Mecha Pilot Academy

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  1. The name says it all. At least, it almost says it all.

    In short, our setting is a version of Earth one hundred fifty years into the future, wherein mankind has begun to settle on the Moon and Mars thanks to terraforming equipment that has altered parts of the respective surfaces and allowed for the atmospheres to rebuild. As these atmospheres are Earth-like and can protect carbon-based organisms with minimal difficulty, primarily in the domed provinces. Earth now has a united military through the United Nations, the greatest and most well-known aspect of which is its fleet of mecha suits and their pilots.

    Throughout the world, the members of the United Nations Machination Corps (UNMC) are instructed in the form of a specialized university, divided into branches depending on career. While technicians and some miscellaneous careers attend their universities for two years, those aiming to be pilots, engineers, or a more complex career attend their university for four years while all students have on-the-job training in lieu of a fall break given the universities follow the Japanese educational system. The Pilot Academy is located on a small island in the south of Japan, and new pilot prospects from all over the Earth are brought together upon acceptance in order see if they "link" to one of the unique units, including prototypes from scrapped Earth/space projects. Those who can forma "link" are all but guaranteed to graduate, while others as assigned to pilot standard mecha of their combat style.

    Our story would revolve around of class of incoming class of freshmen, wherein we have various characters "link" with a mecha. We will be using Gundam models for the mecha, though the show will serve as more inspiration than basis. One can expect plot points to range from events as mundane as field trips to sparring to emergency combat.

    Please let me know of any thoughts, suggestions, or questions any of you may have.
  2. Ehh I might depending on factors, such as any others joining, and if it will be active unlike 90% of the RP's I've join till this point..
  3. I understand. If you can assist in bringing people to the roleplay, that would be very helpful. Otherwise, I intend to make it so that the Rp goes at a moderate pace so that activity is promoted.
  4. I'll ask around, saddly not many I know do mecha RP's as they tend to not attract many, I'm a fan of the Gundamn universe and may make a muv-luv based rp here some time.