Me, Myself and my Ideas.

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  1. I totally new to this thing you all call Role-playing. Well no not really but yes i am. While adore my Larping (live action role-plays) outings i i no am confined to the house for many reasons (None illegal,just saying) i now have to find a way to free the many ideas that are simply running free in my head.I have tried to ignore and tame them but they simply are meant to be set free and to be acted out or in this case written down. I have stumbled across this website after a few brief moments of goggling and a few bad websites, that shall not be named, and deiced to give it a shot. If you can over look my horrible grammar and my flaws then feel free to message me, Gods know i could use with a few new RP buddies and some advice. I don't bite (how many people say that now ._.?) but i will peg skittles at your head till i have gotten my point across.

    My Drunken Apologies if this is a eyes sore.
    (p.s Do not ask if i am drunk, i am not)
  2. hello *bowd* and welcome and its ok that you spelling is not great everyone has there own style X3
  3. Thanks for the feedback ♥
    I seem to just type and not worry about my spelling, till it is pointed out.
  4. same here liker i tryed to spell bow and spelled bowd XD see great minds... have some problems .. oh and think alike XD
  5. who needs spelling anyway?
    As long as it makes some kinda sense to the person reading it then there is no need for perfection. xD
  6. you are so right
  7. Hi there Notadrunkie! >:3 Welcome to the siiiiite!
  8. Thank you for the welcome >:I