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  1. Record of Military History

    12/01/2025, Joint Military project with Germany and Japan: German and Japanese military scientists gathered in the underground bunker to create prototype humanoid-like armored bipedal, designed to walk on all types of ground terrain and twice the size of the human body can be drove inside the bipedal with proper controls. With the materials and money to order make the armored bipedal, they later gave out the Official name Mecha, (or preferred the name, Mech. A name was given by the German military scientist) by the anonymous Japanese Scientist.

    31/12/2025, The mech goes on underwent trials in the Underground Bunker: One prototype was first seen in Underground Bunker, Section 3 and ready for testing. Military generals from America to Russia are wanting to see the first combat walker in test trials. A volunteer was instructed to use the Mech properly and followed orders in the Trials by the superior to prevent any screw-ups, meaning that the trials would fail badly with disappointing results.

    12 Hours later, The Trials went successful when the Military general was satisfied with the results with the outstanding firepower and endurance of the Mech, Giving the blueprints to the military to bring mass production of Mech to the military generals.

    2025-2050, The changing outcome of history and Birth of 5 Great-power nations: 25 Years have passed when the entire country had nearly enough Mech in the military to deploy in the war, but however this led into all 5 Nations unified into a great-power nation, USSR, European Union, Kingdom of Persia, Republic of China and American Frontier, greatly changing the outcome of the history.


    In Russia
    The Rebellion of Russian Military and Birth of USSR
    14/08/2039 to 7/02/2041

    The Russian military had a selfless life that's been doing busy work on duty, but following orders to the Government is a rude-taking purposes, because of hard work in every war they join in. Superior General of Russian Military, Yevgeniy Mihaylov, issued for ultimatum to have their own rights in the military, bringing the rebellion in eastern parts of military bases and breaking up relations to their Russian government.

    The Second Russian civil war began with the government fighting against with the rebels, taking control of the land and the country itself for the new nation. When the Russian winter came in, military tanks and other vehicles had disadvantages in this of terrain they faced, burning more fuel and cold climates made the government force slow, but with the Mech that rebels have, had no issues with the snow terrain. The greatest battle of the Siberian plains is open-wide field where Government Military forces are held here to fight with the rebels and fought here on the grounds, the veteran named Mikhail, who leads Mech squadron цербер*, An Elite Unit created by Yevgeniy himself, believed to be that he was a mentor of цербер squadron and lead them to victory, Inspired by his comrades whom fought along with him.

    The ears and eyes of the Russian military had paid attention to Yevgeniy’s speech as he speaks out to his comrades, believing that he could shape the future for the motherland and said those words to the comrades “for the side that they will fight for it or join for your motherland?” the civilians in Novosibirsk volunteered to his side, willing to bring this civil war to an end and create the nation from the ashes, the USSR.

    When the European Union forces and American frontier tried to support Russia from the rebels taking over the country, the EU and ACF military send in the covert mission where they rescue the Russian governor and the president during the Invasion of Western Russia, where the rebels are planning to take over Moscow, the heart of the Russian capital. The squadron and rebels goes in eastern Moscow districts, government armored forces brought up tanks and Lend-lease mechs deployed in the defense of the capital, where they attempt to stop them, but ended up as a failure when the rebels encircled the capital and started wiping out the remaining Government face. The head governor and president escaped to small Russian territory, Kaliningrad, thanks off to the Western allies supported them during the invasion of Moscow.

    2 Years later, Communist victory had ruled over Russia when the rebels had successfully taken over Moscow, thanks to цербер squadron and their comrades for the support. Yevgeniy later became the president whom promised to create USSR to the comrades, bringing back the Soviet empire at its knees and planning to conquer the neighboring countries in the Eastern Europe.

    Mech Specialization: Bigger mechs can equip two large weapons a time, adding lethality and firepower combined.


