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  1. "We are now approaching the Academy. Please collect your personal belonging; you will be walking through metal detectors on your way inside. Good luck."

    The bus filled with new attendees pulled up in front of Mayburn. Jack, seated in the back, took his headphones out of his ears and craned his neck to see over the people in front of him. The ride from the holding center to the Academy had been short and uneventful, though now he had a feeling things were about to change. After all, a dozen fellow criminals were all around him, and he had no idea what they'd been convicted for. At least they didn't know any of his secrets, either; he could pretend he was a murderer just to intimidate those who looked at him the wrong way, and they wouldn't know the difference.

    But no, he wasn't a murderer. Almost, but not quite. The label they'd assigned to him in court was arsonist. And if you asked him, that was a pretty fucking stupid title, considering before the house he'd never set a damn thing on fire. But apparently lighting up your childhood home with your father still inside made you look worse than you actually are. If only they knew why he'd done it, they'd eat their words, dismiss the charges. But Jack's lips were forever sealed, and being in this hellhole didn't change that.

    He took out a cigarette from his backpack (the attendees were only allowed one small bag on the bus; sheets and clothing were supposedly going to be provided for them) and lit it as he got up and walked toward the front of the bus. The security guard standing there cleared his throat and put his hand out, gesturing for Jack to put out the smoke and drop it. Jack scoffed and shook his head.
    "What do you think I'm gonna do with a little thing like this? I'm only killing myself here, champ," he said, trying to push past the guard.

    "Put it out or be sent back," the guard said, stopping him from exiting the bus. Jack stared at him for a moment, wondering if he was serious. Then he took the cigarette from between his lips and tossed it outside the door. He and the guard glared at each other for a long moment before Jack was able to step off the bus.

    This was going to be a great fucking life.


    "Do you believe you've made any progress here at all, Cameron?"

    "It's Cam."

    "Cam, my apologies."

    "You tell me, doc, you're the one with the license."

    "It's about self-reflection, Cameron."

    "Cam. And no, it's not. The only reason I'm in here is because I ditched my last two appointments. Want to know why? I was having sex in a broom closet."

    Cam leaned forward, every word laced with coldness as she stared down her therapist. Dr. Wyatt silently stared back for a few moments before quietly stating, "We'll finish this tomorrow." Cam took that as her exit and stood up; she couldn't get out of there any faster if she'd wanted to. Once the door closed behind her, she leaned against the wall and closed her eyes. Fucking therapy sessions would be the death of her, and the damn people at this place knew that.

    What were they expecting? Her to suddenly have a change of heart and re-write her life? There was too much damage already done. And frankly, Cam liked her life. Well, she used to, when she wasn't in this place. She liked it enough not to turn herself in, at least. The sex and drugs were easy, they were something she knew. The real world? That was full of fakers and pretenders and liars. She preferred to stay out of it. But here, they were practically pushing her into it.

    She tied her hair back and adjusted her leather jacket before walking down the hall and outside into the courtyard. The maroon bus filled with new Mayburn attendees was pulling up, and she grimly watched as more criminals filled the yard. What were they in here for? Murder? Theft? Sex, like her? She didn't know- no one did. She couldn't help but stay and watch them, though, as they walked into the best or worst years of their lives.


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  2. Crescent L. Turtledove

    "You're a disgrace." "You're a worthless idiot." "You should've died." All those horrible words came flushing back to Crescent, her so called friends yelled at her and abandoned her when they found out she was a drug addict. The only ones that loved her still were her parents, she was glad they were still around for her. Crescent was on the bus to the "Academy", hopefully they could help her with her addiction. She never thought she would be in this type of situation, but here she was. The daughter of a well known Actor and a high level Supermodel going to a rehab center, she would be around criminals. People that have done way worst then what she did. Her drug addiction had got her into many things, she even robbed one of her friends with her ex Vinny. She was so ashamed of what she had become.

