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  1. Phantom Menace Arc

    Somewhere in Northern Part of Kingdom of Persia, 14/01/2051

    "During my part of the covert mission, I was transported in a disguised cargo plane, heading to Ryn Desert, USSR. However, this is one of dirty works that the Phantom Menace should get this job done. But however, this is no easy mission as my team commander had regards of the mission. 5 of my teams were like partners and my female squad mate named Mariana who is always ahead of the mission and she's a fine-looking lady who treats me well in sorties. The other is Aiden Kladegrave Carter, a seasoned veteran and a head member of the squadron who know the type of warfare, he participates in part of the South-Eastern Continental War and made it out of the war alive with a shrapnel pierced into his thick skull. Well me, I am just an engineer who works strictly under the circumstances in ACF and working in part of wartime.

    Anyway, the covert mission I was talking about? It's a covert reconnaissance to scout on the new mech technology that was built by military scientist Kaede Busujima. Imported and delivered in a truck, likely to be the Chinese military. It is some kind of super mech and these parts were supposed to be powerful and endurable walking tank, designed in mind, these mech parts aren't standard and made by Ms. Busujima likely to make it by the Chinese military authorities. Our mission here is to gather the information and leave USSR as soon as possible.

    Our squadron entered the research facility and the place was seen to be abandoned for decades. But not until hit hard, getting ambushed by the Soviet Mechs. Since my squad mates were holding the ground on the facility, we missed out of my female squad-mate and that's Mariana. She was asking for immediate support, but later killed by an elite mech pilot that made my blood tingling. She didn't want to die at the end and I used to love with the woman is now dead in my hands.

    When we cleared out the remaining enemies on the facility, the research facility started exploding without noticing that the facility was rigged with explosives. My squad mates and even my commander tried to get to the rendezvous point on the forest, but instead, ACF military had denied to bring up the transportation and decided to abandon us for good. My squadron was split up from every direction and began to leave Ryn Desert as soon as possible. With the Phantom Menace squadron disavowed during the covert reconnaissance and never to be seen again. I started going to the Northern part of Persia and avoided every military personnel spotting me, with my mecha.

    Since I was managed to disassemble my mech parts and loading onto the truck, outside Ryn Desert in the east, I got myself moving to east, heading to the Persian border. I turned on the radio and hearing the entire incident back from the Ryn Desert and the research facility, where the incident is occurring and saying that ACF military had attacked the Soviet Research Facility. That Soviet President is covering up the truth and he is getting the entire military to guard the border. But however, the research facility was supposed to be abandoned and used it as a lure bait to trigger an upcoming war. Luckily for me, I did my best of escaping from all of this incident.

    A year has passed. The European Union is getting along with the Kingdom of Persia, gaining the relationship between them. Japan has fallen under control by China, due of ACF's failed attempt to repel the invasion, forcing all civilians to leave Japan and sailing back to the USA. But, I haven't got any help after the incident and ACF military left us isolated. I am no longer working with the ACF military, but changed my career as a mercenary, wandering aimlessly to survive the harsh conditions in Persia. I haven't died, nor giving up hope where I would be having my own grave to just abandon my own life.

    I try to get my revenge on the Soviet military by sending us into a trap."

    Serge finished typing every word of the letters on the computer, making the previous events he occurred in the past. At first, he's living with his life of drinking a few of alcohol and whiskey to forget the past. Having all his life dedicated to the mercenary business, he got up and started walking to the balcony to get some fresh air. He was living in Chapayev, with the EU military personnel gathered here for additional protection. It was afternoon and coming to a sunset, considering to have a nice view of the sun. He didn't try to wait there, instead he had a schedule that he was supposed to attend for the Remnant of 28th at sunset.

