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It's the year 2174... and the Earth is in chaos.

73 years earlier, during the twilight year of a 10 year long cold war with the entire world, major governments of the world were brought to the attention of a terrifying realization. A United American space probe had received contact from an unidentified source deep within the center of the galaxy. This frequency... was a message; a message that claimed the coming of the "Gentai". For the first time in history, humanity recognized that they were not alone in the universe and that first contact was no doubt to wage war with Earth.

This single message brought together the Earth into one united government, rebranding itself as the United Earth Federation.

Estimating the aliens' time of arrival around the year 2164, the Federation's current goal now was simple; to defend Earth from the wretched advance of the Gentai at all costs. From their efforts, they created mechs and weapons worthy of proper combat against intergalactic threats. Bases were erected across the world, whether within the busiest of metropolises to the barrenest of wastelands, all willing to recruit willing pilots and allies to their cause. Even recently colonized planetary bodies, like Mars and Venus all had operating bases that would act as early warning beacons. Portal technology was also realized during this time, allowing UEF forces to link their bases and travel between them unlike anything before. Humanity was feeling confident about their chances of winning the war...

But when they finally arrived, Earth would truly find how outclassed they really were.

The Gentai fleet would arrive, several thousand warships ships strong. While the bases on Mars and Venus were able to take a few hundred ships each, they would find themselves utterly outmatched both in numbers and technology. Their tactics comprised the usage of massive invasion fleets, first led by the initial wave of giant monsters to pave way for a proper ground and arial assault. The "kaiju" were far more powerful than humanity realized. Even their mechs, strong as they were, would find themselves struggling against their ilk. One by one, major cities and bases began to fall under Gentai control and the Federation was nearing the cusp of defeat. Casualties ranged in the billions on Earthling soil, wiping out nearly 3/4th of Earth's total human population by 2174.

With humanity on the brink of extinction, they needed a miracle. Luckily, the Federation found access to a data schematic left behind after a successful takeover of a Gentari facility in Antarctica. It was for an inter-dimensional portal! Quickly reverse engineering this technology, they would finally peer into a multitude of worlds flashing before their very eyes! Perhaps they could reach out? Not willing to give up Earth just yet, but having no other choices left humanity sent a distress beacon into the fabric of space and time, opening random portals into a multitude of universes.

They can only hope now was that someone would listen... and help them. The fate of their world depended on these newfound warriors.

Based loosely on the Super Robot Wars series, you play as a fandom-based mecha pilot/robot in a semi-linear plot to rid the world of an intergalactic alien threat. With your headquarters in Antarctica, you will be given a chance to pick and choose various combat missions that would test your abilities as a mecha warrior across Earth and potentially off-world.

Mech units will be divided into several categories, depending on their size, weaponry, and primary usage in combat:
Light-Weight (1 - 25 Meters)
Medium-Weight (26 - 50 Meters)
Heavy-Weight (51+ Meters)

(etc; may be subject to change by a case by case referral)

Missions will be divided into several categories, with different strategies and objectives for each one. Combinations of the two can be expected. Such missions include, but may not be limited to:

Defensive: (Defending an Objective)
Offensive: (Attacking an Objective)
Stealth: (Small-Medium mech/pilot-oriented missions)
Escort: (Escorting Objective(s) to target)
Exploration: (Exploring Objective)

Each victory will reward players with points, being also dictated on their effectiveness in battle, where they can spend it on upgrading their units with additional weapons and defenses.

Thinking on capping the RP off at 12 players. Giant Mechs are always welcome, but don't be afraid to utilize smaller mechs as there will be missions specifically tailored for them (but are not barred from facing with the big boi mechs)

Feel free to ask questions! All is subject to potential change.

Character Sheet
(What do both your mech and pilots look like?)

Mech Name:
(What's the mech's designation?)

Pilot Name & Age:
(Who's the pilot and how old?)