    Once the bus stopped, Crescent looked out the window. This was where she would be for a while. Waiting for some people to get off the bus, Crescent stood up with her one bag and got off the bus. Crescent watched as one boy had a stand off with the guard, before he got off the bus, people like that would be her "roomies" She threw on her big black shades and waited next to the bus, she didn't know where to go. Hopefully they would be directed somewhere. Crescent saw a girl come out to the courtyard, she looked mean...Crescent would try her best to not get in her way. Crescent just wanted to get better and get out of here, and she also wanted to make sure no one knew who her parents were. She already had to deal with the Paparazzi terrorizing her about going to Mayburn, she didn't want the other attendees to ask her questions and invade her personal space.

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  3. Matthew sat on the bus looking out at the peaceful area around the campus losing himself in a mix of his music and the scenery. As the bus came to Mayburn Academy Matthew got his first look at his life for what he could guess a good few years from his crime, but he knew that being here would keep him from hurting anyone. He stayed sitting even as the other students got up and headed off the bus, spotting one of them have a short standoff that he didn't much care for him, Heh look at this another dickhead I'm gonna have to deal with since you're a pussy, the voice in his head chimed in. No no no no... You don't have control... I'm in charge of you, Matthew trying to silence the voice as it was giving him a large headache causing him to double over holding his head.

    Oh and what are you gonna do about the voice in your head, I may not have control of you, but I still have a voice, Matthew began to turn up the volume of his music to tune the voice out. Fine I'll go then, and with that the voice was gone. Matthew sat there in his seat for a few seconds and finally got up and began to leave hoping no one had seen him. Matthew finally felt relaxed as he exited the bus and walked towards the main entrance turning down his music slightly and awaited someone to greet him or something like that.
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  4. There really was no way to describe how much Joseph hated therapy. For the last year this lady had tried to make him feel bad for what he had done and to make him understand it was wrong, but Joseph knew that given the chance he would most likely do it again in a heartbeat. The woman sitting across from him leaned forward and asked in a low voice "Joseph, would you say that there is a chance you would kill others ?" and Joseph instantly answered "No, because the only man I wanted to kill I have already stabbed like... 23 times if the info I was given is right" and he heard the woman sigh loudly before telling him that their session was over and to think about that question she had asked him.

    As the door closed behind him Joseph just wanted to say that the chance of him changing his answer was zero to non, but his mind quickly shifted of the topic as he remembered that this was the day that the new people would be arriving and he made his way out into the courtyard.

    As he arrived at the courtyard he saw that the buss of screw ups had already arrived and that it seemed that he wasn't the only one out here to look at the fresh meat. He cleared his throat to make Cam notice his presence so she wouldn't feel he was sneaking up on her. "So, how many murdered do you think there is this time ? I guess... 3 ? What's your best bet ?"
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  5. Sebastian Ray Owens
    Why did you have to make it so hard for me and your father huh? I mean honestly Bash what is the reason?". ....... " I don't know mom honestly" The comment that Sebastian had used all the time when he got in trouble. His father who had been quiet most of the time walked up to Sebastian and hovered over him. " You honestly must think that this is a joke because you wouldn't be doing what you were doing. I thought you learned from this but I guess you haven't... your a damn disappointment". "Disappointment"..... his mother chimed in hovering over Sebastian as well and he winced at the words they kept repeating."Disappointment" ...... his father glared at him as his hand flew up and came crashing down on Bash..."DISAPPOINTMENT!" Sebastian jumped up and quickly checked his surroundings and to the fact that he was sitting on a bus and it was all a dream.

    He clicked his tongue against his teeth and then adjusted the hat on his head before staring out the window and blocking out the sounds of other kids on the bus. Sebastian's parents were tired of the cops bringing him home for causing trouble and they especially can't get over what really made him get sent to some school to help "change" him and his ways. This is a god damn joke. Bash thought to himself as he listened to the sound of the tires against the road and occasionally the bumps. Why on hell did his parents think sending him somewhere where people were in the same boat as him was such a good idea? The place sounded like nothing more then trouble and a playground for chaos to erupt.

