Maze of the Zodiacs {mxm}

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  1. A group of 12 males, ranging from the ages 16 to 25, suddenly find themselves trapped in a World they are unfamiliar with. A dream world, some might say. A nightmare, others might say. None of them knows how they got there, all they remember is falling asleep and waking up, well here. So where is here?

    Here is the Maze of the Zodiacs. They are dropped in the middle of it and will have to find their way back out. Yet nothing is as easy as it seems, of course. There will be a series of challenges, puzzles, trials, tests, whatever you would like to call it, they will only be able to overcome if they work together. And don’t get lost, of course.

    There shall be monsters and beasts, which can either be friend or foe, among their way. Unknown to them, yet known to the Overlooker, is that the maze will change with each week. One week it can be lovely and sweet, like midsummer nights, while the next week it can be cold and harsh, like a Winter Wonderland. Our 12 Zodiacs will have to learn how to survive and how to use their powers and talents to their own benefit.

    Oh, didn’t I tell you before? Yes, each of the Zodiacs has a power. It can be however small or big as they want it to be. It can be as helpful or destructive as the Zodiac wants it to be. Now the trick to get out is not finding the exit, for there is none, but finding love... How romantic or twisted that love might be...

    Only if all 12 Zodiacs find their love, they can go back home. But they only have 12 weeks to find their love, otherwise they will be stuck in the maze forever. Trapped to turn into a friend or foe for the next 12 Zodiacs...

    Note; It is most likely gonna be a Liberteen roleplay. And as the title suggest it is gonna be all male Zodiacs
    People who might be interested in joining:

    For those who want more information, don't worry. I have more. Just didn't want to set up the whole thread just to find out it is gonna be an huge flop {something that seems to be happening a lot with my rps}

    If you have any questions, just ask :P I won't bite... I think...​
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  2. Sure, why not?
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  3. I can never say no to your ideas because they are so great and awesome. I wouldn't mine joining. Are we using american zodiacs or Chinese zodiacs?

    If American I call Scorpio because well... I am one

    Unless someone wants it then I don't mind giving it away.
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  4. CAPRICORN!!!!!
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  5. Western Zodiac. So yes Scorpio is available xD

    Not sure which I am gonna take myself. Maybe I will stick with my own (Libra) maybe I won't..
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  6. Dude! Give me Leo or die >: O
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  7. It is always easy playing as yourself pretty much XD

    Oh and would there also be old Zodiacs roaming the maze as well?

    Can mine transform into a scorpion and stick the fuck out of things? Or maybe his hands turn into stingers and he just jabs things? Dude I am going to have so many ideas if I get to be a Scorpio.
  8. I don't wanna dieeee *shakingly pushes Leo your way*

    Yush there will be old Zodiacs in the maze as well~

    And I haven't even thought about that idea. I am gonna add it to the list of things I have to figure out. (Since I want things to be equalish... So yeah having 'addition bodyfunction' might be easy for animal inspired things bit it would be a lot harder for lets say libra...but I just got an awesome idea so I think it will work out)
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  9. Could Gemini be actual twins?
  10. You could have him transform into a giant scale and squish things XD

    For Libra maybe he could use like the force to 'balance' things. I don't know really.
  11. *puts frying pan away* Good~ Now I don't have to kill you~!
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  12. Hmmm than I would have to bump up to 13 characters. I will think about it. Since it will be hard to find pairs with uneven number of people
    Thank you! *still bit scared*
  13. Maybe Gemini will have to find love together with the same guy.
  14. Also someone could be paired with an old zodiac guy.
  15. Hmmmhmm I love your plotting xD

    @Nico Yes. Gemini can be actual twins xD
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  16. Sometimes I have good ideas lol.

    It would actually be really cute for one of the older more crazy zodiacs to fall for a newer one.

    Oh can I have an old Zodiac? I just had the best character pop up into my head. and kind of creepy because then I thought of Smeagol XD

    Also there is also that hidden thirteenth Zodiac that was a thing that never happened.
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  17. Of course. I will be taking an old zodiac though probably... A leo maybe... Who has turned into a sphinx kinda... I don't know
  18. I was thinking maybe I would have a Taurus that turned into a Minotaur
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  19. That would be cool!
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  20. All these ideas. And I still have so much aditional stuff you all have no idea of xD
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