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  1. Sarah Bernhart, a world-famous thief. Always in it for the money, she was always in it for the adventure. However she found something...something else much more important than riches...

    The young and beautiful Sarah sat down at a table in Hawaii, she was by herself, drinking a cider.
    Ubaba was a explorer, she wasn't famous but her crew had loads of rich artifacts that were at a good price.
    What laid out in the table in front of her were things that she stole from other museums. A map, actually pieces of a map that were hidden throughout different places, some museums being some of it. She looked at it thinking.
  2. Treasure. That was all Alistair had ever cared about. It was his motivation, his love, his everything, and he spied a whole ton of it sitting on a table in Hawaii in the form of ancient-looking scraps of paper. In front of a pretty girl. But treasure came before girls. Treasure couldn't run away. There was no way he was going to pass this chance up.

    "Hey," he called to the girl, walking up to her table. "Can I sit down? I see you've got bits of a map here, and I'd love to help you out. Provided we share the rewards, of course."
  3. She looked at him a little suspicious. "Alright...but no backstabbing or else no treasure for you" she said then turned the map where he could see it.
    "Once upon a time there was an explorer named Ubaba...she wasn't very famous because during that time period she was a woman from Japan...she had this theory that there were other people than where she and her people she went exploring. However she didn't find what she was looking for...she found something greater. Nobody ever figured out what she had found, her work almost died with her long ago until some explorers found some of her stuff...Im talking about artifacts, maps, Journals...the whole shindig...including something I need..."
    She then showed him a picture of a dusty, golden oil lamp.
    "I need that, it's important...I'm talking clue to where the treasure is important...i did my research and it's hidden in a museum in Tokyo..."
    She then leaned towards him "are you in or out?"
  4. "Tokyo?" Alistair listened to the girl with interest. "Well, it's been a while since I've been in Tokyo, so it'll be nice to visit. Yeah, I'm in." He picked up one of the pieces of the map, studying it carefully. It was old, but the etchings seemed somehow familiar... an old project he'd given up on? Nah, couldn't be. If it was treasure, there was no way Alistair'd ever ditch out on a chance like that. Especially an ancient looking chance that reeked of gold. Placing it back on the table, he looked back at the girl. "We ought to move out soon, perhaps tonight. I hope you don't need to pack or anything because the last airship for Japan in a couple weeks leaves tonight in about... six hours. They're loading right now. So if we're going to be stowaways, right now's the best time."
  5. Sarah stood up, she leaned down and grabbed a green back pack and put the straps around her shoulders. "Trust me, I've been doing this for a while, don't worry about me" she said and started walking towards the beach. "Let's get outta here" she said.
    Suddenly a speedboat pulled up. The driver, a Japanese woman parked the boat. "Who's the guy?" the woman asked glaring at Alistari.
    "He's a nobody" Sarah said flatly without any emotion. "Get in! Now!"
    Sarah pushed him in the boat before he could say anything. They drove off and the young thief dragged him to the back of the boat. "Sorry about that" she said. "That girl doesn't work for me so I can't show any weaknesses."
  6. "A- a nobody?!" Alistair sputtered in indignation as she dragged him to the back. "I guess you're right in not showing weakness, but even so..." he rubbed the back of his sore neck. "You could've been a bit more gentle." He looked around the boat, gaze lingering on the Japanese woman. "Are we taking this all the way to Japan? I don't mean to offend, darlin', but if that's your plan, then I'm going to jump ship now and swim back to land. There's no way you've got enough supplies to last a voyage to Japan. 'The offer of sneaking a ride on that airship still stands, you know."
  7. She smiles "humorous and cute, you got the whole package don't ya?"
    She walked over to the Japanese woman and spoke in her language before she drove off.
    "Let's just say a guy owes me a favor back in Florida! We are taking a private jet..." she said.
  8. Alistair blushed a bright red and opened his mouth, though nothing intelligible came out. He watched her as she walked over to her Japanese friend, exchanging a few quiet words. And then his mouth dropped open.

    "P-p-private plane?!" then he laughed, closing his eyes. "Shoulda known. You, girl, are just full of surprises."
  9. The Japanese girl pressed a few buttons then the boat started speeding up faster. "It pays to have friends in places" Sarah began. For a few hours the two mismatched pair spent their time sitting on the boat, enjoying some snacks and feeling the wind blow through their hair.