    When the bus pulled up to a complete stop Bash sat up and then took a good look at the place that he was going to be living at until he changed his ways and found out the reason for his aggression. It was big he'd give it that but that was about it and since he hadn't been inside and got the glorious tour from one of the members or so called " changed" students then he wouldn't be too quick to say anything just yet.

    As the bus driver opened the door for the people to get out there was a small hold up with the guard and some guy over a cigarette which Sebastian didn't mind since with all this crap he needed a smoke right about now. He made his way out the bus and once off Bash took a few steps off the the side before the guard came over and interrupted his little solitude. " You there, pull those pants up" Sebastian looked at the man and then down to his pants which hung loosely off his waist and he smirked barley making and attempt to pull them up.
    "There ya go buddy" The guard spoke again frowning. " I know you kids think your so tough but wait until you spend a few weeks here, you guys aint' gonna last".

    Was that some sort of threat? Because to Bash it seemed more like a challenge to him and he loved a good challenge. He knew that the guard was just trying to intimidate him so he could tell who was the weak bunch and who wasn't. The guard gave that same glare that he had given the boy on the bus but Bash didn't even flinch. Releasing a breath the guard shook his head and then walked away grumbling something under his breath that Sebastian couldn't quite catch. Most of the kids that were off the bus were looking at each other like they were each others prey and they were curious as to what people were there for and if they were tough or not but Bash didn't care about them and their glares when they looked his way, instead he looked across the yard at a girl and guy whom he caught looking at the new arrivals from the corner of his eye.
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  6. How could one girl be so run by the devil, people asked if they could pray for her and preachers were so afraid that they would catch some type of hellish disease from her. But she didn't get it, why was the world so afraid of one girl that could be seen as innocent. Well she could have been seen as innocent if her step sister hadn't been such a damn klutz and tripped over her own feet, well after being pushed of course. Bailey looked out of the window with a sigh as she tried to stay as positive as a person like her could be but failed miserably as some guard pulled her out of her thoughts trying to get her off the bus. "Hey get the hell up we don't have all day now" she looked up at the middle aged bald man and roles her eyes as she grabbed her stuff and walked off the bus with some black heart shaped sun glasses on and a look that had clearly shown that she hadn't wanted to be messed with.

    All she had brought from home was all she could grab before her parents decided to make an appearance and just stare at her with fear and hatred. It wasn't her fault that the girl could keep her mouth shut, plus she hadn't meant for such a big thing to happen...well she hadn't wanted to kill her by pushing her down the stairs. She could have at least done something for violent to get thrown in this hell hole for, cause when you go out might as well be with a bang. Bailey let her eyes scan over the people, some looked around scared and others looked around like they were trying to plot out how they were going to run the place. But she had no intention, Baliey just wanted to get in and get out so that nothing to big happened...cause being thrown in jail to become someone's bitch was not an option.

    But she watched as some guy was getting into a little stand off with the guard over his pants. Of course to her she thought that was hella stupid but these guards needed to feel like they were in control since they were in a place with a bunch of convicts who weren't afraid of what could come next. Walking over to him as the guard walked away to go and hassle some other poor life form she smirked and stood beside him as she gave him a small look over.
    "You smoke...cause if you don't you look like you need one" she said her British accent making it self apparent as she pulled a box of cigarettes out of her back pocket and stuck up in her mouth and held the box out to him. "I find it hilarious how the guards try to state their dominance by getting into bitchy fits about the dumbest things..."

