so the marriage is approved and they're husband and wife by the weekend, and there's a baby on the way before the year is over.
    Well, there's an old saying in Lluvian: "magic and madness might wear two faces but they always stand in just the same places". Suffice to say, Isolden is famed as the world's most powerful mage, and he has crazy in equal amounts. He keeps it under wraps- at least until the birth of his child, and simultaneous death of his wife. Insult to injury, the baby didn't inherit the recessive trait that allows the usage of magic, so his heir is an abject failure in his mind.
    Now the cat's out of the bag, and he lets his craziness roam free. As a preventative measure, the young prince is spirited away from the castle to be raised in secret, just in case Isolden turns his rage on the only other heir. The rest of the kingdom can't so easily be hidden, so Lluvian quickly deteriorates into a dystopian autocracy at the whim of the witch-king.
    Thirty years pass.
    As fate would have it, the prince meets up with a most interesting woman. She was once Isolden's lover, apprentice, and heir, with power that might even surpass his own- and enough ambition to attempt a coup, which soured their relationship a bit. Suffice to say, mage + prince is a pretty good combo, and together they lead his fledgling rebellion to victory, with her landing the critical strike on the witch-king and ensuring victory for the good guys.
    They've gotten their victory. Happily-ever-after, not so much.

    Enter the current political climate.
    • The Prince wants to be king because he is the living child of the original royal couple, and also the leader of the rebellion that overthrew the witch-king.
    • The Heir of the witch-king wants the throne for his/her self, by rights of being firstborn of the previous king.
    • The Mage has had a falling out with her sweetheart and sees this as a brilliant opportunity to simultaneously screw him over and start a tradition of merit-based leadership (with the sole merit being magical talent).
    • The Court is desperately throwing their weight behind one claimant or the other.
    • All the Single Ladies Eligible noble men & women realize this is a good time to be staking their claims in royal blood of some sort.
    • The Rest of the World knows that Lluvian is weak and leaderless, and this might be a good time to strike.
    • Your Characters probably see great opportunities to exploit this as well.

    I'd like to take the Mage as my character, but the other two claimants for the throne are open, and yours to interpret. Aside from them, characters are entirely up to you guys, though I'd really love for everyone to play at least one character with an important role to the plot- a spymaster rather than a serving girl, for example.
    I want the threads of this plot to be so convoluted they look like a bowl of delicious ramen. ^^
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  9. This sounds absolutely beautiful. It actually sounds like a part in one of my favorite games ever. Like I'm seriously hyped.

    Sabineeeeeee why are you so good at making stuff like this? why cant i do thaaat

    I'd totes play the guardian for the Prince. Who would be like a lady-knight in her late twenties who serves as a mother figure or such to the prince and he one sole purpose is to see their country basically restored back to its former glory with the prince at the throne.

    Or maybe I'd even play the Prince myself. Or maaaybe I could play the bad guy or girl and be the Witch-King's new apprentice (If he would have one that is. Ought to create a nice rivalry with the mage if I go through with this one) I'd end up as a recurring villain. :3

    I should probably stop here before I flood the thread with my character ideas. :p
  10. I don't know. XDD My head has always just been full of ideas. I wouldn't know how to not make stuff like this.

    I do want to try and stay away from a clear-cut good and evil dichotomy. Heroes and villains are really more fun when everyone thinks they're the hero. Everyone's a sinner that has somehow performed their three miracles and been made a saint.

    Keep in mind that if the guardian was in her late twenties when the prince was a toddler, she'd now be nearly sixty.

    A new apprentice might work out, though we'd need to do some careful plotting over PM since Isolden is a very fleshed-out character of mine, and the continuity that would need to be established might take a while. ^^

    If you wanted to double, a lady knight and the prince might be a killer combo, especially if the knight is a double agent of sorts. >:)
  11. Oh yeah, time-skip. To give her a more unique background I could say she was a young teen, training to be just another castle guard right before things went to shit so maybe she'll end up around early forties. Or I could've made her one of the Prince's previous guard's child giving her a similiar age and a sibling bond. What do you think?

    And I got ya about the boundaries of bad and good. Hehe. I think I'll back off from the new apprentice for now (Maybe I could use her in the later part of the RP) and focus on either the Prince or the Lady-Knight. Though others might want the Prince and since I said Lady Knight first, I'll take it if no one else gets it.

    Plus I have a rogue in mind which I wouldn't mind playing either so I could still combo. And could you possibly message me some deets if I were to do a double agent? :o Wouldn't want to accidentally give out information that was contradicting after all. x3
  12. Perhaps she was just entering puberty and someone finally told her "yeah, you were cute swinging a wooden sword as a kid, but women can't actually be knights"? Knowing that her choices were pretty much limited to "wife" or "spinster" if she stayed on her current path, she volunteered to accompany The young Prince in the hopes that under his rule lady knights would be permitted? It would put her at around forty, and set her up with a pretty believable backstory & motivation. ^^

    A young mage who wasn't his apprentice but was an active member of the Guild might be a good alternative. ^^ Also a good double agent if s/he decides to betray The Mage who just came out of nowhere and took over the Guild again.

