Maybe a little cliche, but

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  1. I'm REALLLLLY wanting to do an apocalyptic zombie Rp. Like, really badly. I have a few ideas, but I'm always one who likes to brainstorm with whoever I'm roleplaying with.

    I DO have just a few requirements though! So I'm just gonna list them out here:

    Please please please! Give me something to write with! This is the most important thing! Length really doesn't matter as long as I am able to give an adequate reply.

    Be patient with me! I am a very busy person, but I usually reply 1-3 times a day. However!! If there is a day I don't, please don't get discouraged. I WILL reply eventually.

    Please let me kmow if you are no longer interested in the rp. I will do the same. If you suddenly stop replying, I automatically assume you've become unavailable for the time being and I will save the rp for you. So, please, don't make me waste my ideas on an rp that won't get finished.

    And lastly. I will more often than not be us using a cellphone to roleplay. Please be very VERY patient when it comes to spelling or grammer mistakes. I do my best to try and proof read, but sometimes I miss something, especially if I'm in a rush.

    If something doesn't make sense to you in a post, please tell me. I will do my very best to explain to you what I was trying to convey.

    And I think that's it! I hope to be brainstorming with you soon!! :D
  2. I have been wanting to do a roleplay like this for a long time. PM me if you want