Mech Size:
(How big is this Mech? Refer to it as [size] and [class] (IE: | 60 meters tall | 30,000 Tons | Heavy-Class))

(Mecha's origins? Which fandom does it belong to? Feel free to post the link to its fandom page if applicable

(What can this mech do? What kind of firepower can it wield?)

(Every mech has a weakness. State at least 1 major weakness).

(Anything else of note? Theme song perhaps?)
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An interesting rp idea… I am in!

The EDF shall deploy soon to help!
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Nice, i got a idea.
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Mechaverse CS is up! Template is found in intro post at the very bottom.
(What do both your mech and pilots look like?)​



Mech Name:
Shining Gundam

Pilot Name & Age:
Domon Kasshu-

Mech Size:
  • 16.2 meters (15.5 Metric Tons)I 5.72 tons I Light Class



Movement Copy -Domon Kasshu is a master Martial Artist and since he is, the Shining Gundam is able to copy his moves as Domon fights inside the cockpit.

Emotional Energy: Domon's energy is converted into the Gundam's energy. The only way Shining Gundam can go full power is by Domon controlling his emotions.

Vulcan Gun: Arnaments on top of the Shining Gundam's head. Domon usually uses this to restrict enemy Gundam movement and lay down suppressive fire.

Machine Canon: Rapid fire defensive armaments built for protection in the collar.

Bakunetsu God Slash: Domon's double beam swords.

Shining Shot: To put it simple, beam guns.

Smoke Gernades: What it says. Blankets the area in smoke.

Core Lander- A part of the Gundam Gundam pilots uses to escape and or move away from the Gundam.

Shining Finger:

A green glow appears on the Shining Gundams hands and fingers, covering the fingers with metal and slams into enemies with a greenish glow. Usually used by Domon in different fights, one he uses to crushes the heads of his enemies, others he uses an powerful energy wave.​
  • King of Hearts Shining Finger​
A Shining Finger that collects the energy of the True Super Mode and concentrates it into the Shining Finger.​
  • Shining Finger Sword​
Used in Super Mode, a more powerful variant of the Shining Finger, the Shining Finger Sword concentrates the energy of the Shining Finger into one of the beam swords; changing its color to green. The length and power of the beam sword increases dramatically and Domon can use the Sword to either slash the opponent with the words Front 3 times) or impale them (shouting Tsuki!) 3 times). However, this technique was unreliable as it relied on the Emotion Energy System, meaning that it could only be used based on Domon's state of mind.

Four modes:

Normal Mode: Domon's usual in a fight against opponents

Battle Mode: The Shining Gundam is able to use Shining Finger in this mode. The arm opens and the face mask opens for extra ventilation. Speed and Offensive is a lot stronger but reduces the defensive ablities of the Gundam in question along with its adaptability.

Hyper Mode: Domon and his Shining Gundam become 30 percent stronger when his emotions are under control and calm.
His hair turns Gold in this mode. Attacks become a lot stronger and more in this mode.

True Hyper Mode:

Simular to the last mode but the whole Shining Gundam turns gold along with Domon's hair turning a blondish shade of yellow. Same conditions have to be met when Domon has to have his emotions be calmed and serene.

Equipment on the Gundam:
Machine Cannons
Vulcan Guns
Beam Sword
God Slasher

Domon must be in control of his emotions to activate Hyper mode.
Only Fights Fair, doesn't like unfair advantages
Domon is Hot-blooded.
The Shining Gundam is a close combat Gundam, more effective when the enemy is very close. Doesn't do a lot at a distance.
More Offensive than defensive cabalities.
More Risk and rewards​



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Also very quick reminder - and something I should've mentioned in the intro post - the CO-GM for this RP is @Midle1998 - so any questions regarding character sheets and story missions can also be added to him.