    Serge hurried as he grabs the whiskey and immediately drinking it up and then, throw it on the ground. He was grabbing his pilot jacket and went to the garage. He was such in a hurry, which he cannot afford to get late by the schedule. He was already in the garage and immediately went inside the cockpit, closing down the hatch and starting up the engines. Turning on his communication from the mercenary group, he starts talking to their commander in charge of the Remnant of 28th, which he's been gaining with the relations since in the past. "Serge to commander of Remnant of 28th. Where do I meet you at the rendezvous of the place?" He said within a deep voice.
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  2. Command Post Vagabond, an abandoned Russian airbase around the southern Caucasus mountains, adapted by the Remnants of the 28th for use as a base. The home of the PMC and the anchor of their fraternity.

    "Petra, this is Lancet. Do you read me? I need you to handle some minor administrative duties for me." The Commander sent a request over the radio at the base. Petra Juliani rushed to respond. "Loud and clear, Dimitri. Why not use comms? It doesn't have a range limit and it's more secure." "I'm closeby. Nobody fucking knows where we are, they won't pick up on us." "So what do you want, then?" The voice on the other line cleared his throat.

    "An American has been in contact with us lately. We've been getting cushty lately, although I'm unsure of his motives. His name's Serge. There's a meeting with him soon, but I must speak with the ACF. Ambassador work, you know. But Serge is a topic I expect them to bring up. It will be alright. Considering he's affiliated with the ACF, his movements are limited. Here's a list of locations he could get to in a matter of hours - write them down. Wherever he chooses, meet him on the outskirts. 13, Southeast. There's a code so he doesn't get suspicious. From Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. Sic semper tyranis* is the Latin. You know the English. Ready for those locales?" "Roger, Lancet."

    Later that day, a comms signal came in from the American. While not used to bureaucracy, she knew it was necessary for success in a PMC. "Ciao, signore," she began, ready to read off her Commander's orders. "This is Pilot Chevalier of the 28th, the Commander is out but has advised me to get in touch with you. Thus always unto tyrants*, remember? I was instructed to give you this list. Novosibirsk. Istanbul. Dubai. Mecca. Pick your poison, we'll meet on the outskirts 13 clicks to the southeast from the center of the designated city in a reasonable amount of time - that means A-S-A-P. The Commander will be busy talking with the ACF - not about you, but it is a parallel interest, so don't worry too much." With that, she sent a profile of her mech over the comm line. "See my mech? Look for it at our meeting place. It's fast and middleweight. So, where will I be?"
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  3. Serge was clearly listening over the comms and seeing the mech that Chevalier updated on his computer screen. It was well-designed for a mercenary's mech, but somewhat designed in close combat purposes. He later relied back to Chevalier and setting on location, where he is supposed to meet them the outskirts in the Southeast. "Serge to Chevalier. I head to the meeting point as soon as possible. Just remember here, meet me before sunset." Serge said as he started moving outside the garage. He was expecting that their commander is maybe handling some military business back there, but he didn't matter what's the business is the Remnants of 28th will make interest for him.

    Serge was driving his mech in the streets and filling with soldiers, mercenaries and civilians alike. His mech was moving at a slow pace and try to head to the meeting point, which Serge is heading to the route to the rendezvous to the outskirts. "Just look here, I am going to the outskirts early and I am going to be there, soon." He said, "And here, this my mech. It's ACF-made, but you don't need to get the details about it. Let me know that I be awaiting further instructions." Ending his discussion while updating the picture of his mech. He was ensuring that he could trust Remnants of 28th, but he's uncertain if they would help him. If not, he will kill them, which if they are willing to kill him, before he could pull the trigger.

    When he was heading to the southeast outskirts, he would wait for further instructions until then. Serge came out of mech cockpit and he waited for the contact by leaning on the right leg of his mecha and crossing his arms. He wonders that Remants of 28th are working privately to get paid him for the mercenaries and willing to send some help in the near future.
  4. Operation: Shield Head.
    Location: Nearby Chapayev.
    Forces: EU JaghMech Ace Personal.
    Pilot: James Hammond.
    Callsign: Deagle.

    Operation commencing....


