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  1. OOC Thread

    Think you got what it takes to be a rock star?

    Title sums it up, looking for a minimum of 4 players, max 7. Unlimited characters but only 1 may be a band member. I just have a general idea of how I want to do things and I'm hoping I can get someone to co-gm with me, and I expect all players to actively participate in story and plot development.

    Here's the setting: A handful of acquaintances decide to form a band consisting of their various musical talents. At first it's just casual, getting together to jam once a week for fun. As they practice, they get better, and start playing at clubs and bars around town gaining popularity until they catch the attention of a recruiter(s?) offering them a record contract that could lead to their big break.

    The major focus should be the relationships between the band members and their friends as they navigate the competitive and treacherous world of the music industry and become famous.

    First Thing's First I want to see how many people might be interested. The player limit is more like a guideline so if for some reason a whole lot of people think this is a good idea I'd be willing to let more people join however there may be no more than 7 people in the initial band.

    Posting Expectations I'm not a haggler for word count/length but I expect the quality of the posts to be close to an Advanced writing level. This means you're actively responding to story elements/characters as well as discussing plot and moving the story forward. I don't want to consistently see single-paragraph posts. There's no time frame for posts because sometimes it'll be slow and sometimes it'll be lightning speed and that's how RP works, but if you're holding up the story for too long without a reason I'm gonna bug you till you do something about it.

    Character Sheets will be submitted directly to me via PM for approval before posting in the IC thread (this is just a method I've used before when GMing because I think people create better characters when they aren't comparing them to other players' characters and it allows me to review all of them before making a decision instead of having it be a first-come-first serve kinda thing) However, you are free to collaborate with other players when creating your characters, like if you wanted them to be related or something along those lines. In fact collaboration (especially for the sake of the story) is highly encouraged.

    That's all I have to say, now it's your turn. Sound fun?
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  2. Clirkus, I approve :]

    Am very much interested in this and hoping more people join in on punk rock band fun times.
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  3. I've been thinking of doing something like this myself, so I'm glad people are interested in the idea. I'm down
  4. Punk rock band fun times? Count me in!

    I haven't seen an idea like this before, definitely interested.
  5. Well... This is certainly a different thing than what I'm generally into. But hey, sure, why not?
  6. There's a handful of you then. Sweet. I'll work on putting something of an OOC together with all the information.
  7. I know there's an OOC but I'll express my interest here in the Interest thread. I am a musician myself, commonly of the metal variety, so I'd be more than happy to join in this.

    Also I would be so psyched if because of the character creation method we are using that we end up with like 2 or 3 bassists. Would be the most metal thing xD
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  8. I'm excited to see what you can do, though I'm personally not a serious musician I am an avid music lover and I'd be glad to hear any insights you might have on the subject.
  9. Well if I come up with any insight, I'll let you know. For now I'm not sure if I got any ^~^
  10. Still accepting character submissions.
  11. Signups closing on Friday the 17th
  12. I'm gonna add in my input. I'd be VERY interested in this, ESPECIALLY if there were two bands. Can I get a sitrep on the band?
  13. So far I don't think we have enough submissions for two bands, though if this happened to become a really popular concept I had toyed with the idea of having two rivals bands. Even if we don't start out that way initially we could always bring in another band after the RP had started.

    The final lineup is going to look something like a vocalist/backup vocalist, 2 guitars, a bass player, a drummer, and a keyboardist based on submissions I've already received, so we'll be pretty well rounded.
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