@dark - Took a moment to research a bit about this mech; I think this incarnation is just a bit too OP for someone of its calibur. Normally I would request one to nerf some aspects of it down, but might I suggest going for the somewhat more balanced "Shining Gundam" instead of "God Gundam"? I also would like weaknesses that also extend to the mech itself, like anything its weak against in terms of armament, range, or weakness to a certain element if applicable.
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Mech Name:
Walking Fortress Balam

Pilot Name & Age:
Sgt. Yahiro Natsu, 21 yrs old

Mech Size:
| 50 meters tall | ??? (Probably very heavy for its size) Tons | Medium-Class, bordering on Heavy-Class Mech



Mech capabilities:

-Giant sturdy frame:
Even when compared to other mechs of this size, the armor protecting this one hell of a mech is certainly something to take note of. Especially when facing against opponents such as large kaiju, shooting laser beams and sending punches towards Balam's way, and yet, this mech has such a high defense / health pool, that it'll simply shrug off the blows and move on in for the kill. Rather useful as to keep it alive in more dangerous situations longer than any other mech, although downside is to be shown soon.

-Energy-Powered Limbs:
Another addition to the rather durable work that is known as the Walking Fortress, its limbs are infused with blue energy from its core, and it is certainly capable of using said energy to devastating effects. By slamming its fists into opponents or by stomping onto the ground, the mech is capable of normally creating large explosions as a result of being infused with said energy. And even without the energy providing some extra kick to the punches being thrown, it still deals a hefty punch due to its size and the strength being backed up.

-Waist mounted Laser-turrets:
With this certain variant of the Walking Fortress, there are turrets mounted into the waist-like area of the mech, fully capable of letting out powerful bursts of blue energy from the turrets that is sure to melt apart enemy formations with ease. Although it has low 'ammo', only being enough for 3 volleys (3 shots rp wise) within combat, but even then, it's still a reliable weapon if the going gets rough.

Pilot Capabilities:
-Rather durable body/quick feet:
This ranger is rather 'super human' for a rather human looking individual, especially when going into a couple of feats that they are capable of showing. Firstly is how fast they can run, being comparable to that of a regular car and easily capable of running faster than what was originally the fastest human alive. The Ranger can also withstand a lot of physical trauma before falling down, and when I mean a lot, I mean it. From being hit with giant laser beams from aliens, to being chewed on by giant ants, to even being stomped by kaiju sized beasts, he was lucky enough to survive that all. Hopefully, the mech would be doing all the taking of hits for him now.

-Goliath D2:
A powerful rocket launcher, with a scope for longer ranges and a single rocket within its barrel, it sends forth a big explosion fueled rocket at any opponents unfortunate enough to be on the opposite end of this weapon. Although it takes a bit of time to reload however… but that more than makes up for its useful nature of blowing stuff up.

"The masterpiece of the AF Rifle series. This model achieves the maximum balance of power, range and accuracy possible, making it a formidable weapon in close- and mid-range combat alike." Essentially, this assault rifle is a rather good tool within the hands of this Sergeant, sending forth armor-piercing bullets from its barrel that are intended to take down foes with ease. A reliable backup weapon in case the enemy gets too close to use the Goliath without blowing both himself and the enemy up.


-Incomplete nature of the Mech makes it lack features such as more defensive options in cases of being swarmed, as such, would have a harder time fighting against more opponents, especially smaller ones.

-While big and certainly heavy hitting, it comes at the cost of being slow… which means things more faster than it can wear it down if they get the chance to do so without interference. Also cannot fly… which means flying opponents are out of the question

-Range options are also limited, with only a low ammo waist-mounted laser turrets as to attack out of reach opponents from afar.

-Yahiro shall be 5'4" for the rp, although that doesn't matter as much in the grand scheme of things.

-A little lyric for a song he occasionally shouts in combat:

"To save our mother Earth from any alien attack,"

"From vicious giant insects who have once again come back,"

"We'll unleash all our forces, we won't cut them any slack,"

"The EDF deploys!"

