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  1. When it comes to angels and demons they are pretty different. However when a demon and an angel meet there is a very odd attraction between the two. They try to ignore it... fight it... but nothing seems to work. Will these two manage to put a balance between good and evil?
    -Quick Character Info-
    Name: Stark Larkin
    Age: 200 (although he looks like he is 21)
    Height: 6 ft
    Body Type: Athletic/Muscular
    Species: Demon
    Personality: Tough, Stubborn, Mysterious, Short-tempered, Sarcastic, Is tough on the outside but soft on the inside. He can also be a bit arrogant. However deep down he is caring and protective and possibly... good deep down?
    Looks: (Pic Below except his eyes are red)
    Stark looked up into the mans eyes as he continued to hold him up by his neck, staring at him eith no emotion as he struggled to get out of his grasp. This pathetic human managed to get into this mess all on his own. He wound up in hell instead of heaven unlike he claimed he should have been there. Each demon had a job although everyone knew Stark as their secret wepon. For now he simply gathered all the pathetic human souls that manage to come down here.
    The man struggled to speak trying to claw at Starks hand in attempt to be let free, "P-please.... your... c-choking me." The man managed to say.
    Stark rolled his piercing red eyes out of annoyance, "Oh please. Its not like I am going to be able to choke you to death idiot."
    Stark quickly cuts him off and smirks, "I can however do this." With one quick movement of his other hand he stabs the man right through the stomach with his bare hand, suddenly the guys struggles stop, his arms at his side, almost looking as if he died again. Suddenly the man turned into a light blue colored bright light then disappeared into Starks arm. Blood was on his arm that he stabbed the man with. He brought his hand up to his mouth then licked some of the blood off. He scrunched his nose, "A little too sweet for my taste, " he said to himself then walked over to a tiny lantern putting the man's soul into it and securley locking it. He let out a sigh and he wiped the blood off of his hand, "Well I did my job for today," he looks up at the ceiling, "Guess I can go take a walk around earth." He closed his eyes for a moment and when he opened them back up they were instantly a dark brown. That way he blended in more. Then he suddenly teleported onto earth landing into a dark alley. He began walking. He figured everyone had a purprose, he also believed that since he was a demon he can only be allowed todo bad things. Thats what demons do after all, right. As he walked he eventually decided he wasnt going to do any havoc today... just walk.
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  2. Some angels were assigned the task of warding demons, though they were generally very weak angels, kept within a charm, sometimes called a pixi or a fairy. Sometimes, stories would be told of those who were cast out due to some sin, or maybe had to be further proved of their worth before the god they served. She wasn't one of those angels though. This was Aura, one of the few angels to be tasked with guiding the souls of the deserving to the heavenly gates, though on occasion she would be called upon to fight off strong demons. She had lived for over five hundred years in this form, and during those years, had nearly died on her missions twice, thus confining her to the earth until she could recover enough power to regain her status as an angel and return to the heavens. But the graceful, beautiful beings, clad in white with wings pure as snow, these were the angels of myth, the angels that were very quickly disappearing from the minds of the modern world. As the world advanced, technology and science ruled the minds of the people, not beliefs in ancient spirits. It certainly made blending in when she was on the earth a bit easier to say the least of it.

    Dusk began to fall over the bustling city, but even still it ran on as if there was no need to consider time of day. Not a single bird would dare sing in a place like this, none but the pigeons, that is. It was as if the rest of the world didn't exist here. The entire city, though, seemed to hold its breath for one long moment before there was a powerful presence to be felt, accompanied by bright light upon the roof of a western building, blending with the setting sun. The strength of the abnormality faded before a woman, clothed in a tan pair of pants and a light blue shirt, lightly set foot upon the building's roof, looking about the vast settlement. There was a certain glow about her, a purity, and as she stood there, wings, white with black and grey feathers near the bottom, seemed to disintegrate from off of her back, leaving only a few white feathers to fall to the ground. She didn't move at all once on the building, just watching, waiting, sensing. Her crystal blue eyes roved about while her silvery blond hair was tossed in the breeze before falling along her shoulders. A long sword, rested in a black leather sheath that was bound to her right hip, a mere precaution, and its very faint movement was the only sign to tell that Aura had tensed. That was only a second before she seemed to disappear, now walking along the streets, blending in amongst the common people, seeking out the center of her mission, a demon that he had sensed as it crossed into this world. As she, instead of one of the more fighting suited angels, was called, he couldn't be too strong. Or maybe it was that she was sent to collect a soul that he had stolen away before one of her fellow collectors could get to it. Either way, she would try her best to do her job well, whether she was outmatched or not.
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  3. As he was walking he did sense something that caused him to stop in the middle of his tracks .... then he knew ecatly what he was sensing... one of those damn angles. He looked around then saw her. A small smirk shown on his face. Really? The big man sent one of his pathetic angels after him. Even though he had no actual intent on doing anything to cause chaos, at least this time anyways. He looks back and forth to make sure no one is looking or even around. Once the coast is clear he teleports up to her. He put his hoody dowm and smirked as he was behind her, "Oh great, "he says sarcastically putting his hands in his pockets, "The big man sent a pixie after me." His eyes instantly turned from dark brown back to it piercing red color again. When it came to diguising himself as a human it was actually quit easy for him. He doesnt need to put any effort into it what so ever.