    In The Asian Continent
    Kidnap of Japanese military scientist and South-eastern Asian Continental War
    20/11/2043 to 15/05/2044

    A Japanese military scientist was kidnapped by the Chinese agents, later named Mrs. Kaede Busujima, the scientist who has worked on a Mech project in the German underground bunker since back in the past and forced to create secret military projects. An Order was given by military Commander Huang Zhou; the Premier who led the covert operation to order to bring the nation in power and intended to achieve goals with that kind of technology came from the Mech Project. The Japanese government was in a panic that they lost their country to China, but immediately formed an alliance to prevent the damage bringing Japan in ruins.

    Outbreak of Southeastern Asian Continental War started when Japan forged an alliance, China invades southern neighboring countries to gather natural resources, but America declared war on China, putting the end to the threat that causing in Asia. A naval battle in Asian ocean was the “battlefield to all air & navy” which Americans preferred the name, the American mech had equipped with Jetpacks and oxygen tanks, thanks to the advanced technology and they had a great advantage in war. The war ended for a year with a halt of the invasion and offense, ending the war by the smallest chance of Victory to America’s powerful technology.

    The Chinese authorities had strict orders, not to bring Kaede back to his homeland and brought her somewhere in a secret base to make her researches, Commander Zhou had in mind that he would create absolute power in the Military with Kaede.

    Mech Specialization: Fast and agile Mech. Strong ballistic weaponry, built in with the latest Chinese technology.


    In The Middle East and North Africa
    “Persian” Unification War
    27/03/2031 to 1/01/2042

    Back in 2020’s, Iranian Government dealt problems with the terrorism in the Middle East, unable to resolve the situation, lacking supplies & materials and later left the Middle East defenseless, letting them down for their defense, but not until the very day that Monarchy government took over power in Iran and later renamed to Kingdom of Persia. In the Year 2029, the first king of Persia, Ario Zaidi and extreme left wing of a political party had the power to control the government, leading to the Kingdom of Persia at war; the blood of ancestors had made him a strong-willed leader to unify small countries to a powerful nation.

    The birth of the “Persian” Unification War took place in Central Asia, Middle East and North African countries, going from weakest to the strongest nation that he planned for invasion to grow his nation. Egypt, Libya and Central Asian Countries decide to join Persia to become the ally and gaining the military strength to rule over Middle Eastern and North African Nations, Except Israel. The conquest of the Middle East had warned the European Union and American Frontier to stop the war, but warned to stay out of the fight to Americans and European Union, said by the king Ario’s words. The American invasion of Persia (2/03/2035) led to a war with American Frontier, Perisan military intended to stop them in their tracks while the military tries conquering another country.

    In 6/03/2035, The American invasion of Persia became a fiasco when the American Naval force entered Mediterranean Sea, unexpectedly ambushed from underwater by a group of submarines was hiding in the suitable place, taking down the ships one by one, thus the plan carried out perfectly by their military general, Zahir. When the Persian Military was ready to invade North Africa, The king intended to conquer Sahara Desert, his next objective to Unification of Persia, the European Union declared war on Persia to prevent them conquering Sahara Desert.

    In 21/12/2041, the government warned Ario to stop the madness, but ignored the warning as he wage war on the lands, not until Dariush Anoushiravani took part of political strife between Ario to give up the throne as the left-wing political party tends to support Darius, somewhat he had no choice to abandon his throne and later left the capital as a war criminal. By the end of the war, the Sahara Desert was completely conquered with the North African allies whom supported the Persian military by the end of the war, After the war, Duriush made the fair deal with the European Union to release Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan, releasing the country from Persian rule.

    When Kingdom of Persia ruled over Entire Middle Eastern and and Sahara Desert unified into a great-power country, a year later, Dariush became the king of his country and to his people, but not until he was married to a woman in new year’s eve at the end of Unification war, her name Nadya, A soldier who joined in the military and Mech pilot, her dreams to create for the pride to Persia and see fit to the race’s power of military, Dariush gave the rights to Nadya to control the military and greatly promoted to commander, leading in the next war. By the end of the year, Military general Zahir left the military, turned into a rogue general and joined Ario’s side, residing with the army to protect him, becoming loyal commander to the end.

    Mecha Specialization: Persian mechs can equip a shield in the middle of the battlefield, it is designed to close combat and reflect ballistic weaponry. (except missile weaponry.)


