Mecha RP Idea :3

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Desu Juice

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Hi-hi~! My name ish Desu Juice. :3
I have a bunch of ideas and my usual 1x1 buddy is literally done with me and refuses to make anymore RPs, because we already have about 10, rofl. xD

I need someone willing to go big or go home. So, I need someone on an intermediate-to-advanced skill level, who is willing to write at least a little bit more than a paragraph in reply. ^^ I get writer's block too, but I need someone who wont just flat-out disappear. or else I'll have to hunt you down >:3
For this RP, I've already made a male character. Now, I need an interesting female lead. Preferably someone to contrast a shy, complicated type of person.

So here's another thing- I have a tendency to turn my RPs into comic books or other projects, so keep in mind that some of these ideas might end up becoming something pretty big. :3

Now onto the idea! Feel free to PM me if you wanna change something or add onto it, idk. :3

Mecha Thing:


The Andera are a race of Alien beings that were once vaguely human. After millions of years they have modified their species to the extent where they resemble massive walking cars rather than anything marsupial, and require only energy as sustenance.

They are extremely pacifist. On their planet (Ordaterre), there is rarely any conflict that isn't resolved peacefully. This is because violence is simply not in their nature. Their threatening appearance is only considered necessary for the types of jobs they preform. Construction Andera, for example, have a helmet-like protrusion extending past their 'face plates.' Others have different structures to help preform other jobs.

Something like this:​

They encounter Earth, and find it to be an environment that would suit their species.

They enhance Earth monkeys genetically, and so the monkeys naturally grew into the once-existing olden Andera- Humans. They do this to 'naturally' colonize Earth.
Many years pass. The Andera become busy with other affairs and neglect mankind.

When they finally return to survey the progress humanity has made, The Andera discover violence, lust... sin. They are appalled.

They decide that humanity qualifies as a separate species. They reject the idea of communicating directly with humans.

However- a new plan is formed. Introducing themselves to the humans would be unwise (they might react badly, and it would challenge their ideology), however... perhaps human 'ambassadors' for their species could be instated to slowly introduce the Andera to Earth.

The Andera produce two human fetuses by taking 'necessary components' from humans. A male, and a female. Adam and Eve (who have since renamed themselves ;p).

The two are raised in a way to create independent beings- their surroundings are modified to suit humans. This ensures that that can function in human society.

Then what happens is that there is a protest against using the humans for 'selfish' reasons. One Andera named January (yes, after the Human month) severely wounds another Andera. Once this happens, the protest is over, however the government grows concerned. Seeing how humans constantly start coups, the Andera begin to worry about their own society. The violence rate has gone up.
The government plans to create a dystopia by injecting a virus into the mainframe of the Andera to promote docile, rather mindless behavior. However, someone leaks this plan to the public, and the Andera become aware of what their government plans to do.

Ok, so because this description had been going on for forever I'll summarize: it'll be a slow build, but eventually the Andera rebel against their government and AWESOME ROBOT FIGHTS WILL SO HAPPEN. :D​

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