-And now, for the theme song:

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  • Mech Name:
    "Dinosaur Power! Zenkai Juran!"
    "Power of 100 Beasts! Zenkai Gaon!"
    "Magical Power! Zenkai Magine!"
    "Rumbling Power! Zenkai Vroon!"

    Pilot Name & Age:
    The Mechs themselves ARE the pilots!
    "Sup Party People, I'm Juran and I'm nnearing 40, I think."
    "I'm Gaon, nice to meet you all, humans! I'm 25!"
    "I'm Magine, c-currently 20 years old."
    "I am Vroon and roughly the same age as everyone else here!"
    "Dude, just pick a number..."

    Mech Size:
    (How big is this Mech? Refer to it as [size] and [class] (IE: | 60 meters tall | 30,000 Tons | Heavy-Class))
    JuranTyranno: 32.7m tall(approxiamately 40m in humanoid), 1300 Tons, Medium-Weight overall
    GaonLion: 25.5m tall(approx 40m in humanoid), 1250 Tons, Light-Weight in Lion Form, Medium-Weight in humanoid
    MagineDragon: 19.0m tall(approx 30m tall in humanoid), 1050 tons, Light-weight in Dragon form, Medium-Weight in humanoid
    Vroondump: 22.3m tall(approx 40m in humanoid), 1450 tons, Light-Weight in Truck form, Medium-Weight in humanoid

    "Might wanna cut the sweets, Magine-chan."
    "D-don't call me fat!"


    Each Zenkaiger has different sets of weaponry and capabilities, thus they shall be relegated to different tabs

    • JuranTyranno acts not only as the Red Ranger of the Zenkaigers, but also as the token Rex Mecha of the team. His tail acts as a sword that he can freely swing around.

      His mouth can breath fire like a flamethrower.

      In humanoid form, Juran's tail is detached to become his weapon and his abdomen his shield. In humanoid form, Juran is the team's tank, opting for flashy melee attacks and defending allies with his shield. He keeps his fire breath while also allowing access to the Geartlinger, the Zenkaigers' signature weapon and transformation device.

    • GaonLion is an agile beast--thus, his mecha form utilizes this by making the mech acrobatic, and allowing him to dodge attacks, perform backflip slashes with its hindleg claws.

      In humanoid form, Gaon retains his agile nature, attacking with only a single claw weapon. Along with it, he has access to the Geartlinger, the Zenkaigers' signature weapon and transformation device for a ranged option.

    • MagineDragon is the only mech in the group that's capable of flight. Being a dragon, Magine can spew out fire and electric beams from her jaws. She is also one of the only members capable of performing magic--which usually boils down to Magine materializing whatever she thinks is best. Usually random non-combat stuff like shaved ice, erasers, and even stage magic like pulling an enemy out of hiding by using a top hat(though this one is performed in humanoid form).

      Magine's humanoid form is more focused on casting magic(mostly fire and electric) attacks and materializing objects needed by her team. She also has access to the Geartlinger in this form, too, which allowed them to enlarge in the first place.

    • VroonDump is the only mech in the group that actually looks like a vehicle. As the dumptruck, Vroon can store objects in its back as well as ram through solid concrete with its front bumper.

      In humanoid form, Vroon becomes slower but a tad more versatile. For one, Vroon's torso can be detached from his body--he's the only one who can do this. Vroon also has a pick-axe weapon which is taken from his front bumper.


    When all 4 Zenkaigers are active, they would be able to utilize a gigantified version of the Geartlinger known as the Geartlinger Bazooga which is essentially a giant turn-crank gattling gun powered by the Flashman Sentai Gear. This is only able to be used in their humanoid forms.

    As powerful as the Zenkaigers may seem, their weaknesses lie in their personal traits. As stated before, the Zenkaigers are both mecha and pilot, thus, their only problems lie personally. Such as Juran being a middle aged man with ego and health issues, Gaon having a soft spot for humans and other biological creatures, Magine being childish and meek, and Vroon's naturally curious demeanor that turns him reckless.