    In Present Date, 18/02/2050, Europe

    In Europe
    Dawn of the European Union’s Military and Political Might and Soviet-European War
    12/25/2041 to 15/06/2045

    UK, France, Italy, Sweden and Germany had become the world’s political, lawful country, The UK Prime Minster, Arthur Ellsworth became the Premier, turning the point of interest to politics while a strong disciplined, NATO Supreme Commander, Eckhart Von Panzerfaust leads the role of a commander. After the “Persian” Unification War, Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan were released in a deal with Duriush, freeing them from the Persian rule.

    When the USSR was ready to invade Eastern Europe, The Soviet military starts advancing in the west of Europe, Eastern European countries were unprepared for this kind of war breaking out. American Frontier Intends to protect Europe being conquered by the Soviets, The NATO formed up for the defense of the eastern and central parts of Europe such as Poland, the Baltic and Balkan countries. When Ukraine, Belarus, Baltic States and Moldova were conquered by the USSR, The European Union used the latest Mech arsenal equipped with titanium armor plating, deployed on the Frontlines and started fighting against the Soviets in the war. The Iron Werewolf Mech Squadron first formed in the military where the elites were trained in war and covert operations, believed there were veterans of the war in “Perisan” Unification War and later learnt the hard way of surviving in the battlefield. On 29/11/2042, Iron Werewolf Squadron goes in the front lines and fought in the North European Plain, where the Soviets are advancing to polish plains for the occupation of the Soviet Territory.

    On the Baltic Sea, the European navy starts an Artillery bombardment, hitting hard on the temporary bases on Soviet Baltic Territory, making the Russian hard to defend their grounds. With the temporary bases are wiped out in the Baltic States, The American Frontier and European Union commenced the offensive operation to liberate them from the USSR, called “Dragon Slayer” A operation led by Locust, where they advance up to Estonia, freeing them from the communist rule. In the Northern Europe, Sweden moves out of neutrality and prepares for war when the USSR invaded Finland, needing its immediate support from the European Union on the water. Colonel Andreas Winter leads the Swedish Navy, fighting against Russian Navy in Baltic Sea while the European Navy forces proceed with the offensive operation.

    Iron Wolf Squadron and цербер Squadron once met up in the Estonian capital of Tallinn during the liberation, where they first fought in the Town hall square, making the bloodiest battle on hell, not until the time when the cease-fire came in that brought the two mech squadrons to end the fight. President Yevgeniy and Prime Minister Ellsworth ratify on a Peace treaty bringing the war to an end, avoiding any hostility towards their negative relationship between the two nations that leads into a full-blown war.

    Mecha Specialization: EU Mechs are outfitted titanium armor plating, allowing to resist low caliber guns and move faster than wielding iron armor plating.

    In America
    The birth of A.C.F.** (Or American Frontier)

    In the USA, they faced great depression in economics that dragged down the price on every material, leading into bankruptcy and leads to collapse in America but not until the hopes of the country are not gone yet, South American countries and Canada decided to save the USA from bankruptcy and form an alliance on the north and south, creating into a great-power nation in the first place, calling it American Continental Frontier (Or Preferred, American Frontier). Valentine A. Kennedy became hardworking, political figure taking the role as President of American Frontier to maintain the balance of economy and politics to prevent a downfall of America.

    To Present Date, 18/02/2050, American Frontier

    Well-trained mech pilots who are trained in practice grounds in Nevada, where the mech pilots are put in hard-stone tests in war. Two special mecha squadrons reside here in America, the Behemoth Squadron and Phantom Menace squadron are skilled in Covert-Ops and offensive operations of the mission, The Behemoth Squadron commander, Gene Martin leads the squad and he is truly capable in search and rescue missions back in Afghanistan. The Phantom Menace commander, Aiden K. Carter, A veteran back in the Southeast Asia Continental War once cheated death during a top secret mission in China, rumored that the shrapnel pierced his skull, but somewhat a lucky person to survive it but unable remove the Shrapnel with proper medical equipment. He is a leading commander who is focused on the dark arts of covert operation, highly skilled in everything that he can accomplish the impossible for these soldiers.

