Maze Runner Roleplay?

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  1. Hello! Thank you, first of all, for clicking this! :D

    As a note before you begin reading this, I have read the first book, though that was a few years ago, so I am currently most familiar with the movie. However, I will be reading the series soon. Hopefully this isn't a problem!


    I would like to mention that I am very new to this site. Actually, I just joined today! I've been roleplaying for about three years now. I got my start on Quizilla. I also do most enjoy longer roleplays, though I try not to be too picky, and can roleplay here or over email.

    Fandom Specifics:

    Due to the nature of the books, and the fact that I would like a female OC, I was hoping we could perhaps bend canon a little? Whether we just throw her in, perhaps try and find a somewhat canon-abiding way of dong so if you'd like, or change things around completely, maybe make a second clearing filled with girls, I don't much care. The crush I would like you to play for me would be Newt, though if you would like him as well I'd be happy to do a split universe roleplay!

    Roleplay Style:
    I am looking to do a NewtxOC. I would be more than happy to double with you as well. ^^


    Thing's I'm OK With:
    Cursing/Bad Language
    Gore/General Violence

    Things that I am not OK With:
    MxM or FxF pairings

    So... I hope that all makes sense. Just let me know if you'd be interested in roleplaying! If you have any questions, or would be interested in another fandom, let me know as well. Thanks for reading, and I hope to hear from you! :D
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  2. Hey! Sounds interesting :) PM me to talk about it!
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