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  7. this was hell. no one could convince him otherwise, at this point. ezra was only aboard the bus, and he lamented not ending it all when he had the chance. sitting near the back of the bus, attempting to drown himself and his anger in excessively loud music to at least numb the nearly suffocating desire to at least feel regret, lest he spend his life here as the murderer, drug addict, and kleptomaniac the workers here must believe he is. admittedly, the drugs had come as a bit of a surprise to him as well, though he had a better chance of getting struck by lightning dancing the macarena then his chances of the court believing that, though. after all, he was a large black male with a considerably violent history, so nothing was horribly out of place in the ensued incident. but goddamn, did he want a cigarette and some booze. all this stress was rattling him in all sorts of ways. no way he'd be given the opportunity, though. they'd think he'd try to blow the place up, or some shit like that. it was a bitter sort of hilarious, making him chuckle in a sour, forced way.

    "we are now approaching the academy. please collect your personal belonging; you will be walking through metal detectors on your way inside. good luck."

    ezra's lips curved into a sardonic smile as the message blared over his angst. it was a true shame he had nothing to rile the security up. all possible dangerous personal effects had been removed from his person a considerable while before. he honestly couldn't tell you what was contained in his knapsack anymore, so truly, if there was anything considered unpleasant to this school, (meaning it was most likely quite enjoyable, like liquor, smokes, condoms, and porn mags), it'd be just as shocking to him. exiting the bus with an air of pride and the swagger of a celebrity, ezra stepped on the campus that was to be his new home. "damn, i can nearly hear the devil calling my name," he said, voice a strange variety of playfulness and awe that he didn't entirely feel to be true. life suddenly took a rapid turn, and he sure as hell wasn't sure in which way it was taking him. and by god, he couldn't wait to find out.​
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  8. Sebastian Ray Owens
    Sebastian watched as the guard began walking away towards another kid from the bus before someone else called after him. "Mr. Wells your needed on the second floor, there's a dispute with two of the students" the voice was female and the guard known as Wells quickly stood up straight and nodded his head towards the woman before making his way to the main door and quickly disappearing. The woman look like she was middle aged but strong and composed so Bash knew she was very important in this pace and he wouldn't have been surprised if she ran the whole place herself.

    He kept his eyes on the woman as she talked to some of the men and woman that were outside, not even taking a glance in his direction until she briefly stopped to look over at the bus and slowly her eyes scanned over every single person including him. The woman didn't have that crappy attitude that the guard had earlier, but instead she smiled warmly at the new kids with a smile that was plastered on her face which made Sebastian think that she had done this so many times that smile almost looked real. The woman of course wasn't there long before she quickly turned on her heels and then made her way back inside with the accompany of a guard.

    "You smoke...cause if you don't you look like you need one" The comment made Bash turn his head and look down at the girl that had appeared next to him. His eyes looked her over and the corner of his lips quirked up into a very small smile at her accent and the fact that she assumed he smoked. When she pulled out a box of cigarettes and then popped one into her mouth before handing him one. Sebastian took it and popped one into his mouth as well. He chuckled slightly nodding his head before pulling out a lighter from his pockets and lighting hers and then his own." Well your right about two things so far. Yeah I do smoke and these damn guards don't have anything better to do than bother people". There was a slight pause before Bash removed his hat to run his hand through his hair and he looked at the girl. " I didn't catch your name, I'm Sebastian but everyone calls me Bash".

  9. Cam turned her head when a fellow student walked up next to her. What was his name, Joey? Jimmy? Something like that. She'd seen him around in a few of her classes before, but he was all but a stranger. You didn't make friends easily at Mayburn; most people were just quick fucks or chit chats to pass the time with. Cam was even less interested in making friends. Still, she smirked at Joseph's comment and shrugged before replying, "My bet is two. Maybe we'll find out if one of us is right this time," she muttered, glancing at him from the corner of her eye. It's not like the information was ever disclosed, but Cam's curiosity was never quenched.

    She studied the newbies carefully, her eyes landing on a pair who was smoking and a black man who seemed out of place. Well, they all looked out of place. She suddenly remembered her first day there and how angry yet clueless she'd been. Now she knew better; there was no one here who wanted to help you and truly understand your problems. They just wanted to primp you and polish you and receive their paycheck. She was stuck here for another year under the condition of "good behavior." It would be a damn long year indeed.