    Mecha Specialization: Thanks to the America’s advanced technology, the Mech can be equipped with jetpacks (only used for air force.) and Oxygen tanks (only used for naval force.)

    “The Great War will break out soon for a new conflict to arise. Don’t expect anything that hell’s breaking loose on Earth.”

    References: *:цербер means Hellhound in Russian. **:A.C.F. Stands for American Continental Frontier.

    - - - - - - -

    Rules & Regulation
    • No godmodding.
    • No overpowered mecha and weapons.
    • Be polite and friendly to the role-play, so I don't accept any members who are arguing in OOC.
    • If you need some questions, PM me.
    • Make sure you correct the grammar, spelling and anything. (you can even change if spelt something wrong or the grammar is wrong)
    • Keep the storyline on track, don't move or change the storyline, just maintain it to avoid spoilers.
    - - - - - -

    Character Sheet

    Age: (18-35)

    - - - - - - -

    Affiliation: (Who do you work in a military organization, Mercenary, PMC or something else?)
    What Mech Squadron did you join in?: Ex: Behemoth (2nd member of the squadron)
    Military Callsign: (delete this if your character is not in the Military organization, Mercenary or PMC)
    Mecha type: (Light, Medium or Heavy)
    Preferred mecha weapon: (using your main weapon for the mech)
    Personnel weapon: (using your weapon when your character is outside the mech)
    Mecha appearance:

    - - - - - - - -

    (Ex: if your character's skill is 1, your character is being terrible at it and 10, being the best. Describe your character's strength and weakness, its important to know the pros and cons of a character.)
    Offensive: ?/10
    Defensive: ?/10
    Engineering: ?/10
    Stealth: ?/10
    Teamwork: ?/10
    Tactics: ?/10

    - - - - - - - -

    Here's a clear example of the character creation

    Name: Serge Moldovanu
    Age: 25
    Height: 5'7
    Nationality: German (later became as fully fledged American citizen.)
    Ethnicity: Half German, Half American

    Personality: He is loyal and one of the members of Phantom Menace who has great respects to his leader, especially to an "ally" who can possibly trust with but sometimes he has strict personality that he does not spare anyone to join in whom have not met in socially with Aiden or his members in Phantom Menace, meaning he is an unfriendly and serious person when meeting up recruits or some new soldiers. Serge is a good storyteller and tell to live a tale back on a dangerous mission were Phantom Menace squadron do their dirty work in covert ops, because of the reason that he keeps the memories to understand the past and respect the fallen ones by carrying on their "legacy" to be passed on to others. He has good intelligence, thinking over the advantages on the battlefield, He can pretty much tell about the environment and structures can be used for tactical purposes that can pointed out by his idea, sometimes it’s too risky and not sure about the plan will go well.

    Backstory: Born in downtown of Hamburg, Germany in which he was raised by fairly rich family, somewhat he had interests about the history of Prussians that when his father, Dietrich told stories about his great grandfather, believed to be that the bloodline is connected to his great ancestors back in 18th century and also had strong relationships that kept the legacy from dying. His great grandfather said to be served in the Prussian army, served to protect his country for his comrades whom fought along with him, sometimes he carries out his legacy to the comrades who died at the during the war. At the first glance of giant humanoid-like tank, a mecha were seen in the military at his young age, He dreamed of joining the European Union military by driving one of these mechs and protect Germany from danger, but unfortunately his parents moved to United States where he could study there for better living, disliked living in America but his parents told him, He can luckily return to Germany as a transfer student and he had the satisfaction which he wanted to stay in his homeland.

    At his in adolescence age, he decided to enrolled in Military school back in Germany as a transfer student and chose the decision to become as engineer & mech pilot by understanding the parts and weapons are used properly and learning to control the mech with ease, somewhat it can be hard to have two roles to take. When the outbreak of Soviet-European War began, Serge had forced himself leave Germany and head back to America, planning to finish his education but not until Dietrich died from heart attack, brought him in sorrow and depression that he loved, but he would never give up which chose to carry on the legacy for his father. When he had graduated in American military school in 2044, He visited to the graveyard, where he pays his respects to his father, shortly before he join the army to find a suitable, busy work for a military engineer and moved to Nevada, where he could put his skills to the test by proving himself as the mech pilot to survive in the battlefield.

