Me Against the Music

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Heather stopped. Glancing up at him, with that faint look of regret. She hated seeing that pain in his eyes. The fear that she was going to just vanish again. And worse now that he knew he had children he never even met.

"I'm not going anywhere." The phrase slipped out, desperately wanting to reassure him. Heather hadn't been prepared for him to want to see them, or for this meeting to go as well as it had. But if he wanted to meet them now, she would be elated to take him. She reached in to her pockets, fumbling for a crumpled piece of paper and one of the pens she usually had stashed away. Heather quickly wrote down a phone number and address.

"This is the place I am staying. It's outside of the city near my parents house. The boys are there with a sitter right now. I thought I might get a hotel room for tonight, then leave again in the morning. It was a long bus ride here."
Demetri was surely reassured once Heather spoke to him. As she fumbled with a piece of paper and pen he watched her. He looked her over, seeing how the years apart have been treating her. She was gorgeous, and looked curvier than ever. He loved it.

He shook his head, once she spoke to him again. He needed to think of what was important.

"I...can I take you out for dinner? You we can catch up?" he asked her quietly, in case she denied.

"I just want to know more about them, and how the years have been treating you, before I meet them and all," he added, in case she got any ideas of him trying to get back with her.

If she did have those ideas, they were somewhat true..
"Dinner?" she responded, looking a little surprised and almost hesitant. It wasn't that she didn't want to. It's just that... she wasn't sure she could trust herself!

Heather finally nodded. "Dinner would be great. I don't think I've been out since we-" She stopped herself immediately. "Yeah, I would love to go for dinner."

Her hands went in to her pockets, just so she could keep from reaching out and trying to touch him. Heather turned for the door to go, only pausing to turn around again. She didn't even know what she was doing anymore. Her mind going one way and her thoughts another. "I'll go and book a room... unless you want to go now. Or... something!" Christ, she felt like she was 16 again and dancing around with the boy she had a crush on.
Demetri's lips went into a full smile once Heather agreed to go out to dinner with him. He was already thinking of ideas of where they should go for their date. wasn't a date. Right? No, it wasn't a date because their kids would be there. This was all for the kids, and only the kids. Demetri shook the numerous thoughts away before he asked Heather.

Suddenly she then informed him about either going now or just waiting. He thought for a moment, then nodded slowly. "Sure, let's go now. Want me to get you a ride? Or did you come in your own car?" he asked her softly.
What a smile. Heather couldn't help but return it with one of her own. That smile of his always lit up his face.

"I walked from the bus station. I just couldn't afford the gas to get here. A ride would be great." To tell the truth, gas wasn't the only issue. Heather was pretty sure her car was a couple drives away from exploding. But that was another bill for repairs she just couldn't afford at the moment. Had she not had all of this stuff pile up on top of her all at once, she would have never needed to come and bother him.

...but now that she was there, she was starting to wish she had done it much sooner.
Demetri laughed lightly, knowing that she probably still had her car from their younger days. He nicknamed it Jalop. Short of Jalopy, because that's what it was! He grabbed his car keys, and walked toward the exit, opening it to let her go through first. "Ladies first," he nodded politely.

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