    "Cameron, Joseph, it's your turn to be the guides today," a woman's voice sounded behind them. She turned as Ms. Throop, one of the community service coordinators, handed her and Joseph clipboards. How fabulous. The next worst thing to trash pick up was being fucking tour guides for the newbies; a guard would constantly follow them around, and they were expected to smile and explain all the facilities to the newbies with bright voices and happy eyes. Not Cam's cup of tea. "It's Cam, bitch," Cam said in an even tone as she snatched the clipboard from Ms. Throop's hand. She'd already pissed off her therapist today, no need to piss off another authority; before the woman could respond, she winked at Joseph and then headed over to the line of new attendees.

    "Welcome to Mayburn," Cam said as she glanced over the crowd. She then smirked and rose an eyebrow before correcting herself. "Welcome to hell."

    ( @Jadal )
  10. Time skip~~~

    After the tour was over, the inmates headed to their rooms. Jack carried a slip of paper with his room number and roommate listed at the top: Room 232, dorming with Sebastian Owens. What the fuck kind of name was Sebastian? Where did his parents meet, under the sea? Jack smirked to himself as he navigated the Academy and walked down the boys' dorm halls. Across from them were the girls' halls, and he silently promised he'd be over there sooner rather than later. The tour guide- what had her name been, Carla?- had monotonously recited "Boys and girls should never be in each other's rooms, even before curfew" about four times, but the uncaring look in her eyes had told Jack that she'd broken that rule many times. He couldn't wait until he was able to.

    He knocked on door 23 to no answer, and then used the key they'd given him to go inside. The room set up was simple: two twin mattresses on opposite sides, two small desks, one closet, and one nightstand in the middle of the beds. He walked over to the single window behind the nightstand and rolled his eyes; of course it was bolted shut. They'd only get the facade of fresh air, not the real thing. He was going to be fucking miserable and he just knew it.

    Jack claimed the left side bed and began open the drawers underneath. There were a variety of simple shirts, shorts, and jeans. They were going to dress him now, too? Fucking great. The place couldn't get any worse. Just as he was stowing his backpack and pulling out another cigarette, a piece of paper was slipped underneath the door. He walked over and picked it up, raising an eyebrow as he read the pamphlet:

    Welcome new Mayburn Academy students!

    New Students Welcome Dance
    7 pm-11 pm
    The Courtyard
    Please select one of the formal outfits in your closet to wear.
    Attendance is mandatory.​

    There was a small picture of a laughing couple at the bottom of the paper and Jack snorted. Wow. Now they were going to make him dance, too. Just great. He tossed the paper onto his roommate's empty bed and glanced at his watch. Thirty minutes till hell.
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  11. After the tour Matthew headed straight to his room that the piece of paper, he didn't know who he was sharing with but he didn't care as long as they weren't jerks. He arrived at door 24 giving it a few knocks before entering, he closed the door behind him and looked around the large room. The were three mattresses all with bedding already on them, one straight across from the door and on either side of the room. (not bothered with describing the rest, basically what nikki described with 3 of everything instead of 2). Matthew went over to the bed on the right and took a seat after leaving his bag beside him. He spotted a pamphlet on his pillow and he picked it up and read it, Oh that seems interesting can't wait for that...
  12. Rebecca smirked as he lit her cigarette then took a deep inhale as she blew a long stream if smoke from her mouth. When he asked her for her name she thought about which one she should tell him then just decided to tell him both. "I'm Rebecca, but I would prefer it if you called me Bailey cause I hate the name Rebecca" she had always thought that her name sounded stuck up or too stupid. But Sebastian, that was a pretty nice name for a cute guy. Rebecca looked over at the dormitory and bit her lower lip not really ready to meet her roommate cause as of now no one could be trusted, not even the cutie named Sebastian. "Well I guess this is where we part ways cause I'm ready to put all this crap was nice meeting you Bash and I hope we cross paths again....wouldn't mind having a friend in this cesspool" turning on her heels to face him Rebecca had given him a small wink before she turned back the right way and made her way over to her dorm.
    There was no one in her room yet so she was grateful for one thing, but seeing as to how she would have to share a room anyways her happiness hasn't gone up that much. Moving to get everything unpacked she placed her Deadpool sheets on one of the beds then got all of her clothes in the closet. Once she was done with the big stuff she moved into the small things like toiletries and her art pieces that she hung on her side of the room. Finally finishing she sighed, but then she saw something being slipped under her door and curiousity forced her to pick it up.cwhen she picked it up though, she wished she had put it back down. Why in the hell were they making her dance, am didn't they figure her enough by making her come here. She sighed and balled the paper up throwing it in the little trash can she had seen and went over to her side of the room and laid down in her bed putting her earphones in and turned on'Whore' by In This Moment so that she could find some sort of peace with this whole idea.

