Maybe I Just Don't Get It

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Why is it that people rush to marriage? I mean I'm a hopeless romantic, I want to get married but I am sure currently that it would not be a great idea. Why? Because I don't have the foundation for a family yet.

Sure I have a job, I get enough money to support me and sure another as well but when relationships break down and fail on a constant basis with those in my age catagory and before I have to wonder why it is people think that its a good idea to go out and get engaged right out of High School?
Love blinds people. If you love someone, you tend to think that no matter what you might not have (money, a job, education), you'll stick together and find a way~

At least that's one reason, anyway :P
Love certainly blinds young couples. That's definitely a reason.

But you mention our age group, specifically. It's the gift and the curse of being youthful and exuberant. You have an attitude that allows you to scream at the world, "No! I can do it!" and, "It happened to you, but it won't happen to me!" Of course, it could turn out that way. That's what allows it to be a gift. You have just enough determination and sheer stubborness to even make it work.

Unfortunately, odds are, you won't make it work. You'll fail utterly, or things won't turn out exactly as you wanted it to. And that's how it becomes a curse, because even when everyone said, "No, look at how it turned out for me and everyone else, you're going to fall on your face!" you were just too damn mule-headed to listen.

That's another solid reason. And a big one, too.
Well Slyen I can give you a scientific reason for that. The frontal lobe of the brian isn't developed completely until one reaches 25 years of age. Much of decision making is made in the frontal lobe (if I recall correctly). So many people not having matured physically completely make the mistake.
Now that doesn't mean some don't work out as they do, just as you know many many of them don't.