    The opportunity had greatly changed his life when the ACF military decided to put Serge in Phantom Menace squadron in 2046, where he first met the members of the Phantom Menace and the leader of the squadron, Aiden K. Carter or rather call him the "Devil" which the members gets its name from the shrapnel stuck to Aiden's left side of the forehead, representing the horn of the devil. In the year of 2050 (before the present date), He is first person to upgrade his mech with an experimental design of upper body and combat CPU, which he later called it Enchanted Combat System or ECS for short, He required the proper parts and materials for his military project that Serge worked on. A prototype was first seen in the Area 51, where he shows off his mech in virtual training simulation and passed the trials with only decent scores. It was never saw in mass production but instead only few of the mechs entered military service, including Serge's mech.

    - - - - - - -

    Affiliation: American Frontier Military
    What Mech Squadron are you in?: Phantom Menace (6th member of the squadron)
    Military Callsign: Panzerfaust
    Mecha type: Medium
    Preferred mecha weapon: 50mm Heavy machine gun, designed to shoot down lightly or medium armored mechs with deadly force. Not most of all that his mecha can use the HMG but instead his mech fists can be used in CQC, with the ECS equipped.
    Personnel weapon: Assault Rifle

    Mecha appearance:

    - - - - - - - -
    (Ex: if your character's skill is 1, your character is being terrible at it and 10, being the best. Describe your character's strength and weakness, its important to know the pros and cons of a character.)

    Offensive: 8/10 (goes down to 1 when the combat system is in malfunction)
    Defensive: 3/10
    Engineering: 10/10
    Stealth: 4/10
    Teamwork: 4/10
    Tactics: 7/10

    Strength: Thanks to his engineering skills, the mech is upgraded with advanced technology in ACF, equipped with ECS. It has the punching CQC ability that the ECS is equipped in the mech and bring lethality in close combat without using his heavy machine gun in battle.

    Weakness: Due of the ECS equipped in the mecha, there is a slight change that a glitch can bring the combat system into malfunction, if his mecha is badly damaged and also disables the punching CQC ability.​
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  2. Name: Hiromi Sherwood
    Age: 26
    Height: 5'10
    Nationality: Japanese
    Ethnicity: Half Japanese, 1/4 British, 1/4 German

    Personality: Hiromi is very serious and by-the-book. She allows for very little error to be performed under her supervision, and if one is stupid enough to take an unnecessary risk and she finds out. May I bid thee a good funeral. Underneath her hard exterior, she is actually very caring and desires no one be hurt if possible.

    Backstory: Born to a purely Japanese mother and a mixed race father, Hiromi lived in Seattle, Washington of the U.S. Heeer mother and father taught two different lifestyles. Her mother teaching her to work extremely hard, but her father telling her that human relationships meant more than anything mental or physical could add up to. Conflicted with these ideals, Hiromi tried to follow both to please her parents. The girl was extremely stressed mentally throughout her life, but she was a straight A student and had many friends during her time in school. However, romantic endeavors never really blossomed for her during those years. After leaving High school and quickly graduating college by working through all breaks during the year, Hiromi was the youngest Valedictorian in the colleges history. Soon many places were asking for her to come work for them, among these was the American Government, who desired her to work among politics. She accepted, but it wasn't long before something went wrong. A governor, under whom she was working, one day invited Hiromi to dinner, then back to his place to discuss some documents he had left there. It was soon evident that he was trying to bed Hiromi and she became infuriated at the entire political system. A bit of an overreaction to say the least, but nevertheless the experience sticks with her even today. She quickly began learning to pilot mechas and used the money she had acquired working for the government to buy a personal mecha. It wasn't long before Hiromi started her own personal mercenary group, gathering others like her to create a strong group of [ for the most part] highly intellugent individuals.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Affiliation: The Zodiac [Mercenary Group]
    What Mech Squadron did you join in?: Zodiac [Leader]
    Military Callsign: Scorpio
    Mecha type: Light
    Preferred mecha weapon: Long range Ballistic Rifle
    Personal weapon: Small handgun
    Mecha appearance: [​IMG]