    Not to mention despite them being bigger, their durability isn't enhanced at ALL until they're combined by Kaito. Thus, if they're hit by a particularly strong attack or tired out by fighting a horde of giant mechas, they'll be forced out of their ranger forms entirely. The strain on their bodies making them unable to transform until they're fully healed/repaired.

    Due to their sentient nature, the Zenkaigers would be put in mortal danger whenever they're deployed. Luckily, their suits protect them most of the time, but keep in mind that they're able to feel the same way humans do.

    What I'm saying is they might fucking puke if the Kaiju's too disturbing.​

  • latest.png

    Mech Name:
    Zenkai-Oh [Jura/Vroon]+[Gaon/Magine]

    Pilot Name & Age:

    "Power of Secrets! Zenkaiser!"
    Kaito Goshikida/Zenkaiser ~ 21

    Mech Size:
    JuraGaon - 45m tall. 2400t Heavy. Medium Weight.
    JuraMagine - 45m tall. 2200t Heavy. Medium Weight
    VrooMagine - 45m tall. 2400t Heavy. Medium Weight
    VrooGaon - 45m tall. 2600t Heavy. Medium Weight


    Depending on the formation, ZenkaiOh's different parts provide different attributes to the mecha.

    If Juran is present, his signature Sword and Shield are used as the mecha's melee weapon.
    If Gaon is present, his signature claw can be used along with Gaon's animal like quick reflexes.
    If Magine is present, her dragon wings allows the mecha to fly in the air. Her signature weapon can also be used to cast magic and materialize random objects.
    If Vroon is present, his wheels provide land superiority as it allows the mecha to race around the battlefield easily. His signature weapon, his pickaxe can also be used as the mecha's melee weapon.

    The members forming ZenkaiOh has the ability to manually detach themselves from their partner, exposing the pilot, Kaito, standing in a floating gear and manning the cockpit. Keeping the mecha's power stable. This allows the mech to perform crazy maneuvers to dodge enemy attacks.

    The nature of ZenkaiOh allows Kaito to bounce between two mechas if all four Zenkaigers are present to keep their pilot safe.

    ZenkaiOh's ability to split itself in half can leave Kaito vulnerable, especially if attacked mid side-switch. However, Kaito himself has the ability to force ZenkaiOh combined despite the members' qualms.

    Kaito doesn't have full control of ZenkaiOh--that honor goes to the members forming the mecha. Kaito's role in the mecha is managing its power output, keeping the Mecha in its combined state, and providing support in the form of Sentai Gears.


Kaito and the Zenkaigers have been featured in a Super Robot Wars game as ZenkaiOh, so there's my justification to sign up as the Zenkaiger Team as a whole.

The Zenkaigers would only be able to deploy 2 members to form Zenkai-Oh in a mission with the other 2 acting as reserve for Kaito to call in a switch ZenkaiOh sides. Statistically, all 4 Kikainoid Zenkaigers would be able to go on the battlefield on their own due to the fact that they're all sentient mechas but I'll only use all 4 for a single Bazooka attack listed in the Zenkaigers tab.

Throughout the show, it is implied that Juran, Gaon, and Magine may be gay. This is mostly due to Love World's influence, but who knows how real it may be.

Group Opening/Winning theme:
When all 5 Zenkaigers are in a single mission and winning:
Group Theme:
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@ThePotatoGod - Looks like we got a two-for-one special!

The Zenkaigers appears to be our first combiner! Looks pretty good; would also be nice in padding out members for certain missions. Accepted.

However, it seems you forgot to add Powers/Abilities to the second mech, the ZenkaiOh. Might wanna add what it can do~

Edit: Accepted
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"This story takes place as we live today, in a universe reminiscent but vastly different from our own..."


