Mayyira: School for the Abnormally Normal

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  1. Hello, thank you for sparing enough time to click on this interest check and I hope you stick around to the very end of this post!

    Here's a few things to expect in this role play:

    • Supernatural beings
    • Deaths (NPC's probably unless you really want to kill off your own character or if someone agrees you can kill theirs.)
    • School related subjects
    -Things that help them when battling or when in the simulations.
    • Battles/Battling
    • Yaoi (Maybe 1 or 2 heterosexual pairing.)
    • Simulations (Like in Insurgent)
    • Romance (Mature Content 18+)
    • Feuds
    • Drama in general!

    Basically this will be a typical College role play with a twist. What I mean by that is there will be 10 characters in all in this role play with 2 people from each state (The rest of the states will be NPC and idk if I'll let you chose which state you want or not.) who get this college paper in the mail that has everything they wanted in a college offered on the paper. Yet, when all of them are picked up (Probably on a shuttle bus) they are taken to a place that is completely different than what was advertised. From their they probably all crowd around in the city hall while someone explains to them the real name of the school and what they'd be doing. The city would be different from earth entirely, but would often most of the same things. There will be no humans there and the "planet" would only have that city, so there's no exploring. Though, the city is a huge place to explore and there is a lot of other supernatural residents living there as well (even that weird spider lady across the street who eats cats).

    Some plot ideas:

    - I kinda wanted people to be on two different teams kinda? Like 5 on Blue team and 5 on Red team who end up fighting each other then whoever is left have to fight regardless of what team they're on?

    - They all can rebel against the rules of the school and maybe there's a blackmailer who gets them in trouble or something...maybe the city goes on lock down or something?

    - This can just be a simulation all together where people are placed in another fantasy world and compete to reach the top of something to gain freedom? This could like...switch environments (Like jungles to oceans, deserts to dark caves, etc.) This would probably come after completing college I believe?

    * I am still trying to find a way to fit school related things into the role play. I want them to be able to feel like it's a real college on Earth, but know that it's completely opposite of that...So yeah, maybe all of these battles and simulations happen after school where they travel over to a completely different building or area.

    Have an ideas or suggestions? Questions, comments, concerns? Please tell me down below!

    P.S- If you like this, let me know by simply giving this a positive rating or post something!
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  2. (Leaving my interest here)
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  3. @T E R R O R you know I am in for whatever rp you make lol.
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  4. Not only because I love you.... I am in love with this idea myself so consider my interest peaked , Terbear!^^
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  5. Thank you for all of your wonderful comments and ratings! :D

    I think that I will go through with this ^_^ If you have any ideas for this role play please inform me! I will take any help I can get :D
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  6. Gotta go to work, but I will have some ideas when I get back^^
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  7. I for sure have some ideas and will message you in a bit when I'm done packing and such , darling. ^^
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  8. I had another idea guys!

    I don't know, maybe I'll let at least two people have a brother and/or (maybe) sister from the same city too.

    Maybe even from a different one that the school would love to split apart and see whose going to kill one another first.
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  10. I'm Interested. I want to role play with everyone!
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  11. Ok guys, I think my eyes might be set on starting this in February

    Or any time sooner if I find enough time to actually work on it♥
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  12. Cool
  13. February sounds PERFECT. since then I will be done with my exams and actually have the time to give this rp all the attention it deserves!
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  14. I'll be here just to keep track.
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  15. I am so up for this! :D
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  16. Guys, i'm rethinking the idea of this.

    I kinda don't like my original plot and trying to change it up a bit to the point where i'm interested in it again or satisfied. I hope this one change anyone's mind or anything, but I did just want to give a quick update to everyone.
  17. Ummm... hello I'm not going anywhere xD
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  18. Neither am I!
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  19. Throw in the crow dozer.
  20. Oh you are not gonna get rid of me this easily!
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