    Offensive: 6/10
    Defensive: 2/10
    Engineering: 4/10
    Stealth: 10/10
    Teamwork: 8/10
    Tactics: 9/10
    Strength: Highly intelligent, She can use her mechs zooming capability to see enemies up to 14 miles off and hit them with relative accuracy. Advanced communication channels with her team members allow them to remain constantly aware of the others and the ever evolving plan.
    Weakness: Defending herself if her plan fails, enemies who act irrationaly or recklessly are more likely to cause her plans to fail. Her mech has very little armor in favor of high mobility, but two good hits and it will more than likely go down.
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  3. I hope this gets more attention, it's pretty cool
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  4. Well you'll have at least one more guy here. I would love to get into this, working on my character sheet right now.

    Expect my application in by either later today or tomorrow.
  5. Is this still a thing? If so I will start on a sheet.
  6. Yes, it's still on.
  7. Some of the pictures seems to be missing and a few of the nations lack mech specialization, or is that on purpose?
    And I am not sure I get the overall plot. Are our characters going to meet up or will everyone be doing their own thing? Confused :S
  8. I am trying to fix the pictures and also thinking about the Persian Mecha's specialization. I am just going to add some pictures, here and there and it's going to be fixed soon.
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  9. Awesome, I'll start on my CS when its all patched up then.
  10. The nations with pictures and mecha specialization are added. It's done, except for the American Frontier part, I rather leave that out.
    (which I can't find a suitable picture, where the mechs are in training grounds.)

    I haven't seen your CS just yet, are you really taking your time there to your character? don't keep me waiting.

    • [​IMG]

      Name: "Ace" James Hammond
      Age: 23
      Height: 7'0
      Nationality: Danish.
      Ethnicity: Danish/British.
      Personality: James is a classic tomboy. He's reckless but while he may be quick on the trigger is his aim always spot on. He likes to dominate on the battlefield, and fixate on one problem at a time.
      Backstory: Classified.

      Affiliation: European Union Special NATO Forces.
      What Mech Squadron did you join in?: Classified.
      Military Callsign: Deagle.
      Mecha type: Medium.
      Preferred mecha weapon: Large caliber rifle.
      Personnel weapon: Desert Eagle.

      Offensive: 8/10
      Defensive: 5/10
      Engineering: 3/10
      Stealth: 3/10
      Teamwork: 2/10
      Tactics: 6/10

      Strength: James gets the job done. He know his own weakness and strength, and become one with his mech.
      Weakness: James is quick to act on his emotions and own agenda.

    • [​IMG]

      The Pz-10 JaghMech uses the advantages of titanium to create a more compact mech. Its fast, easy to control and hit hard. While the titanium frame allow heavier equipment was it decided to keep it light. Thus, the JaghMech became a high tech fighter on the ground. Nevertheless, it would be the pilots that eventually brought fame to the mech. The most famous of these would become "Ace Pilots" and was said to utilize the JaghMech completely. The Pz-10 JaghMech can hold its own, but works best with others. By using flank tactics, the JaghMech can effectively surprise and destroy most enemies. Its only weakness is enemies equipped with heavy armor. In this case can the JaghMech use special designed rocket launchers. However, they are not included in the standard armament.

      1x Large Caliber Assault Rifle. (NATO M3G Rifle)
      2x High Explosive Grenades with switch mode. Timer or detonation on touch.

      1. Standard rifle ammunition. Single or automatic.
      2. Can switch to laser rounds, which suck energy directly from the mech core.

