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  1. Ahem. Good evening folks, and welcome to my wonderful little thread of recruitment. I hope everyone's day has been good so far. :)

    Below are just a few warnings about me that you should know followed by some plots that I'm interested in though you must understand I am open to plot suggestions as well. :dragon:

    Info about me:
    • I work, am a full time Masters student, and gamer. This means that my replies may at some times be slow. Do not fear I won't completely vanish or give up our rp without some sort of warning to you.
    • I am more than willing to work on a plot with you/throw in random things to spice things up if I think there needs to be some more spice.
    • I have very few limits --I can fade to black or go full on description of any smexy stuff. :)--Tell me your limits and I will respect them.
    • I play male or female, tops or bottoms, gay, lesbian, trans, etc. I would hope you are open to at least playing either male/female, and top/bottom. I also play multiple people. Often. Having more than one or two characters is a MAJOR PLUS for me. :3
    • Lastly, I love OC chatter--as long as it's via PM or an IM system outside of Iwaku. OC chatter makes me enjoy it sometimes as well.
    Plot Desires: Some of these I have ideas for, others I just have general 'Yessssss please I want these' kinda pairings. They'll be in this order though. :3 There is anything from historical fiction to modern or futuristic.

    Gypsy/Priest(Or nun ;) )-- A gypsy caravan is in town (small or large, either work) and performing a show to witch the local priest/bishop/etc goes to watch or try and convert some of the gypsy's for the betterment of their souls, or something along the lines. One such gypsy intrigues the holy person and leads them possibly down the path of sin. Ooor the priest/ nun could get the gypsy to settle down.

    Tutor to a Jock-- Pretty simple plot though could be spiced up somehow with magic or just adding different ideas when the time comes. A jock needs a tutor to pass the classes he has. Enter old childhood friend who got put aside when the jock became popular.

    They used to be best friends—two shapeshifters that did not know one another’s secret. That was until they graduated high school. One went to college; the other stayed in their hometown and got a job at a local diner. One was well off-financially; the other struggling to support themselves. When the college student returns with a degree and finds the other working double shifts at the diner, will the friendship rekindle or will they keep far away from each other? Will they be able to show one another their alternate form? Or will the distance that grew when they separated keep them at arm’s length?

    In a time when women knights are slowly being shamed into the noble lady’s position at home—Enter Name Here does not bow down easily. When she is put under the command of a male knight with much less experience than her, she must either do as he says or risk losing her shield and her title. Will she bow or will they find an uneasy truce in which both are given the respect they deserve? When she is wounded by a stray arrow during a battle will he stand up for her against the critics that jump up and accuse her of being too weak for battle, or will he keep his silence because he may not want her around for a reason he doesn’t want to admit? (I have been REALLY REALLY REALLY wanting to do this one where I'm the woman. :cake::cake: to anyone who wants to do this one with me. :3)

    They have been together for years. The guard has protected the noble since assigned to them. The noble has offered rewards but been turned down each time no matter what the reward was. When the guard is wounded in the line of duty, will the noble press their luck by forcing a reward on the guard? What happens when the guard requests something a noble would never consider giving to someone of lower rank than them?

    They were once the one in charge. They gave the orders, they were given the top treatment. But after some bad investments and a sad twist of fate, they are not the owned, the slave. What will happen when she is sold to one of her former slaves turned master or mistress? Will they take their anger out on her, or will they find a new, desireable truce between them? (Master/Mistress x slave plot)

    Simple pairings
    Vampire/Human Slave
    Room mates
    King's mistress and _____________ (Servant, other nobleman, etc).
    *Historical Fiction/Fantasy Preferred* Thief x Guard/Noble/Perhaps another thief for another boss
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  2. Oooooh. A lot of these sound interesting! If you are willing to give me a shot, then I would be more than happy to try some of these.
  3. :D Sure. Send me a message with the ones you are most interested in and we'll give each other a shot!
  4. Oh~! Are you still looking for a partner? If so, please PM me :)!
  5. I would love to do the shapeshifter one with you! ^-^ If you're still looking for partners pm me.
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  6. PM was sent. ;D
  7. I'd love to chat about some plots if you're still looking :)
  8. I'll do the one with the cake ^3^. Please shoot me a message if you are still interested! :)
  9. If you don't have any partners for the gypsy/nun idea, I'd love to try it! :D
  10. If it's crossed out, does that mean it's unavailable? Cause I really want some cake~

    Aside from that, I'd totally be willing to come up with something interesting together- I love playing multiple characters, and having partners who can play multiple characters as well :D

    Pm me if you'd like~
  11. This one sounds intriguing, if you're willing to give it a try with me.
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