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  1. So this is the back ground story as well as powers and abilities for me as Hades.
    As all my showcasing posting, this is not intended to be Artistic writing but rather some bullet points to set things up so they can later be used in an RP.

    When fighting the Titans, three deities were the top, Zeus, Hades and Poseidon.
    Zeus was the oldest and the leader, but soon he perceived that Hades had the might to equal or even surpass him.

    In a treacherous act, while fighting Titans, when the battle was almost won and Hades was distracted, Zeus pierced through his back his fist and ripped out his soul.
    As Hades body began to die, in a desperate attempt to grind to live, Hades created the underworld and he became a soulless being that feeds on the souls of the ones who die in the world...

    Since, most of people are bad Hades began to display an ever growing darker personality.
    Since Hades won't die his soul won't die either, Zeus kept it locked in a box (Pandora's box) and kept it safe in his fortress in Olympus.

    Hades must stay in the underworld he created or he'll starve for souls and die (and his soul would then die as well).

    Poseidon became afraid of Zeus after this and agreed with becoming ruler of the seas and let Zeus have what he wants.

    Other Deities created their own personal underworlds (other underworld deities) that feed on the souls that die in their area of dominance (Anubis in Egypt for example).

    Powers and abilities:

    As a god of Olympus
    Eternity - He doesn't age;
    Invulnerability - Invulnerable to any physical harm of non divine nature;
    Speed and Strength - He's faster and stronger than what a man or most creatures are, he can run about 150 mph (not as fast as Hermes who can reach light speed and above) and lift over a ton with ease (Hercules would surpass him in physical strength for example);
    Spells casting - He has arcane knowledge of a vast amount of spells;
    Higher senses - His senses are higher than any creature known to man.

    As an underworld god
    Harvest souls - he can collect souls of those who die in his proximity or those who die in his area of influence (the world is split in different underworlds);
    Soul energy - he can use souls that he harvested as and energy source to manipulate reality as he wishes, examples are heal wounds (himself and others), manipulate matter, flying, weather control and many other abilities that other deities can perform using their own energy.
    Necromancy - he can reanimate corpses as brainless minions, as well as cast a soul he harvested in a dead corpse bringing it to live.
    Underworld matter summoning - Hades can summon metals and other minerals that are formed underground (this is limited when outside his underworld perimeter).

    Unique to Hades
    Summon Cerberus - his unique 3 head hellhound, who's loyalty has no rival;
    Fade into Hades - being his own personal underworld he can simply fade into nothing and retreat back to his underworld if he's ever threatened, since he's his own underworld himself he's almighty in that realm.
    Invisibility Helm - an helm forged for him by the cyclops that make him invisible to all living beings (ghost, vampires, zombies and other undead creatures can still see him)

    Cerberus (open)


    invisibility Helm (open)


    Physical appearance (open)

    this can change depending on the RP partner personal preferences

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