      Offensive: 8/10
      Defensive: 4/10
      Engineering: 8/10
      Stealth: 4/10

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  11. Question, is laser weapons a thing?
  12. Character Sheet
    Name: Christoph Steinmann
    Age: 29
    Height: 5' 8"
    Nationality: German
    Ethnicity: German

    Personality: At first glance, Chris is cold, quiet, and distant, keeping himself an arm's length away from people. However that is just his mistrust for people he doesn't know. While Chris is slow to trust people, but is fiercely loyal to those who he can trust, willing to throw himself into danger for those close to him. He doesn't have a mind of a tactician, but a mind of a soldier with a willingness to follow orders that some might question. He is the kind of man who holds his commanding officer in high regard, and trust in their decisions to change the outcome of the battle.

    Backstory: Chris was only twenty years old when he first became a mech pilot, fighting at the beginning of the Soviet-European War. The Soviets were marching toward Germany, it was his duty to serve in the war, to fight off these invaders. He was a dedicated soldier, sine all he could think about were the ones left at home, those who wouldn't be able to fight back if they were to fail. But they weren't going to fail, Chris was determined that any enemies in his sight would be killed. The first couple of skirmishes, Chris was reckless, charging into the fray without any concern of his own. Just his own personal goal to kill as many Soviets as he could.

    During one of these battles, Chris was fighting a Soviet mech, firing until it was finished...but he didn't realized some of his wild shots became friendly fire, and severely hurt one of his comrades. His commander was a grizzled veteran and told Chris that he had the right mind to discharge him and send him back. Unable to bear such a shame as a dishonorable discharge he asked what he could do to stay. The commander told Chris to fight him, just like he did with the Soviets, and he would fight like he did with the Soviets. His commander didn't have to raise a finger, as soon as Chris moved he barked orders to restrain Chris. Two of his comrades held his arms before the commander calmly walked over and delivered a blow to his gut.

    As Chris was on the ground, doubled over in pain his commander yelled at him, "You're not the only soldier here. You're not even the best here! Without your team you've been dead a long time ago! You're only as strong as the team you keep!"

    From that day on Chris worked with his unit, making sure to follow orders. Instead of wild fire and darting in for the kill, he was covering for others, keeping them out of harm's way. However his squad was in Tallinn's Town Square supporting the Iron Wolf Squadron. He remembered darting out into enemy fire to reach his downed ally when the world when dark. When he finally woken up, he was in a hospital bed, his right eye covered in bandages. He didn't remember any of the events afterword, but he was told an explosion hit his mech, a ruptured fuel line in his own caused another one inside of his mech. They said it was a miracle he had survived, the wound to his eye all he gotten after his mech was downed. The cease fire came shortly after he loss consciousness.

    - - - - - - -
    Affiliation: European Union’s Military
    What Mech Squadron did you join in?: Schildknappe [Shield Bearer] (3rd Member in Squadron)
    Military Callsign: Wächter (Guardian)
    Mecha type: Heavy
    Preferred mecha weapon: Rheinmetall 120 mm Cannons with API Shells
    Personnel weapon: Kalashnikov AK-47
    Mecha appearance:
    - - - - - - - -
    Offensive: 4/10
    Defensive: 10/10
    Engineering: 7/10
    Stealth: 2/10
    Teamwork: 8/10
    Tactics: 4/10
    Strength: While the main strength of the Wächter is it's armor and the massive amount of punishment it can take, it's also boast a large amount of redundancy systems to pervent any system failures to his mech due to ruptured fuel lines, electrial shortages, and blown engines.
    Weakness: The Wächter was built for durability, not for speed. Against faster mechs the Wächter can't defend itself as effectively and misses shots are more common. Also, the amount of energy that powers the Wächter is very distinctive, making it incredible hard to hide its energy signature in any sort of stealth mission. Also due to the injury to his right eye, he has more of a blind spot on his right side.
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  13. Just need to work on the backstory, then I'll be done.
  14. Possibly yes, energy weapons also a thing, some of the only are limited in military service in four great power countries, except for ACF, because of focusing on advanced technology. At least they can be imported to other nations to test out the technology from ACF and willing to use them in part of war.
  15. Both of you are accepted. By the way, nice backstory Leodouble_08
  16. I am going to start the role-play anyway and sorry the big wait. I tried putting up my banner to order see my sci-fi role-play at release, but I can't seem to find a picture that fit on 800x100 at that size.
  17. Sooo...umm... how long till this starts?
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