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Have you/Do you draw mechs/bots/transformers? (Androids don't count, sorry!)

  1. Hell yea!

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  2. I have a few times.

  3. Hell no, all those little moving parts?

  4. Once. It's buried in the pile of shame.

  5. Once, but it took too much time so I didn't ever never again.

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  1. I've got several OCs of transformers that are beautiful (and complex ^^') and yet I've not found out HOW artists draw yet. I'm convinced all of you have magical fingers.

    is who needs drawn next! Just a line sketch.

    I'm quite good at describing and giving reference shape pictures to other bots. I'm fine with line art and no color if that's easier, or really whatever you'd give me. All credit of course will be displayed properly (and proudly) to the artistic master.

    Its almost a challenge, as I do not see many artist that draw mechs/bots regularly. There are a handful that I am convinced hide in the cracks.

    I would really appreciate someone giving it a try. You have a right to drop the commission at any time (life gets in the way, too hard, stresses you out, can't find a muse, no explanation at all.) but I would just like to know. I won't get upset. Its an odd request ^^

    EDIT: A vet bill for my cat (little guy got bit by a spider they think..) has kinda wrung my pockets dry. So unfortunately I really don't have much to give in the way of money. If that's a no-go that's totally fine.
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  2. I can not draw mechs to save my life but I have a beautiful transformer femme I would love drawn. So if you do find an artist, could you let me know?
    Much love, Siren <3
  3. heya! i've drawn bots before, but unfortunately i only have one example and it's tiny:


    PM me if you'd like to talk!
  4. Titan is in need of a ref ^^
  5. Still looking folks!
  6. how goes your search? I've been wanting to break into mechs and I could use the practice, but my problem is not knowing what to draw to even get started xD

    Warning: it'll probably turn out terribly, but it'll be fun to work together? :D
  7. Oh my I've only gotten one reply in a long while. Still looking! If you wanted someone to draw I can totally assist with that. All art is beautiful in practice, my friend. ^^
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