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  13. Sebastian Ray Owens
    Sebastian nodded his head when the girl spoke taking note to the fact that she liked to be called Bailey rather than Rebecca. He completely understood since he liked to be called Bash rather than Sebastian but he didn't hate his name, it was just something that he simply preferred. " Well I guess this is where we part ways cause I'm ready to put all this crap was nice meeting you Bash and I hope we cross paths again....wouldn't mind having a friend in this cesspool" When Bailey winked before turning away he smirked, " Yeah you too" and watched her walk away.

    The group of people who had just came from the bus were given a tour by both a male and female and Sebastian remembered them from across the field watching as the new people came off. He had no doubt in his mind that they were trying to pick off the weak bunch and get a certain feel for what some of the kids were in for. He followed the group and took his time looking around the building as they walked. Bash wanted to remember everywhere they were and for some chill places that he could go to when he didn't feel like being bothered by other kids and the guards, especially the one from the bus.

    Once the tour was over they were given a key to their new room and a paper that had their roommates name on it. Sebastian took the paper and the key and looked at the name on the paper as he walked to his room. Jack huh? What a plain name...I guess he's not that plain to have ended up in this piece of shit place. Opening the door up to the room he noticed the guy was already in the room and claimed the left side as his own. Quite frankly Bash didn't give a damn, not about the kid or the room but he had to deal with it until he could show " control". Bash walked in and gave a light nod in the guys direction, " Yo" that's all he said as he placed his bag down on the bed.

    Sebastian caught a glance at the paper that was one his head and he sighed in frustration. He had just got there and now they wanted him to attend some crappy version of a dace with a bunch of other delinquents? Yeah that was such a smart idea.Opening up the drawers on his side he noticed the bland clothing and then walking over to the closet it was the same. Since they only had thirty minutes Bash grabbed the shirt and pants that were hung out for him and then changed not really caring. Even though the clothes were plain mostly they looked fine on Bash. There was a belt that came with the pants but he left it on the bed letting his pants hang loosely off his waist and he walked over and looked out the window. And this is only the beginning.

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  14. Crescent L. Turtledove
    The tour went by quick, Crescent wasn't really paying much attention to the tour. Everything went in one ear and out the other, she just wanted to start the treatment. The quicker she did this, the quicker she could go back to her normal life again. She did watch everyone behind her dark shades, making notes of who was who. The ones to avoid, and the ones she could at least talk to. After the tour was over everyone got their assigned rooms. She unlocked her room door, standing in the middle of the room. She looked at the paper and saw that her roommate was Cameron, or Cam. She groaned, that was the number one person on her list of people to avoid...great.

    Crescent went to the bed closest to the windows, figuring the Cam girl would want the bed closest to the door. Taking off her shades, she sat on the plain bed and sighed. She felt a piece of paper on the bed. They were having a dance tonight, that made her perk up a bit. Crescent loved a good dance, but these people would probably be not the funnest people to party with. She went to her designated closet, the dress in her closet was horrible. She would never wear something like this...but she had no other choice, another disappointment.

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