  • 1647158899971.png

    "The Sunrider is at your disposal, captain!"

    Pilot Name & Age:

    kayto sprite.png

    Captain Kayto Shields
    Age: 26


    Commander Ava Crescentia
    Age: 26

    Mech Ship Size:
    735 metres long | Millions of tons | Super-Heavy Class



    The ship has 6 standard weapons in addition to its Vanguard Cannon.

    Laser: The Sunrider's Trinity banks allow for highly accurate fire from a great distance but has the lowest damage potential of all her main weapons. This weapon is countered by shielding. It is effective against lightly armoured targets such as Ryders or frigates.

    Kinetic: The Sunrider's main forward guns, called Saviors, do massive damage against any target it hits, but have the lowest accuracy of its main weapons. Its main use is against low-evasion targets like enemy cruisers and stations and targets with high defences. The farther away the target is, the less accurate the Saviors become.

    Missiles: The Sunrider's missile banks, formally called Hell Darts, are fearsome long-range weapons useful in dealing good reliable damage even against distant enemy units. The Sunrider only has 5 of these, however, so it's best to keep them for when they'll be most useful. Enemy flak, or other methods that can use debris or multiple projectiles as a deterrant, will cause the payload to be shot down before it can reach its destination.

    Pulse: The Sunrider's Pulse cannons do reliable energy-based damage with decent accuracy, and they are an effective option against most poorly defended units. Since it's a multi-shot weapon though, enemy armour will be effective in countering it - especially if it is also protected by energy shielding. They're all-around sorts of weapons that thrive at mid-range distances.

    Assault: The Sunrider's flak cannons can be used offensively against enemy targets and are particularly devastating against poorly armoured enemy ryders. Its high shot count and rate of fire makes it a very reliable damage dealer even against highly evasive targets, especially at close range. Any sufficient armour, though, is likely to negate most damage.

    Rocket: The Sunrider is able to fire a fearsome (but very expensive) thermonuclear warhead from its missile banks. A rocket is quite a bit tougher compared to a regular missile, and it is harder to intercept by enemy flak, but it's still wise to overwhelm the enemy with regular missiles before risking one. The destructive payload of one of these rockets is enough to lay waste to an entire continent. The Sunrider can only store 2 rockets in any given confrontation (assuming a fresh resupply).

    Vanguard Cannon: The Sunrider's pièce de résistance is a massive cannon that spans nearly half of the ship's length. Sporting even more firepower than its already terrifying rockets, this cannon is one that is sure to strike fear in anyone foolish enough to stare down the barrel. While engineering always makes sure to keep the cannon ready for action the moment whenever the alert is sounded, it still takes 8 minutes (2 posts) to charge up with absolute best parameters assumed, and almost 15 minutes (4 posts) as an average. The cannon itself fires an enormous stream of superheated energy directly forward, and anything caught in its blast would most likely be vaporised instantly. Furthermore, the laser's sheer force emits an ionised field 100 metres out in all directions, risking severe damage or even total destruction to anything else caught in its perimeter. The Vanguard is, of course, incredibly costly for the ship's resources, and it cannot be fired more than once in any given confrontation.

    Shielding: The Sunrider houses a built-in shield generator that spans the entirety of the ship's hull. The shields can be concentrated in any of the four cardinal directions, as well, providing an additional bonus in sturdiness. Almost any attack, barring ones with enough mass to naturally just rip the Sunrider apart (i.e. a moon-sized kaiju), will first be met with the Sunrider's shielding.

    Warp Drive: The Sunrider can warp itself, along with anything 100 metres or closer, to another point in space. It takes about a minute and a half to spool up (1 post after first spooling up), but if the operation needs to be cancelled, the warp drive needs to cool for 2 more minutes (1 post) before being initiated again.

    Ryder Hangar: The Sunrider can house 7 ryders (or other mecha of similar size) in its hangar bay.