    "So I have a friend, her names Liza" Sarah said "and well...she's a lot like me..likes money. Then again who doesn't am I right? Anyway she's going to be flying the plane. Don't make her mad, she will crash the plane if you do" she chuckled a little.
    The boat stopped on a gorgeous Jet. The door opened up and a Australian girl came out wearing a white t-shirt and cargo shorts. Her short blonde hair was in a ponytail.
    "What's up ladies?" she asked leaning against her plane. She then stood up, "woah, woah, woah, whats going on? Who is this?" she asked.
    "He's a guy I hired, in it for the money" Sarah said as she walked up the small steps of the plane.
    "Sarah..." Liza warned in her usual Australian accent. "Remember the last guy you picked up?"
    Sarah rolled her eyes "I know I know he tried taking over mankind but this guys different! He's cute."
    Liza rolled her eyes as Sarah walked on the fancy jet, "great now I have to put my faith in a guy with good looks" she said and looked at Alistair "don't touch anything" she warned then closed the door behind him.
    The place was gorgeous. Neat white sofas and beautiful interior decoration design. Nearly folded plates and napkins were on a table between two of the fine sofas as if it was a romantic dinner. Sarah walked around curious about everything.
  10. "Cute," he muttered as he followed the girls into the plane, scoffing in disbelief. "I'm a full fledged treasure hunter with years of experience and that's all I am to you? Cute? And yeah, I won't touch anything," he said, nodding at Liza. He followed Sarah vaguely around the jet, conscious of the glares that Liza was aiming at his back - jeez, what's her problem? he thought- and marveling at the furnishings that were probably worth more than his entire apartment block back in New York City. "This is a pretty sweet ride," he commented, "it's infinitely better than a three month voyage at sea on a stinking ship, that's for sure. So, uh, can I sit down, or will your friend here behead me if I do?"
  11. "I think she will be alright...if she wants some of the money" she said glaring at Liza who grumbled. She looked in the mirror and fixed her hair, then quickly glanced at the guy. "So uhh what's your name."
  12. Hah, right. We don't even know each other's names, and somehow I got dragged into this already. Pick yourself up, Alistair. Don't let her get the best of you. Even if she's the best thief in the trade. "It's Alistair. Alistair Yamazaki. Though you might know me better by the name the thieves and the police gave me: Iruka, the Dolphin. And before you ask, yes, I'm half Japanese. Mum was from Saudi Arabia. I look the part, though, wouldn't you say?" he laughed, ruffling his distinctly Arabic clothes and pointing at his eyes that were distinctly slanted but tinted a light blue grey with specks of green and brown. He wore a headcover of white and blue muslin, a tunic that exposed his well muscled abdomen - a thief's gotta stay in shape!- a blue and gold scarf, and billowing canvas trousers that reminded most people of clouds. "My personality ain't bad, either," he grinned at her. "Don't bother explaining yourself, Miss Bernhardt. I know who you are. The entire underworld knows who you are. The difference between you and I is that I prefer dealing behind a mask. So, tell me. What is this treasure that we're chasing after?"
  13. "Well you know me, I like showing some pride in my work" Sarah said and then sat in one of the luxorious chairs. "The objects names Himekos's a huge dimond" she began.
  14. "Of course. I know that well enough from your reputation," Alistair laughed, taking a seat opposite Sarah. "Himeko's Jewel, huh," he mused, fiddling with the end of his scarf. "So many have tried to find it... so many have failed as well. And I'm guessing this map, when completed, will lead us to the Jewel, right? Well, whatever, sounds like fun," he sighed, leaning backwards in his seat, stretching out comfortably. "It'll be a fun challenge for a change. Haven't had one of those since I stole the Cat's Paw," referring to the priceless gold dagger studded with amber cat's eye stones.

    "Anyway, let's negotiate." The laid back glimmer in his eyes disappeared as he leaned forward with his hands under his chin, pinning his gaze on his companion. "I want forty percent of all profits. You take the remaining sixty and split it with your friends. I'm planning to take a long vacation after this heist. Buy an island, maybe. Either way, I'm going to disappear, and to disappear, I'm going to need that money. Do we have a deal?" He extended his hand, watching her carefully.
  15. "Yeah sure," Sarah said in a suspicious way.
    For many hours the plane flew through the sky until they finally made it to Japan.
    It was very late there and when they landed Sarah handed her newfound partner a bag. "Black clothes...for burglar fashion" the woman joked then walked into the bathroom.
  16. "Excellent!" the charming smile returned to Alistair's face again, and he leaned back, laughing. "And I was so worried we were going to have a problem. I'm sorry for acting all scary like that, I just really need the money. I'd never disappear or lay low. I plan to hunt treasure till I die. I just need to pay off some debts."

    Hours later, Alistair woke up when he felt something land in his lap. "What the-- burglar fashion?" He looked up only to find that Sarah'd already disappeared into the bathroom. Opening the bag, he found a tunic and a pair of skintight pants made of some strange material. He looked around to make sure that no one was going to walk in on him, then started to change, slipping off his billowing muslin pants and tunic, donning the sleeveless black tank top. However, when it came to the pants...

    "Sorry, I'm definitely not wearing these pants," he called in the general direction of the bathroom, then took out a small parcel no bigger than the size of his fist from a pocket within his old trousers. The style of pants he liked to wear weren't just for comfort and appearance- they hid weapons, tools of the trade, and a lot more than one would expect. Opening the parcel, he took out a small square of fabric that unfolded into almost an exact copy of the pants he had just changed out of, except it was lighter than a feather and so black, the eyes seemed to just glide over it. "Shadonix is one helluva material," he thought happily. He pulled out a head cover made of the same material as well, obscuring his bluish-black hair. As the finishing touch, he wrapped his scarf around his neck. No way in hell he was going anywhere without his baby.

    "Alright, you can come out now!" he called to Sarah. "I'm all changed and ready!"
  17. Sarah walked out in black skin tight leggings with long black boots. She wore a tank top with a jacket. Her sleeves were rolled up and her jacket was zipped up. The outfit was all put together with her wearing a high ponytail, letting her long gorgeous brown hair flow between the strands.
  18. Alistair's eyes opened wide in surprise for a moment. "What--" he breathed, then shook his head, the confidence returning to his features as he grinned at her. "You don't look half bad," he commented, standing up and walking up to meet her. "Sorry I couldn't use your pants. I appreciate the thought, but I'd much rather wear these." He motioned at the harem trousers. "I've got about a million dollars worth of weapons and tools hidden in here. Anyway, it's almost sunset. Are we going in tonight, or are we waiting a couple days?"
  19. "Well..." she looked down thinking for a moment. "I will book us a hotel for the know get us freshened up" she said. She took out a cheap crappy cell phone and made a call. She spoke in Japanese for half an hour then hung up. "Alright, let's go"
  20. "Splendid. Lead the way, then." Alistair nearly jumped up from his seat, happy to be back in Japan. "Let's grab a bite to eat, too. I'm starving," he complained as they left the plane.
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