    The large military airbus transport plane jolted against the forces of the wind, as it take its heavy cargo through the clouds. The two pilots spoke quietly to each other while keeping an eye on their panels. Deeper inside the huge aircraft, a large metallic box was taking the entire space that was the cargo room. The plane was carrying a mech drop pod and only this top grade military airbus was capable of the feast. Designed to be dropped from great height, the mech could be sent striking into areas behind the enemy lines or right into the battlefield. Fitted with top grade equipment, this billion euro project was about to start it first test.

    "This is TARNISH to Op Command. We have reached destination and is preparing for drop off" The first pilot spoke into his mic and the second pilot pressed the button that would open the cargo door. "Op Command here, you have green light. I repeat, you have green light for drop off" A second click, and the belts keeping the drop pod in place was released. The pod quietly fell out of the plane and dropped towards earth. It soon passed through the clouds, making the large drop pad visible in the clear sky. Few eyes, if none, was watching this far out though. The drop pad began to shake as it forced it way down Earth's atmosphere, making the pilot inside clench his teeth. "Who came up with such a ridiculous idea anyway?" James asked Op Command and hold onto the joysticks. The drop pod had been linked with the mech, allowing the pilot inside to both see outside and control it. Several optic cameras had been installed to let the pilot pick a landing zone. "You know how it is Deagle, high command are putting as many ideas forward as possible". James was flooded with information as the pod made it approach towards ground. "This thing will be easy missile fodder for any enemy force" He argued, still unhappy that it had been him who had been picked for the testing. "It have been designed with that in mind, and you know that. You did attend the briefing, right?" The voice asked suspicious. "Of course I did, but I don't trust new untested tech" James answered while taking the rattle from the drop pod.

    The drop pod automatically activated its breakers seconds before the drop pod landed with tremendous force. The impact made the surrounding rocky terrain shake and throw up dust. "Landing is a success. Are you okay Deagle? ...Deagle?" The voice asked but got no reply. "Deagle can you hear me!? Answer me!" The voice continued and finally got a weak reply. "Gud fandme min krop gør ondt" [God damn my body hurt] The force of the impact had taken it toll against his body, even with all the measures that was meant to prevent that. Still, it could have been worse.

    Op Command was relieved to hear the test had been a success and James could swear he heard cheering people over the radio. His body wasn't so happy though. In the meantime the drop pod had shot opened it doors allowed James to move his mech outside. The tall JaghMech took a look of it surroundings before it grabbed its gear from the drop pad. With experienced movements, the assault rifle was loaded. "Good work Deagle. Our men will come pick up the drop pod, so continue on with the mission. You are to link up with other EU forces in the area. Standard protection duty". The order made James sigh in relief, happy to be back on ground. With an easy order like that there would be time to relax as well. Deagle smiled to himself as he made his mech walk towards Chapayev.
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  5. Christoph had received the information that the Union's NATO forces were conducting an experiment and that he was assigned to remain on standby if said experiment had any unfortunate accidents and to link up with the mech if the experiment was a success. However NATO wouldn't tell Chris what the experiment was or what he was even looking for. "Typical," he muttered in the cockpit of his mech, turning his head to the left to see more of the screen. His sensors didn't pick up the drop pod until it would have been too late for him to fire upon it, if it was an enemy attack. He saw the cloud of dust and debris and Chris powered up his mech, the massive amount of armored steel slowly powering up. Urging his mech forward, he started to search for an active signal, getting a rather faint one before he started broadcasting.

    "This is Wächter of the Schildknappe Squadron. Open lines of communication, are you alright?" He eased his mech forward a little more, raising one of his cannons to point in the direction of the dust cloud, hoping a fight wouldn't break out while he was by himself.
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  6. Ace James Hammond
    A surprising amount of dust had been kicked up from the impact. With a small leap the JaghMech got out of the wide crater, leaving the drop pod behind. James quickly got a notification of the intruder through the sensors on the JaghMech. He was ready to fill it with bullets when the unknown person opened communications. The dust was kicked aside as James moved his mech forward, revealing himself. James had lowered his mech's assault rifle and responded with a greeting. "Pleased to meet you. I assume you will be my escort? Name's Deagle, from the NATO Special Forces".
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  7. "Three Mecha. Heavy type, heavier loadout. Two medium range, one long. Begin attack with a surprise dash into the field, Pile Bunkering the sniper. One hit. Direct to the core. Don't risk leaving it operational. After that, you're on your own. Two medium range gunmen, just like you. They have armor, but you have speed. Load up the big rounds and keep in front of the stream, got it?"

