could RP with me?

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  1. -blink- you can tell, I'm new to this.. So I thought..maybe attempting an actual role-play could help me learn. I can easily do fantasy based ones easily but I am able to do work with anything you prefer... please RP with me...
  2. I'll rp with you. ^^ I like fantasy, too~ Have you ever rp'd before?
  3. If I'm not too busy I'll be welcome to assist as well ^_^
  4. Thanks for wanting to RP with me. :3 And yes I have RP'd for about one to two years. Do you prefer more romantic or adventurous RP's?
  5. ^ w ^ Thank you! It means a lot to me... So what kind of genre do you prefer?
  6. i don't really prrefer, I just see if it interests me. o possibly the same as you ^_^
  7. Hehe...I would say the same to you. ^ ^'' This could be hard..
  8. Adventure! But maybe with some romance down the line. :3
  9. ^ ^ ah ok! You like playing male or female?
  10. Female, but I can do male.
  11. Ok then...all we need now is a storyline?? > <
  12. Yus... Love your avvie, btw. It's adorable. Back on topic, is there anything you have in mind, any cravings?
  13. Hmm...I don't have anything in mind.. What bout you?
  14. Sorry I wasn't on. Had tons of homework. XP

    I don't have anything in mind, either. XD So adventure, what time setting? Medieval, modern, futuristic...?
  15. :3 It's fine! I totally understand!

    Hm...I want to try a modern RP if you don't mind. I haven't RP'd in a modern setting in awhile.
  16. That's fine! It's just making a plot that's the hard part. XD Do you have any preference for age range? Like high schoolers, college kids, or job-wielding adults?
  17. >:D Adults with jobs!!!
  18. Okay so... How's this?

    Two archaeologists are out in Egypt, exploring a new pyramid. This is the first time they've met, and they will have no accompanying team to assist them [most likely... still thinking about that]. When they start their trip, everything goes fine, but they soon find that they are lost within the maze of the ancient pyramid. To make matters worse, things start appearing at the edges of their vision, but it's written off as just paranoia and fear... at first.

    And then it progresses from there, adding monsters and fear and such... XD I kinda failed at wrapping that together, but I'm leaving it open-ended so we can develop it.
  19. >:D Yea! I like it! Hehehe reminds me of Yugioh for some reason.
  20. It's your subconscious. >:3 So anything you want to add before we go making charries?