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  1. Hello there!

    I am Rauzi and that's the only name i've been called so far, but if you come up with some nice nickname i will respond to that as well :P Anyway, let me tell a bit about myself first.

    I'm 18 yo guy from Finland. I've been Role playing for about 2-3 years. I usually check Iwaku everyday at least once no matter where i am, i will always find at least enough time to check the site. I usually post few times a day, depends on where am i and how i feel, so if i don't post for a day or two, it usually means that A) i'm currently not able to get on my PC or B) i don't currently have my muse up and chose to take a day off or in rare cases it's C) i'm just too busy to post.

    My post length varies from short posts (1 paragraph) to long posts (4+ paragraphs). It all depends on my partner usually, if you post about 2 paragraphs long post, you can expect 2-3 paragraphs from me, as i tend to keep the posts same length with my partner always. But i wish that you're able to make minimum of 2 paragraphs long posts.

    My favorite genres are fantasy and slice of life, but i tend to play anything if the idea just awakens my curiosity. I play both male and female characters. Being Finnish, you can't expect much small talk from me, but i usually like to talk with my partners out of RP as well, because who doesn't want to make new friends?

    But yeah, off to the pairings!

    Healthy x Disabled (MxF/FxF) (1/3)
    Disabled x Disabled (MxF/FxF)
    Student x Student (MxF/FxF)


    Slice of Life (MxF/FxF) (1/3)
    Fantasy (MxF/FxF) (1/3)

    PS. I am willing to have three of the same pairing/genre. After that the pairing/genre will be crossed out and not available anymore.

    PPS. If you want to have any libertine content in the rp, you have to be ADULT.
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  2. HI! I would like to do a MxF fantasy RP if that is alright with you? I mean, it doesn't say that there are three rps in the Fantasy section.
    (I did PM you just so you know.)
  3. owo What kind of fantasy shtuffs you got in mind?
  4. @Gigi Pretty much anything, high, low etc. It's fully under planning still, so if you're interested, drop me a pm and we can talk :P
  5. Hello! I'd be interested in doing a student x student RP (MxF) based in London perhaps? Shoot me a PM if you're interested.
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