    Dominic exhaled, sending a cloud of smoke upwards into the ceiling. Briefings were boring, but pre-recorded ones were especially so. It was insane how delicious the bleach sitting by his washing machine looked, during these. Once the video ended, the com link was reestablished with the command center of Anubis Vector, the Merc group he had been hanging out with, for a while. While he was technically on their roster, he didn't really think of himself as a member. More of an independent contractor.

    "That's all the Russians left, for us. That, and an advanced payment of 32k. Meaning you don't get to fuck this up. Because if you fuck this up, Dead Ebony, we all get burned. I think I speak for everyone when I say that we don't want to get burned."

    The group nodded to themselves in unison. The only thing these greedy morons could agree on was that money was good, failure was bad, and shitting all over Dom was the funnest thing since counting Franklins. Damn hacks...

    "Alright, alright. I'll be at the hangar in ten. Ebony, out."

    Dom cut the transmission with a sigh. He was going to catch hell, for that. Whatever. They wouldn't kick him out. Having a pilot like him was good for business. Willing to take any job, but remaining as anonymous as possible. It was almost funny that they hadn't forced him into their little clubhouse, yet. He knew where it was, and the others had invited him there before. But that would mean giving a name, which he wasn't all too comfortable with. No matter. He stood up off of his couch, making his way to his garage. He climbed onto the motorcycle resting inside, slipped on his gloves and goggles, and revved the engine. The bike took off at a blistering pace, sending clouds of sand into the air after him as he drove to the hangar AV kept their Merc's Mecha in. At least his boredom would ware off, soon...
  8. Zodiac Op: Level 6 estimated difficulty. Snatch and Grab Op.
    Contacting Zodiac Members: Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius...
    Contact successful...
    Begin Op.

    Images of the different team members Mechas flashed on screen then slide to side and shrunk, as a sort of HUD.
    Sagittarius (open)


    Taurus (open)


    Cancer (open)


    "This is Scorpio, come in Cancer."

    "This is Cancer, Fueled up n' ready to go."

    "Come in Taurus."

    "This is Taurus, let's bash some skulls."

    "Come in Sagittarius."

    "This is Sagittarius, what's the objective ma'am?"

    "Are operation will be hinging that the mecha contained in that drop pod..." A satellite image of the drop site appears on the screens of all members
    "Will leave the drop pod before it is picked up. Sagittarius, your mecha is the only one besides Taurus that can pick up the pod, but you can get away faster, you are in charge of getting the objective and escaping before enemy fire can damage you that you can't get away. Taurus, your to distract the enemy, wield all your weapons if required, but try to keep the enemy from ID-ing you. Cancer, you are to stay with Sagittarius and provide cover fire if necessary. I will try to disable the enemy mecha and keep in communication with all of to adapt the plan if anything changes. We need to take this technology and study it, successful retrieval of the objective could allow us to drop into battlefields and complete operations with much greater ease. Are we clear on the plan?"
    The whole group responds with a powerful "Yes Ma'am!"

    "In that case, Zodiac, Move out!"
    And with that, the group started on their way to the drop sight.

    Within a half hour, they had arrived. Scorpio sets up her position and peers down her scope, the cloud of dust was not a factor she had counted in, but it could work to their advantage.
    "Taurus, use the dust to keep them from ID-ing you. All right boys, operation is a go, get moving Sagittarius."
    And thus, the centaur mecha began charging for the drop pod at full speed, followed behind by the Cancer Mecha. Taurus ran to the side and dives into the dust cloud, guns blazing.
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  9. Emad Al-Bayati sat atop his mech, Jormungandr in silence. He balanced a large laptop on his thighs, the fans whirring. Cables were connected into his mech, and he tapped away at the keyboard occasionally. "Systems nominal" announced a neutral voice. He flicked to another window, a satellite feed jumping into resolution. The image refreshed about twice a second so mechs showed on it jumped around a little. It was nice to have the backing of such rich sponsers. The perks of being in a mercenary group backed by certain wealthy individuals from every superpower. Certain wealthy people whose interests were not completely in line with what their respective nation is fighting for. He would have smiled but felt no need to.

