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  1. So, I am bi-polar. Pretty bad - without my medication I can't function in society. Even with my medication I don't have the easiest time but the big difference is that without my meds it's like standing chest high in the water with waves coming compared to with meds I'm only knee deep in the water and the waves only hit my chest.

    So my problem is that I'm currently filling out my patient assistance program for my medication and I don't think I qualify anymore. My wife hours have doubled since last year and my work is still sporadic but ever so slightly increasing to more regular. Even with this extra income, I can't afford my medication without this program. My wife has health insurance through her work and we still have to pay a little but not much. Her medical conditions cost a bit of money every month in doctors visits and medications.

    Anyway - to my question. Do any of you guys out there know of any programs that help people with their meds when it is something they need in order to be able to go through a normal life routine. Without my meds I get really sketchy - can't self medicate anymore left that behind - but its hard to get myself up and do everyday things like work. I live in America - if anybody has an suggestions please let me know. Thanks.

  2. I know how it is, friend, a LOT of my friends are bipolar, surprisingly. All I can say, is fight your insurance. Show them proof that you NEED this medication. Get a doctor's help in that. Give the insurance some health records that might help your argument. If that doesn't work, keep trying to find a way.

    Aside from that, I don't know what to tell you, but if you need someone to talk to about it, I'm here.
  3. A good idea would be to get in contact with a social worker. Their job is to make sure people with mental and medical issues can get what they need to function, so they usually have a big list of places you can contact or sometimes even help contact them for you. You just have to figure out where your local office is!
  4. Thank you Murr, it helps on the bad days to have a someone to talk too.

    Diana - thats actually a really good idea I didn't think about. I actually personally know a social worker and she's like family to my wife I might have to ask her.

    Before I got my insurance back, there was a phone number for the state of Georgia I called; some kind of crisis hotline. They sent me to a mental health clinic where I was screened, talked to, and given a prescription. Free.

    I filled the prescription out at Walmart for $4.

    Try to find something like that, with that resource link I posted. I can't say for certain you will, but if you're in a bind, it's good to start looking for resources and other avenues of gaining your medication.

    Otherwise, find a social worker, find some kind of family help/welfare department for your state. There's always a way, you just need to have the will. Dig, dig, dig, and find what you need. Go ahead and fill out your paperwork for patient assistance; you might get it, you might not. DO IT. If you don't, you'll find something else.

    *THUMB UP*
  6. sorry bro, but your medical insurance/healthcare system is shit.

    do what you gotta do to get your meds.

    i sorta know the feeling (only i had it easier, i only needed meds to fit in and not make a complete arse of myself.)
  7. To all those who replied - thank you.

    Good news - I haven't got a yes or a no back on my paper work but I am below the cut off point of assistance so I should be approved.

    But - my doctor got me five months of my prescription free so I've no reason to freak out for a while.