    The moment she turned around to face him he instantly had an odd sensation when he looked at her face. That was certainly something new... It was an odd pulling sensation. The sensation was leading right to her... What the hell?.... He decided to try to ignore it and wait for a response.
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  4. 'Pixi'. Oh how she hated being called a stupid pixi, but even so, she kept her composure and slowly turned to face her taunter. The streets were steadily clearing as the sun dipped itself below the horizon, though the sky was still painted in deep pinks, oranges, and reds. Aura, however, couldn't bring any words to come forth from her mouth, and her hand, though rested on the handle of her sword, was useless, she unable to bring the blade up to strike as she looked upon the one whom she was sent to dispose of. She wasnt sure what the feeling really was, but it was deepset, as if ingrained into her very being. How is it that the warrior angels kill demons consistently? She couldn't tell, but at the moment, she just stood there with a slightly shocked look on her face, eyes locked with the man's after already having looked him over, up and down, to make sure that this was all real.
  5. Stark couldnt seem to help but remain eye contact woth her for a little while. He couldnt help but noticed that odd feeling still remained. He smirked once again and thought, 'Its problem one of my idiot demon friends pulling a prank on me or something... ' he chuckled hiding the fact that he was just as surprised as she looked, "Whats the matter? Cat got your tongue pixie? You act like you have never seen a demon before."
  6. Aura shook her head and tightened the grip she had on the simple katana styled blade, pulling it free of its sheath and holding it in one hand with the tip pointed out toward the demon.
    "My lack of speach needn't be mocked, dweller of dark days past." She said with a voice firm, and yet soft, consoling, as if taking pity upon the person before her. Even her eyes showed the emotion.
  7. Stark rolled his eyes clearly not afraid of the sword she pointed at him. He took a few steps towards her. He gently moved the blad out of the way and looked down at her. He did notice the pity in her eyes which matched her voice. "Now you are not going to attempt to kill me are you?" He arched an eyebrow.
  8. Aura let the blade be moved, not wanting to put up useless resistance.
    "Kill you? Of course not. My superiors need you alive...." Her voice got a bit more quiet at the last sentance, but she tried to hide that fact, spinning the blade in her hand and letting it be swung so as to cut across the demon's chest, embuing the blade with her own pure light energy.
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  9. Stark quickly moved out of the way of the sword and rolled his eyes, "Tch, well how about you tell your superiors they better back the hell off, " with one swift kick he knocked the sword out of her hand then walked over to her with his arms crossed, "Are you done trying to be a hero?"
  10. Pain seared up her wrist and hand as the sword was wrenched out of her grip due to the firm kick, she backing up a bit, unsure how to proceed. Thinking compliance would keep her the safest, she lightly nodded.
    "If... I-if you won't hurt me, then I-I won't hurt you..." She said sheepishly, not quite sure that today was the day she wanted to literally 'make a deal with the devil'
  11. "Relax, I had no intention on hurting you anyways. I am deciding to just let it go... although if you do pull that shit again I will be forced to kill you. Just saying." A slight smirk is shown on his face as he looked down at her with his piercing red eyes, "But it is a deal... if you dont mess with me, I wont mess with you." Stark held his hand out to her to make the deal official... all demons must do this when making a deal, "And relax once the deal is made I cannot break it."
  12. Aura let his words sink in for a moment before shaking her head.
    "You said mess. That's not what I said. I said hurt. Messing with you could be anything, and I'm not quite stupid enough to agree to something like that." She said after her brief analysis, her arms resting just as they had been as she locked eyes with the demon, feeling a sudden push to take a couple steps closer, though a couple steps was all there was left between them. She couldn't understand why she would even want to be this close to a demon, let alone any closer.
  13. Stark couldnt explain it either... but he wanted to be closer to her. Which is weirdd because he never wants to be close to anyone.
    Still Stark kept his smirk, "Oh fine fine. Let me rephrase that even though I highly doubt you can hurt me:
    If I dont hurt you then you cant hurt me. And if you dont hurt me then I wont hurt you." His hand remained out, he waited for her to shake it.
  14. Slowly, aura nodded and reached out to shake his hand, though as soon as she did so, a pulse of dark energy worked through her system, settling deep within, a seed of darkness so to speak, and judging by a sudden power output, she had done the same. She quickly pulled away, grabbing her sword and sheathing it.
    "What the hell did you do to me...?!"
  15. Stark looked just as surprised as she did. He felt as a good energy settled deep within him. He pulled back his hand and scowled, "What did I do?! What did you do?!" He didnt feel hurt in anyway... and judging by her expression she wasnt either...which means the deal wasnt broken.
  16. Aura closed her eyes and took a deep breath.
    "Lets not get too excited here, maybe its just a bit of a misunderstanding... I'll just go my way and you can go yours, then we can be happy about life, sound fair..?" The woman was already backing away, her hand having begun to lightly tremble.
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