    The feed showed at least 5 mechs, probably 6. No matter. Fights where you're outnumbered become much easier when you're simply there to cripple both sides. Emad glanced over to Kibi. He spoke in decent English for someone who had no formal teaching of the language.

    "Blue eyes, we should move us now" he announced, shutting the laptop and storing it in a slit in the cockpit of the mech. He climbed in, the mech suit closing around him. Jormungandr had no see through materials for the operator to peer through. That would create a fatal chink in its armour. It instead relied on sets of cameras embedded in it's body to give it a form of compound vision. This was then relayed to the driver, Emad. His mech whirred into life as comm channels opened and he heard Blue Eyes respond.
  10. Kibo was also resting on top of his own Mecha. But unlike his captain, he wasn't doing anything productive. He was doing a handstand, bored out of his mind. The boy was rather young and had a short attention span. So when he was given orders to move out, he practically flipped from his position.

    The boy climbed down from the top of the head, to the chest of his Mecha. He taped on the chest and it opened up, the cockpit now visible. Kibo swung his body in and landed on the seat. He flipped a switch on the inside and the black metal closed around him. Screens on the inside began to light up, as the revealed the surrounding area. Kibo looked over to see his captains Mech starting up.

    He grasped onto the controls, and his Mech jolted into action. As it moved its eyes lit up a vivid blue, similar to the boys. He opened and closed the mecha's hands to make sure everything was fully functioning. He pressed another button and the conevtion between the two Mechs was enabled.

    "let's have some fun sunbed" kibo said, a mischievous tone in his voice. He began to move the giant metal beast forward.
  11. Emad's eyes glanced over the display. His mech was in prime shape, all vitals looking good. Heat sinks were fluttering a little but that was to be expected in this climate. He brought up a smaller display in the corner, monitoring his partners mech. Kibo could be careless, and it was usually up to him to stop Kibo from being too reckless.

    "You know the objectives. Cause damage to both of sides. Above all, do not let any side win the fight. This must remain in stalemate" Emad said calmly into his intercom, his mech beginning to pick up pace slowly, servos clicking into place as the final checks and calibrations were made. Jormungandr's shield wasn't deployed yet, still compacted on its left arm. He loaded an armour piercing shell, his launcher spinning around to feed in the monstrous projectile. He spoke again to Blue Eyes.

    "We wait for an opening and then we strike. Aim to incapacitate or kill in one engagement. No messy in and out and in business" Emad stressed, outlining a rough strategy. He knew there was no point going into more detail with Kibo, the boy was incapable of holding a concept in his head for longer than 10 minutes. In his own mind, various scenarios ran through but he put them aside. Hypotheticals were null at this time, there were too many unknowns.
  12. Serge stood out for sometime at dusk, before the sunset. Waiting for the contact at the sunset, Chevalier seems to be busy back there or either being late. He was still leaning on the right leg of his mecha and waited patiently. Then, pulled out of the picture, showing Serge and his squad mates grouped up closely. This was the piece of the memory that is left for him to remember. Every name is labeled on five squad-mates, Russell, Mariana, Aiden, Michael and Arya.

    4 squad-mates were separated from the covert reconnaissance, but Mark on the X on his female squad-mate, which is Mariana is KIA during the mission. He expected to wait for the contact just soon. Serge expects the female is going to be late. Whatever he's waiting for the time to meet Chevalier, he pulled out his hip flask filled with alcohol. He started drinking the hip flask slowly to just calm himself.