    I'd love to set you up with some details if you decide to be a double agent involving The Mage. ^^ Your character could also be a double agent for The Heir, though.
  13. Yeeep. That's it. I'm completely satisfied with that and her character. Thanks Sabine. :3

    I'm cool with mage guild traitor. I'm so hyped for thisssss. (Thought it might not seem like it because I'm typing up some quick and short replies but really I'm working on the lady-knight's character so I can translate her into a C.Sheet beautifully. x3) Yay. My characters are set~
  14. Awesome possum! Feel free to PM me with any specific questions~
  15. I'm going to go with a Mercenary Commander who was pivotal in the early stages of the rebellion. Not aligned specifically with either The Mage or Prince, but rather enlisted to the cause while they were still cooperating. His battlefield experience and the mercenaries under his command were important in cracking Isolden's rule and providing a core of veteran fighters to help solidify the rebel army. I'm sure he would have been promised vast riches and titles by both claimants, but without a clear succession the promised rewards have been fleeting at best. For now his mercenaries are fat with pillage and victory, but the longer the stalemate wanes on, the more chaotic and unsettled the Black Dragons will become. If he can keep the company from dissolving completely (as armies often do without a real enemy to fight), they may again prove valuable to anyone seeking to lay claim to the throne.
  16. I've read through all the posts and I'm extremely interested in role playing this well-thought out plot. If you don't mind me asking, when is the exact time setting and do you allow gore? I am hyped for some mild violence filled politics. >_<
    Two characters per role players right? If it isn't taken, I'll totes snatch the Heir role and have him/her be the worst possible 'ruler'. S/he'll most likely go through drastic lengths to rid off any potential opponent (*cough* le prince *cough*) and just despise the Witch-King for neglecting his own babeh. Oh~ the heir could've been a lonely child growing up without a mother figure and the lack of parental guidance of his/her father caused a bitter upbringing. Let's just say due to his/her father's embarrassment of having relations with a non-magic user, the heir was pretty much useless to his eyes and never had the chance to experience unconditional love from him other than maybe his/her servant or nurse, or whoever is in charge of watching over the heir~
    Hmm. I'm not sure what the heir's gender should be otl.
    If the heir is a woman, she'll definitely come out looking gold with her flashy attire and expensive jewelry gifts sent to her by many lines of hottie suitors //shot
    Hmm. . . Hence the fact that she's secretly been longing for her father's attention, she'll probably be the perfect example of a prima donna. Everyone bow down and grovel at her feet. Mehehehe \(*o*)/ Of course, she'll be driven with power, wanting and needing the throne to herself in a vain attempt to prove her father just how wrong he was about her.
    On the other hand, if the heir was a man. . .
    I can't help but picture Zuko from Avatar the last Air Bender.
    The anti-hero guy who just wants to be accepted by his father even if he is weaker than most. >_< Lately I'm leaning to the mildly confused psychotic type. Ehehe say he got that horrible trait from his father and he isn't even aware of it.
    I will try brainstorming for more and better in depth character personalities later on once I'm on my laptop. :3

    As for the second character, I have no idea but I'm willing to play two characters of the opposite gender. :D
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  17. [MENTION=5432]Zandragal[/MENTION]
    Sounds great to me. ^^ With the actual military in disarray, a powerful military force will definitely be a huge bargaining chip. Ought to add a great layer of drama.

    Honestly I love the sound of a Zuko-like character. Prima donnas are fun, but I just see the plot being advanced so much further by a young man trying desperately to prove he's just as good as his father. A little dose of insanity for color would also be awesome. :D In the end it's your choice. I'll PM you some details about Isolden when you decide so that you can get a good idea of what the father figure would have been like. ^^
    For your second character, don't worry too much. When the primary ones are figured out, we can figure out what the best supporting figures would be, or if there are any holes left. I have plenty of ideas for twists once we get the main plotline established. ^^
    As for gore, I think it's good for punctuation, though probably not an every page sort of affair. If this goes on for a while I foresee assassinations, duels, beheadings, burnings at the stake, and much, much more. :D But it always has more effect if you save it for when it really matters instead of just laying it on at every opportunity. Like Game of Thrones- nobody cares if you kill off some peon. You have to love the character before killing them has a suitable effect. >:)
  18. I've been thinking about a third character (If that's fine with you Sabine :o)

    Would it be cool with you, [MENTION=5432]Zandragal[/MENTION] if they roll with yours? I mean like a lieutenant of sorts, or maybe even a new recruit. I have a personality in mind and I'm just tossing things around my head. :p
  19. Yeah that sounds fine, just let me know the details when you get them worked up. =)
  20. Third characters are always fine. ^^