McWorster Highway - A capitalistic adventure in an sci-fi hellscape world

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  1. Written version. (open)

    Have you ever watched the first part of Alien and found yourself engrossed in the non-stop talk about shares and job security? Do you see the Panama Papers scandal as an inspiration? Do you subscribe to objectivism, but can't find a medium to express it without someone calling you a greedy, heartless asshole? Perhaps you want to experience a world where everything, including the military, is privatized. Before it happens for real?

    Or maybe, just maybe, you just want to fight the biologically crafted horrors of an AI gone mad?

    If you're still listening to this and not totally confused and/or disgusted, then I got the RP for you.

    McWorster Highway!

    Take charge of a cell of militant contractors on a job to help set up a forward research base in the heart of Old Montreal. Keep the convoy safe from a menagerie of unearthly beasties straight from someone's peyote fueled fever dreams. Get into an argument with your boss about the terms and conditions of your contract and maybe even come home to retire in luxury for the rest of your days.

    McWorster Highway!

    Because blood money is really the only money worth having.

    So if you're somehow still interested come on and experience firsthand Ayn Rand's strangest wet dream yet. There's only eight spots available and they're sure to fill up quickly.
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  2. I'm interested. Love the starter. Can I use a canon character from a different universe?
  3. I'm sorry, but no. There's a somewhat confusing character creation process found in the OOC.

    Which I forgot to put in the main post at first.

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