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  13. "-in and out and in business." Rin woke up with a start from a nap inside her mech. "Ah, crap, the mission!" After fumbling around for a bit, she quickly booted up her mech, activating the weapons and, among other things, her microphone. Activating her rocket thrusters, she flew up into the air, trying to find where her two partners had ran off to.

    Spotting them, Rin dropped down in her mech close to Emad and Kibo. "Sorry I'm late!" she said through the intercom, "Though I heard the plan, so don't worry about me. I'm good to go!" As if to prove her point, she whipped out her lance, activating the laser part of it. Dramatically, she raised her lance and then pointed it right in the middle of where the engagement would likely happen. "I'm ready to charge straight ahead!" she yelled excitedly, oblivious as to what the actual plan was.
  14. ((Warning, huge text incoming. I know lots of you will be too lazy to read it.))

    "Titan Lead, reporting on a private channel."
    "Yes Titan Lead, this is Mercury HQ, we are ready to receive your report."
    "We have succesfully eliminated the target, but I do have a complaint."
    "Speak Titan Lead. I will pass the complaint up."
    "Our orders were to remain hidden for as long as possible, did that include murdering innocent civilians? The village we passed is now a dead village, thanks to Titan 3. She deemed it necessary to kill every single person that has seen or noticed us."
    "The order was to remain hidden, you would not know whom of these civilians was a loyalist to the USSR's and would report your presence to the target."
    "And still all the innocent who die for this, how could it be justified?"
    "That is not very much our concern Titan Lead, we are given orders and are expected to follow them. Are you ready to receive your next orders?"
    "Understood Mercury HQ."
    "Transmitting new Objective Locations."
    "Receiving Objective, we are moving out. Closing Channel."

    "This is Titan Lead, Titan Lance, please report in."
    "Titan 2, ready."
    "Titan 3, objective?"
    "Titan 4, what are we waiting for?"
    "Titan 5, right here."
    "Transmitting objective coordinates now, our target is an enemy encampment 20km east, our orders are to eliminate all hostiles. Rules of Engagement are to hold fire until I give the go. Form up."

    Titan Lance was one out of five special Mech Squads of ADS: Eagle, Wolf, Claw, Taurus and Titan. Rather than calling a squad of Mechs a squad, the ADS applied a method of calling a single squad a Lance. Each Lance was specialized to a certain aspect. Eagle was specialized in Surveilance and very heavy Weaponry. "Like an eagly sweeping in for the kill" Their heavy mechs consisted of the flying kind, purchased and importet from the ACF. Wolf Lance specialized in the hunt, a Lance of very light Mechs, captured in an asian facility and repurposed technichaly with tracking and sensoring devices and light balistic machine guns. Claw Lance consisted of five medium weight Mechs, they are given extremly sharp claws for melee fights. They were given multiple calibre weapons for suppressive fire while charing in. Taurus Lance consist of heavy mechs imported from Persia, their shields proved to be extremly useful in missions that demand a position to be held. Last, there is Titan Lance, following the set up of two heavy mechs, a sniper, a surveilance&recon and a medium hit&gun mech equipped with a fair ammount of explosives, were used for any regular mission no requirimng a specialization. The ADS have proven that their loyalities lies with the NATO and as such have not accepted a single Assignment from a non NATO state.

    "Titan 4, tell me what it is that you can see."
    "Understood Titan Lead, scanning.... I have discovered 8 hostile mechs, more than 12 tanks and a whole lot of infantry, they are encamped around the building complex. I cannot tell how many of the tanks and mechs are active, their heat and electronic signature is blurred."
    "Thank you Titan 4. " Titan Lead scanned the surrounding area, checking for Terrain that could be made use of.
    "Titan Lance, we will apply a hit and run tactic, Titan 3, stay in the cover of the forest there, cover our retreat. Titan 4, stay with Titan 3 and report any strange occurances, Titan 2 and 5, with me, prepare your explosive charges Titan 5. Open fire on detection. Let's go!"