    Crew Capacity: The Sunrider can easily be manned by a skeleton crew of just 50 people, which is what it is currently outfitted with. However, it has enough room to house a crew of seven or eight times its current capacity.

    • Each of the Sunrider's weapons has its own fortes and shortcomings, and using the wrong tools at the wrong time can prove disastrous for an operation.
    • While built with an admirable balance of power and speed in mind, the Sunrider is still a capital ship built with ship-to-ship combat in mind. As such, its maneuverability and effectiveness against large and immensely mobile targets leaves something to be desired.
    • Since the Warp Drive carries the ship's immediate surroundings with it once it makes the jump, this can be incredibly dangerous for allied units if it is used in someplace like an asteroid belt or ship graveyard. As such, standard procedure is to have all allied ryders (or other mecha) dock in the Sunrider before jumping. This can, of course, lead to delays depending on how far out allied units are from the Sunrider.
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
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*Cracks Knuckles*
I was born for this.

Mech Name:
ASW-G-08 Gundam Barbatos Lupis Rex​

Pilot Name & Age:
Mikazuki Augus
Age: Late Teens?​

Mech Size
[size]/[class]| 19 meters tall | 32.1 Tons | Light-Class​


A mobile suit designed to be fine tuned to the senses of Mikazuki Augus's reactions via the alaya-Vijanna. The machine is powered by two ahab reactors, and possesses highspeed flight and combat abilities. Its weapons include its clawed hands, a large mace, a tail blade, and arm cannons. It can also take on a berserk state through the alaya-Vijanna system, enabling itto fight like a monster, or even a demon. It also has Nanolamenite coating, designed to deflect energy beams fired from enemy machines or mobile armors. Could this perhaps also deflect the beams of kaiju?​

Dansleif. Its practically what took it down in its universe.
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  • Mech Name:

    Pilot Name & Age:
    Sylia Stingray, 25

    Mech Size:
    2.75m | 900 lbs. | Light-Weight

    Bubblegum Crisis

    • Flight - The Motoslave is capable of high-speed flight. Its light weight makes it highly maneuverable.
    • Transformation - When it needs to be stored or transported across land, it can transform into a powerful motorcycle.
    • Artificial Intelligence - Even when the pilot is dismounted, the Motoslave can act on its own. It can navigate and defend its pilot.
    • Hardsuit Sync - Motoslaves link to their user's Hardsuit, allowing visual data (including infrared monitoring and environmental warnings), munitions levels, and fuel levels to appear on the hardsuit's HUD.
    • Armament - Sylia's Motoslave comes equipped with a 35mm cannon that fires explosive shells. It accepts a 40-round magazine. Other weapons can be equipped, though a specialized mounting lug system must be installed for the Motoslave to carry them in motorcycle form. The motoslave's hands can also exert 820 kilograms (~1808 lbs.) of pressure.
    Motoslaves are rather minimalist in their safety features. They leave the user's arms and legs partially exposed, relying on the user's hardsuit to compensate. They also have no integrated weapons, requiring a gun to be mounted.


  • Mech Name:
    Knight Sabers Hardsuit

    Mech Size:
    1.75m | Approx. 60 lbs/200 with user | Ultra Light-Weight

    • Flight - Sylia is the only member of the Knight Sabers whose Hardsuit is designed for sustained flight. It is considerably slower than a Motoslave, but just as maneuverable. The Hardsuit seals, allowing her to operate outside a planet's atmosphere.
    • Armaments - Each gauntlet houses a monofilament-edged shortsword and a miniature laser cannon, more suited for human-sized targets than kaiju.
    • Durability - Though small, the hardsuit is made of especially durable alloys that can withstand direct hits from anti-materiel rifles and light tank guns.
    Hardsuits are required to operate Motoslaves and lack the weapons necessary to fight larger mechs and kaiju. Without a Motoslave, Sylia can't fight a huge opponent effectively.
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