    And so Titan Lance moved out. Ms. Ironheart watched Titan 1, 2 and 5 to take position onto the buildings, undetected, Titan 5 planned the charged and caused the building to collapse onto the tanks and many of the sleeping soldier, the mission would be a success in her eyes. Titan 1 and 2 proceeded to lay heavy fire onto the mechs, damanging three, destroying one before having to take cover. The exchange of fire went on for quite a while before coming to a stop. The Mech of Titan 2 showed severe damage on the left leg, the right arm was completly destroyed, Titan Lead's Head was damaged and his gun has been destroyed. Titan 5 did not take more damage than a few scratches. "We are falling back Titan Lance." And Titan Lead, 2 and 5 turned to run towards the designated locations. It was time for Ms. Ironheart to do her job, directing her sight onto the vital spot of a chasing hostile, pulling the trigger, the recoil was tremendious, but the target, clearly dead. "Titan 3 and 4, we have detected inconvinience, transmitting new rendezvous location. Closing all channel of communication, we will meet you there." "4, can you designate the optimal route to target location?" "I can, 3...Wait! I have detected a new heat signature. It is chasing Titan Lead." Ms Ironheart moved her rifle and the scope on it towards the location of the new heat signature. "I can see it... Confirming, Titan 2, KIA, Titan 5 KIA, Titan Lead... unknown. We must retreat immediately." "No... nooooo, it cant be!" The Mech of Titan 4 ran passed Titan 3's mech, right at the direction of the new hat signature, holding the weapon it was equipped with. "Titan 4, you are breaking the rules of combat, return immediately or I will have to shoot you to prevent being compromised" But Titan 4's mech did not stop, continueing it's move towards the heat signature, Ms. Ironheart targeted Titan 4's Mech in the back side on the entrance, it's very weak spot. "3... 2... 1... Executing." And she pulled the trigger of her weapon. The Balistic went right through Titan 4's Mech entrance and the Mech fell lump. "Target Eliminated, returning to base for debrief." And she turned around and controlled her Mech to return to base.

    "Ms. Ironheart" A knock on the door of her now empty of people room before it opened and Commander Appling entered her Room with a clipboard and pencil in hand. "I have read your report, but I have a few questions that I want you to answer Ms. Ironheart."
    Ms Ironheart immediately saluted and adjusted her posture. "Yes, sir!" "Before this mission started, Titan Lance finished a different mission. We were notified that you have murdered countless civilians that have gained sight of your Lance. Can you explain that?" "Of course, sir. Were were ordered to remain hidden and undetected at any cost. I have made sure that we remain undetected." "Do you think Titan Lance was to blame for picking a bad route that required the death of these civilians, do you think that their lifes could had been safed?" "I do not know, sir. I am sorry, sir." General Appling nodded with an impossible to read facial expression. "And do you feel bad for having killed defenseless and innocent people?" "I have only done my job, sir." The General wrote something down onto the clipboard. Before turning back to her. "In your report, you have written that you faced an unknown Mech, we do not know anything about it other than that it exists, we do not know its specifications or why you were unable to gain any knowledge about it. Ms Ironheart, your report lacks any information about it other than it's sighting, can you explain that?" "Sir, the rules of engagement demanded an immediate retreat, compromising my position had meant more unnecessary death. Somebody had to return to base and report it, even if it was only very little." "You also killed one of your own Lance's member, you know this is treason, do you?" "Sir, I was not given any choice, Titan 4 was about to compromise my location to the unknown mech, it was either to terminate him or be terminated. The hostile mech clearly took out three allies on its own, as such the protocol demanded that we would immediately retreat and report." The General returns once more to his clipboard, writing things down. "Report to hangar X94 tomorrow at 0600 Ms. Ironheart." With that the General left the room.

    The next day, Ms. Ironheart did find herself in the mentioned Hangar. It was an empty Hangar, very empty. Ms. Ironheart only stood there, waiting for hours. It was seven hours later that the door opened and Commander Appling entered the Hangar with six men or women in lab coats and two dozen soldier. "Ah Miss Ironheart, we have been waiting for you." General Appling waited for a few minutes for a response from Miss Ironheart, whom just saluted and adjusted her body language as it was normal for when a soldier faced a superior. "We hereby dissolve Titan Lance. Your new Callsign will be Titan Sniper, you will act as an individual unit and work as a special unit. You may recruit people to your unit, but will be solely reponsible for their actions. Gentlement, would you show her to her new Mech?" A scientist to her left nodded and opened a small hatch on the wall. The hatch hid a button, which this scientist pressed. The Floor opened and up came a new Mech, red in it's color "This is Zeus, Miss Ironheart. Your new Mech, it is a lightweighted, equipped with a high balistic weapon, Titan Armor and equipped with a MK 1 Stealth Device." Another scientist passed a clipboard to Miss Irohneart and begun to explain "This is your monthly budget, you can pay for repairs, research and your teammates with it, just keep in mind that unused budget will not be saved."
    Ms. Ironheart was in awe. To receive such an honour was unbelievable to her.
    "Get acquinted with your new Mech Ms Ironheart. Come to my officer tomorrow for new orders." Miss Ironheart did hear him, but could not answer, so big was her awe of this sudden turn of events, she believed that she would be left to be abandoned here, left to die because she failed to gain enough intel on the unknown Mech, because she left her Lance's comrades die.
    Instead she was rewarded, for reasons unknown to her.
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  15. Serge Moldovanu
    The sun was coming at dusk and waiting for the right time to meet the one of the members of Remnants of 28th. Serge should be meeting his contact soon. Serge was feeling that Chevalier has to be trusted by the mercenary group and willing to hire him. He has the code which is referenced by Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, considering to use the code by meeting Chevalier. With all the time waiting, The mercenary mech arrived late, which was either Chevailer or an anonymous mercenary.

    "I been waiting for you. What took you so long?" Serge said with a plain look. He saw the medium mech, which was displayed on the computer screen for the last time, It was clearly chevalier march. "Sic semper tyranis?" He said in a calm voice. "Thus always into tyrants" She immediately replied back with an English translation of the phrase. He now knows that he's talking to Chevalier. "It's you, alright. I never expecting you to come by."

    Chevailer's mech kneeled on the ground and slowly opens the cockpit. The female pilot was 5'10 tall, taller than an average man's height and he never saw a tall woman, working in mercenary service. "I am Petra Juilani, formerly working as Remnants of 28th. It's nice to meet you." Petra introduced herself as she was being polite. "Serge Moldovanu of the Phantom Menace, 6th member of the squadron." He said bravely as needed to introduce himself to female mercenary. "I send you with regards here that I'll join your mercenary group. In the other words, I am not with the ACF anymore. They abandoned me and my squadron when we failed the mission." Ending the introduction with an ill-tempered smirk. "Just look. I came here to recruit myself to the 'Remants' of yours, I am willing to get contact with ACF military."

    "So you're no longer working with the ACF? I was expecting that if you were working ACF, but you're just finding help?" Petra replied. "Of course, what else I can do? I am not waiting for-" Without warning, gunshots stirred through the air. A gunfight is going on the flat land. Likely the mercenaries caught up the military in battle. "A gun fight? What the hell is going on?" Petra said seriously as the gunshots grew louder. "Should we move to the another meeting point, perhaps we can start-" Petra immediately stops talking when Serge is starting to climb the mecha cockpit. "This is not the time to be talking, but I may have a reason to fight to protect, that's what my squad leader said." He said with a sense of honor and went inside the mecha. Serge immediately starts the engine and his

    "This is EU Mecha brigade, We are under attack! Unexpected mercenary group is attacking within the test grounds. I repeat-" The anonymous EU mecha pilot was shot down by one of the highly-skilled mercenary mecha group." These EU mecha brigade saw the brilliance of their skills, they were expecting to encounter a powerful mercenary group. "This isn't fucking good! These mercenaries are turning mechs into Swiss cheese!" The anonymous EU mecha pilot said in deep fear. "We have to send reinforcements! We don't stand a chance against them!" They began to counterattack as swiftly as possible. The EU mecha brigade began to find Deagle and also Wächter to pull them out of the test grounds.

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